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Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player – this media player files, developed programmers Microsoft. Windows Media Player can play almost all formats of audio and video files, DVD discs, burn audio CD to the hard drive. More info: Marc Mathieu. If you have writer's CD drive Windows Media Player can burn CDs. QuickTimeMultimediyny player development of Apple. QuickTime plays many multimedia audio / video formats (AVI, AVR, MPEG, H.263, OpenDML), including proprietary formats QuickTime (MOV and QT). QuickTime allows you to play streaming video from the Internet. CyberLink PowerDVDProgramma to view DVD-Video discs on the computer.

CyberLink PowerDVD able to work with absolutely all types of CD and DVD, files, MPEG, QuickTime, MIDI, audio and playlists. In CyberLink PowerDVD provides full support for DirectX Video Acceleration, DTS (5.1 and ES 6.1), Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II. In CyberLink PowerDVD has the functions of frame capture file formats including BMP, repeat station records, adjust the picture settings, bookmarks and more. PlatinumProgrammny WinDVD DVD player. WinDVD Platinum – is a powerful tool for DVD discs. Player WinDVD Platinum is equipped with Intelligent Dolby Virtual Speaker, which allows simulate Dolby 5.1 mode for 2 conventional stereo speakers. An interesting detail is the presence of WinDVD Platinum video encyclopedia in which we can learn many interesting facts about the actors, directors, and producers. jetAudiojetAudio – a software Player audio and video files. Features jetAudio: Full support for file formats: WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM; converting files from one format to another, record CD; built-ins visualization Tag Editor MP3, OGG, and WMA formats, and more.

Tool Transfer Files

As part of the installer of Windows 7 has a special way to transfer files and settings that you can use to move your personal files, settings, number of programs and the desktop as you move to another computer and install on your PC, the new operating system. With the migration tool can move to a new computer (or the new operating system), the following components. – Individual files and folders (such as Documents, Images, Videos, etc.), as well as any other files and folders by specifying them as additional. – All settings and emails, and contacts. – Parameters of Internet Explorer.

– Setup program. It should be note that the applications themselves Transfer does not move. They must be installed separately, and then transfer all the necessary settings from your old computer. – Accounts and User Profiles. These includes all your desktop settings (wallpaper, screen saver, mouse pointers form), setting the Start menu and Taskbar, as well as network connections and settings for network drives and printers. Keep in mind that All passwords are stored on your computer (e-mail accounts, connection) is not transferred for security purposes. On the new PC will have to enter them again. Transfer files and settings from there few.

– A special USB-cable to transfer data using the reporting tools, which must be purchased separately. It should be noted that the normal USB-cable in this case does not fit. – Connecting computers to a local network. – CD-ROM or DVD. When using these carriers on the old PC should be installed CD-writer or DVD-ROM drive.

Software Company Adobe

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Russian, Windows, BOX design, development and maintenance of web sites and applications based on standards Create Web sites and applications world-class with one of the leading development tools. Software software Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is ideal for web designers and developers, as well as specialists in visual design. Did you know … Changes are instantly View web pages under real-world browser with the new Live View in Dreamweaver CS4 with continued access to the code. Online training will facilitate the transition to the new product is going to go with Adobe GoLive to Dreamweaver? This tutorial videos, the site provided by lynda.com, you tips on common tasks in GoLive environment, Dreamweaver. (As opposed to Pete Cashmore). Quick and easy editing of web pages Create pages in Dreamweaver so end users can edit them without your intervention or additional software with online services InContext Editing. Designers working in Dreamweaver, can limit the possible changes in the specific areas of the projects page. Adobe Illustrator CS4 Ukrainian, Windows, BOX Adobe Illustrator CS4 is the universal medium to work with vector graphics and has a new transparency in gradients and multiple assembly areas, which are to explore more efficient ways of working.

– Drawing tools are intuitive – A new tool, "the Blob Brush" to create a natural sketch produces objects with uniform shading. Advanced path controls and graphic styles can intuitively draw vector objects. – Ability to work with multiple artboards – Create files containing up to 100 assembly of varying sizes.

