The Art

In accordance with the inhibited author child in its creativity, for rules or forces that them are other people’s can withdraw or appeal to the copy or the mechanical drawing. In the perspective of the author to garatujar is important and significant, therefore thus, the child can express itself freely and not in imposed way, the creative capacity is essential in our society, and the work of the child reflects in its creative development, as much in the proper drawing as in the process to carry through the artistic form. 1,8 Summary of the characteristics of the Lowefeld development approaches the art as important for the child, for its processes of thought, its perceptual and emotional development, its increasing social awareness and its creative development. Such importance engloba the art as, psychological party to suit that occurs and that they are tried and if they develop in the child, to the measure that this is influenced by the learning, in this way the art provides to the child a vast gamma of possibilities, and its development is not limited, to the areas that had been predetermined by the educational system, thus the drawing, the painting or the construction that it executes reflects its increasing capacity to deal with a diversified series of possibilities, of constructive form. 2A ART AS REFLECTED OF the DEVELOPMENT According to author through the art we can penetrate in its behavior and develop the appreciation of the several and complex ways as it grows and if he develops. Thus to work with children in the art area it is necessary to understand some phases of the evolution and to possess a complete knowledge is necessary so that the professor determines until point the artstica.tais child can understand and to use the experience experiences do not possess a subject to be taught, that is, in a certain direction does not exist subjects for the art, only diverse ways of to represent the relations of the artist with objects and the people surround who it and with the feelings and the emotions that are provoked by the world to its return.