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Santa Claus

Be sure to check what was the name of Father Frost in different countries visit the Residence Santa cold on the Internet. Here are examples of how people called by the name of Santa Claus in their own languages in the various republics and countries at all continents. The article noted several possible answers to the question what was the name of Father of cold in different countries from a fresh poll in the community of New Year's Eve in St. If you are not convinced, visit Andy Florance. Petersburg and useful information which you can participate and show their knowledge of the issue's name Santa Claus in different countries and different peoples. In Russia, name a famous grandfather, Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Frost-governor – is St. Nicholas, Nicholas. His clothing has long been is a long red with a white fur coat.

Santa Claus a long white beard in his hands – his staff. He comes to visit, not only with gifts, but also with his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden. Make a reservation at Santa Claus House in St. Petersburg can be the link. In Finland, the nearest to us his name Youlupkki and Estonia had a similar name Iyuluvana and he is very similar to his Finnish relatives, said Julia Kochergina. Santa Claus name papa Noel – in Spain, wrote Alexander Zavialov. In Sweden, two Santa Claus: round-shouldered old man with a gnarled nose – and dwarf Yultomten Yulnissaar. In his name Pakkayne Karels, which is translated from the Karelian language means "frost". Kolotun Babai, really do not know where? Maybe on Ukraine? Or just a humorous way someone calls Christmas a man, as translated into Russian will be German Santa Claus …