Month: August 2015

Vbs Computer

10 main rules and how to defend against computer viruses (malware) and Trojans? a “February 2 Although the hackers are running to develop new tricks to steal identities and commit crimes, we the users can actively participate in protecting of our systems. You need only a powerful combination of security software and the determination to follow some basic safety guidelines. Then mention the main rules to improve the protection of a computer: 1 .- Protect your computer via a powerful Antivirus Software: Make sure Antivirus is a reliable and updated constantly. Effectiveness of this will depend upon virus detection, as if it has a database updated and a solid record automatically detect and remove malicious code. 2 .- Use a secure firewall and try to set it up very well, since it is responsible for registering all traffic entering and leaving your computer through the Internet and block those that do not meet safety criteria you’ve specified. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore.

3 .- Enable Windows Auto Update: or download Microsoft updates regularly to keep your operating system protected against known vulnerabilities. 4 .- Try to be very careful when opening attachments: Never open commercial emails you have not requested or attachments do not expect, for better protection configure your antivirus software to scan all attachments automatically from your emails. 5.-Take precautions if you use file-sharing networks: the Trojans are currently hidden in sharing files waiting to be downloaded. When you download these files prevents run files with the extensions:. Exe,. Scr,. Bat,. Vbs,.

Dll,. Bin,. Cmd. A tip: Before opening tries to analyze them with your antivirus software. 6 .- Before accessing a website, make sure it is safe. For this there are many software that performs these checks automatically. 7 .- Also very important is to download the latest version of your browser: browsers now use a Tectology to identify and filter sites that may contain malicious code. 8 .- As I said in my previous article avoids downloading suspicious programs, the most common is that the Trojans are hidden in free programs which, when downloaded by the user and then executed, they begin to infect our PC. 9 .- Back up your files regularly and store them in a different location on your computer. If you are a victim of a Trojan attack, you can recover your photos, music, movies and personal information like your tax returns or bank statements. 10 .- a sta is the most important rule of all: Try to make all those rules. And most importantly, makes it at least. A greeting and I hope the information has proved interesting.

Free Software

It's no secret that in our modern time, Internet users, and in particular Russian-speaking part of them, prefer to license software alternative or so-called warez. Warez is soboy program kommercheskogo haraktera, rasprostranenie kotoroy, often osuschestvlyaetsya free trial. Between buying the movie and downloading it on alternate sites such as torrent, and the like, the preference is almost always given the second option. What is the reason for this preference? Naturally the fact that these programs, compared with the licensing is much cheaper or even free, and this makes them more attractive to most network users, and in particular, the Russian-speaking part of it. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What benefits are licensed software? Yes, they do guarantee a reliable operation of your computer, qualitative detection of spyware and technical support. In reality, however, in practice, seen a loss in the most basic, in monetary terms and this criterion is far outweighs all the rest, as they had not been touted holders. The validity of the data facts can be seen in the cost of any movie or license the software for which prices range from a few hundred rubles, up to several tens of thousands of rubles, which is unacceptable in comparison with wages of many users, especially those living in the regions. Some supporters of the use of legal software can not afford such costs, but as yet there is a situation with the current pricing, the majority of Internet users are unlikely to be able to refuse to download various software with free alternatives warez – websites, download software, movies can be, for example here. Now on the Internet underway for many disputes, legally or not legally the software, but it remains one thing is clear – warez was, is and will be popular among the majority of Internet users.