Free Software

It's no secret that in our modern time, Internet users, and in particular Russian-speaking part of them, prefer to license software alternative or so-called warez. Warez is soboy program kommercheskogo haraktera, rasprostranenie kotoroy, often osuschestvlyaetsya free trial. Between buying the movie and downloading it on alternate sites such as torrent, and the like, the preference is almost always given the second option. What is the reason for this preference? Naturally the fact that these programs, compared with the licensing is much cheaper or even free, and this makes them more attractive to most network users, and in particular, the Russian-speaking part of it. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What benefits are licensed software? Yes, they do guarantee a reliable operation of your computer, qualitative detection of spyware and technical support. In reality, however, in practice, seen a loss in the most basic, in monetary terms and this criterion is far outweighs all the rest, as they had not been touted holders. The validity of the data facts can be seen in the cost of any movie or license the software for which prices range from a few hundred rubles, up to several tens of thousands of rubles, which is unacceptable in comparison with wages of many users, especially those living in the regions. Some supporters of the use of legal software can not afford such costs, but as yet there is a situation with the current pricing, the majority of Internet users are unlikely to be able to refuse to download various software with free alternatives warez – websites, download software, movies can be, for example here. Now on the Internet underway for many disputes, legally or not legally the software, but it remains one thing is clear – warez was, is and will be popular among the majority of Internet users.

First Boot Device

To open BIOS, immediately after the computer repeatedly press Delete. As a result of the on-screen menu will appear. C Use the arrow keys to move to the item Advanced BIOS Features (Advanced BIOS) and press Enter. In the menu item we are interested in Boot Seq & Floppy Setup (boot sequence and set the drive), which is in the list first. Make sure it is highlighted in red, and ae Enter. In the next step you have to change the device that should be booted.

The first item in the list is First Boot Device (first boot device), it must be selected. Press Enter, to open the menu selection device. Use the cursor keys to move to the embodiment of the CDROM and press Enter to save the changes. To leave the BIOS setup menu and save the new settings press the F10 key and confirm the exit by pressing Enter. The computer will reboot and you may receive the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (Press any key to boot from a CD or DVD). Follow the recommendation to start the download with drive. After you've done copying the files needed to start the installation program Windows 7, you will see its first window, which you will need to choose which language, time format and the keyboard. If all the lists otherwise specified Russian, do not change these settings and just click Next. In the next step to choose the action you want to make, using the setup program.

Moto Flash CMS

In December 2010 the Russian market had come west CMS, which allows you to create Flash websites and edit their content. The system interface Russified, launched a Russian site and declared to the Russian-speaking tech support users. Moto Flash CMS system allows you to create sites with dynamic elements, with an unlimited number of pages, add the site video and audio content, use animation effects, add photo galleries, form contacts, and more. What has all this will be well indexed by all major search engines, because in addition to flash version MotoCMS generates more and version in html. MotoCMS advantage lies in the fact that after the date of the order the client, it will not bother asking to make minor changes to the site. Thanks Russified and logical control panel it can itself change the color of the page to add news to move the buttons or modify photos.

You do not need any special skills to administer a flash website, created on the basis MotoCMS. Create the site you can also use the template sites listed in the company’s online store. In Each template is built control panel that allows you to change it beyond recognition. A collection of new template updated twice a week. And the cost of simply beyond praise. In cooperation with the company MotoCMS Web developers can get a hassle-free special, very attractive in financial terms, conditions. Upon registration in the affiliate program free of charge for licensed version MotoCMS developers. It is also possible to get 50% discount on subsequent purchases of the system, the ability to post their comments and receive advice in a specialized forum for web developers. You can also collaborate sell the system or flash templates Moto and earn it. Before buying it is possible to download free MotoCMS for 30 days.

Remote Installation Services

Sometimes there are situations that standard means it is not possible to install Windows on your computer. One such reason is the lack or failure of CD-ROM. In this case, we must look for alternatives. One of these alternative is to use a network adapter. The idea of installation of the network is implemented by Microsoft in its server operating system with Service RIS. Using Remote Installation Services can perform the installation of such operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. However, this technology has a big disadvantage – it is aimed for use in corporate networks.

For the operation of RIS. required domain. Thus, the small network left without a friendly technologies. But there were alternatives. Such an alternative is to use RIS-LINUX. The program is written in Python and is cross-platform. In other words, even in the name and the word LINUX – this The program works on Windows systems. In addition RIS-LINUX is free. A more complete description of the installation of Windows can read the article Installing Windows XP on the network. RIS, but not Microsoft.

