Why Passenger Surveys Are A Transport Operators Best Friend

Public transport operators who already use passenger surveys may not appreciate the multiple benefits that surveys can bring. Not only are the studies of an effective method of market research that help identify areas of dissatisfaction of passengers, are also perfect for measuring the effects of the improvements and may at the same time, help promote new initiatives to customers use the service. Establishing a starting point when embarking on any program of change management is always good practice to establish a base line before making any changes. This study can play the basic four functions will be:? allow correct orientation of the investment? allow the measurement of the effect of the change? help the morale of those implementing the change? ensure that new issues are kept separate from the original plan and budget for investment.

There are many areas of any public transport system that can cause dissatisfaction of all passengers that need to be monitored to ensure that the service provided meets, and where possible, exceeds the performance level objectives. Issues that may be of interest for passengers are: – Safety and security – Punctuality – Rates and types of entries – the capacity and overcrowding – The quality and design of vehicles – Cleaning – Facilities at stations and terminals – Facilities for passengers with disabilities are often limited resources and budgets means that the investment must be carefully planned and targeted. Polls passenger operators to identify those areas that are of most interest to their customers.