Alea Software

In times of crisis any company needs more than never find solutions that improve your production process, either debugging strategies or incorporating new technologies which automate key aspects of its activity, reduce time and minimize errors. Only thus it is possible get an ascending line in the quality of products and adjust their manufacturing costs, ultimately, increase the competitiveness in the medium and long term. When we speak of foundries, one of these key aspects is the selection of the exact quantities of materials that must be charged furnaces for different alloys, especially when produced range is very wide. There are several factors that make this process particularly delicate: complexity, in many cases, of the chemical composition of the alloy sought. Control of the limits imposed by the standards of quality for the residual elements. The wide variety of materials likely to be used in loads of ovens, which often contain a large number of traces of unwanted elements whose presence must be checked in the final alloy. The need to take advantage of cheaper raw materials (returns and scrap metals), without thereby altering the quality of the resulting alloy. This process, already in itself is complex, yet more in those cases in which the range of products is very variable, and more even if we have to respond to the specific requirements for each client. As we can see, the number of factors to take into account can become so great that the person responsible for the preparation of loads, in addition to devote a considerable amount of time to this work, need a great experience and expertise in the matter, ensure, moreover, that loads that proposes are optimal. There are many foundries that depend on a single employee to carry out this task: on the one hand, poses them a serious problem the day they have to do without him; on the other hand, lack the necessary resources to assess alternatives to which loads the It proposes.Fortunately, there is a tool that resolves this situation.AMV Alea is a software application designed specifically for foundries, whose objective is to provide a quick and easy answer to the problem of selection of loads, with criteria of maximum quality, minimum cost and maximum use of materials themselves, whether they are chips, casting buttons or remains of casting ingots.

Evaluate An ERP For The Best

Much is heard of an ERP system that helps control processes and integrate the different areas of the company, but as you know every business which is the best ERP for them which may be great for any company to another does not be. Not always a renowned ERP mean it's the best, sometimes the project leaders when evaluating different options including ERP and have a great reputation; think: – "If this is well-known means that it is the best" – and leave aside the other options, but in the course of implementation may face the situation that this ERP was not right for them. Definitely select an ERP solution is a crucial decision in any organization, since it depends on the efficiency that can reach the company in its operations. When evaluating an ERP is very important to take into account the following points: 1. To share in the assessment to the people who use the software (areas of the company that seeks to integrate with ERP, to persons administer the system, and those who adopted the system.) 2.

Identify and define what the problems are being sought to resolve the ERP (inventory, accounts payable, sales, purchasing, customized reporting, etc.).. 3. Designate a project leader, if the company does not have enough experience to find and select an ERP can be supported with external consultants on the subject. 4. To evaluate the performance of each ERP solution to be taken; know the trajectory of the company and the specific solution implementation time (the longer the deployment, the greater the cost).

5. Knowing how easy it is to use the application and that such useful is to meet the needs to be taken. 6. Select the ERP solution that best meets the needs of the company. Poor choice of ERP represent a very costly loss for the organization in terms of money and time and will be reflected in the efficiency of their activities. You can have the misconception that a very detailed evaluation of ERP systems will be very expensive and only represent a loss, when in fact be considered as an investment. Certainly the final choice of ERP depends on the industry that owns the organization, taking into account that each industry has different requirements and different processes that control the area that you want to cover, the size of the company and defined budget for for the ERP solution. Good choice of an ERP not depend on the time of the evaluation if the way you perform. "The best ERP is one that best suits and meets the needs of the company" Url:.

World Software

Thanks to the platform and tutors students from around the world can meet and work together online. avilano market offers international class for all subjects in all languages and software for online (via videoconference). Avilano users can use the market classes and video conferencing software as ideal combination or separately. Both the market classes and software are easy to use. The software also offers sound, video and a live chat and interactive whiteboard in which tutors and students can write with a pen tablet or you can upload documents (different formats) to work with them in class. You can save what is written and shown on the blackboard so that students can continue studying with this material after class. Avilano software is started directly in the browser and is easy to market usar.En classes can advertise both students and tutors as well as colleges, academies and other schools.

In addition to advertisements in the school market Users can post profiles with information on their training, curriculum vitae, etc.. Post offers and requests for classes and personal profiles avilano is free. Avilano The platform has been created by two engineers and a professor of languages, all interested in distance learning worldwide. The online distance learning and video conferencing is a modern form of e-learning. The student is comfortably at home, connected to the Internet. Student and tutor only need a modern computer, a headset and a webcam. For the classes are in a virtual classroom, where you can see and hear at the same time and share a virtual whiteboard and interactive. Distance learning offers many possibilities. You can study with experts and people who are not in your environment. Often you can take classes in the short term, since neither the student nor the tutor need to travel. Also avoids the expense and time of travel.