DriverPack Solution

Well that is too lazy to know everything. Yes, and a programmer for most understandable. True, not all guess that these things are not related to discontinuous. The essence of programming is not just a set of program code. Not just any performance problems. Programming only modern trend, which if properly setting goals can be fully automated.

And now for DriverPack Solution (DPS). This is a clear example of a lazy programmer. Why? Is this good or Bad? Let's start from the beginning. The essence of the DPS drivers automatically installed on your computer. Not yet DPS does not produce a fully automated, but it's pretty close. In principle, for those who do not versed in the drivers, install them, it is the optimal solution.

Although it is interesting even to me, a bit in this disassembled. And it will be useful to professionals who do not go to re-invent the wheel and want to use ready-made solutions. What is interesting ready-made solutions? Well, first of all save time. For example task of rebuilding a computer. Why look for any installed equipment. After searching for some drivers are already installed and look for the missing. When easier to run corresponding to an automatic process. He finds himself set. Not in its database. So offer to contact the online database. And that's all. One of the points addressed. You can navigate to the next. Although everyone can spend hours searching for drivers. Although I myself thought. Why do these programs. But I bought, such as a laptop was already installed Vista. For some reason decided to switch to XP. Now try to imagine my surprise when I'm on the official site Developer of the notebook, did not find drivers for XP. No, I had hoped. Maybe somewhere hidden. Can fit on Vista. In general, spending more than two days, the result I did not find one. Began looking for other solutions. Manually. Came across a lot of sites, look at our advertising and download. But the general solution and found none. Randomly to one of these sites came across a universal solution for the installation of such drivers, but it was split into several files that are difficult to download for some reason. He wanted to find the author's surprise, and the program is not just free. But is downloaded via torrent. For the unknowing very quickly. In general, for everyone to solve the problem with drivers fast and free to you here.

Multilingual Installation

Backup42 v3.0 – a free utility for creating backups. Allows you to create as complete and incremental backups, archive files, not only from the local disk, but the network, can send copies to E-mail and FTP, write to CD and DVD, has multilingual interface, the Russian presence. Necessary for both users and network administrators. Here is a list of basic features: – automatic backups when the computer is on schedule or demand; – Automatic search and backup certain file types (such as Word documents and Excel, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets Access, e-mail databases of Outlook Express and The BAT!, instruments OpenOffice) – backup site – wrapping the data in a format ZIP (possible choose the compression level and password protection) – the correct archiving of files with Russian names – complete and differential backup – Supports ZIP-archives up to 4.1 GB. – flexible adjustment of the schedule for each task – archiving of data from any computer that is available on the network – keeping backups on the local machine or on any machine on the network – duplicating backups to a flash drive, a more local or network folder, send to E-Mail or FTP; – launch external applications before and after the job – time monitoring of backup copies (old archives are deleted) – verbose logging redundancy – comments to the archive date and while creating an archive, the computer name, user name, your current profile, network settings … – Sending a report on assignments in e-mail; – turn off your computer after the backup – Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, Kazakh interface: Multilingual Installation: Install & Uninstall OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 Installation: 1 MB Freeware Download Site

Computer Needs

Good day! In this article we will try to deal with what is usually required to know the average person need a computer. XXI century in the yard, technological progress does not stand still and even experienced users sometimes difficult understand in what a computer is to choose. The stores have salespeople are told that the system unit cost less than three hundred dollars is only useful as a typewriter. Is this true? What should be the CPU? Why a separate computer, video card, if it works without it? What is memory? In general, how to build a computer is not overpaying for this extra thousand? Let's start from the beginning. In order to know what you need at the actually, you have to understand what is in this very 'PC'.

The heart of your computer – the motherboard. Depends on it, you'll get a whole, and how opportunities will be in your system unit. Savings a few dollars on this component, can cause you to fork over a few years to several hundred dollars for a new computer. Each board has several options that need to be paid look for when buying a computer. In the first place you should inquire from the seller what the maximum amount of memory supported by your future 'motherboard'.

As the software evolves more rapidly than computers, it should support at least 16GB. The second important caveat to this question – the number of expansion slots. This will determine whether you can establish additional fees for specialized work with powerful programs.