Month: November 2014

Europe VOC

In connection with those adopted in Europe VOC-limited UHS-products must to completely replace conventional materials in 2007. IMRON 700 polyurethane enamel paint 2K commercial vehicles. Enamel is a composite of 1700 on the basis of functionally-substituted polyurethane, which provides it with a combination of ease of application to large areas with excellent filling and absorption of the census. Excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical and weather resistance. Used for all types of repairs.

Two-stage cover the first stage of a two-stage application of coatings is to apply a thin base layer, which imparts a color cover. DU PONT offers two basic systems. CENTARI 600 Basic coverage for use in two-stage coating (Base / ground) based on acrylic copolymer. Designed for painting cars, trucks, buses nemetallikami, metallic and pearl. C600 features easy application, provides an optimal distribution of metal particles throughout the fiber coating. May use the activator VK220 to improve the performance of the coating.

Recommended for a variety of design work. CENTARI 6000 Basecoat with high-solids for use in two-stage coating (base / ground) based on acrylic copolymer. Designed for painting cars, trucks, buses nemetallikami, metallic and pearl. S6000 features easy application, excellent coverage can save you time and materials. It exceeds twice the theoretical value of C600 in coverage. May use the activator to improve VK220 characteristics of the coating. The next stage of manufacture of two-stage coating is to apply a transparent lacquer coating which imparts the color depth and brilliance. DU PONT offers the following varnish for the final stage of a refinishing. 655S 2K acrylic lacquer with an average dry weight for use in two-stage surfaces. Has a very good filling, resistance to mechanical and chemical effects. Designed for all types of repair. Belongs to the category of budget paint. HB 676S fast drying 2K lacquer with increased film thickness (HB) on the basis of akrilpoliuretanovogo copolymer.

BookingCenter Merged With was by taken over at the beginning of the year 2011 the BookingCenter has been adopted by the provider.The company Freelancer Pty Limited (formerly with headquarters in Sydney / Australia, belongs to the world’s largest recruiters for freelance service providers and project outsourcing. For the economic upswing in Germany, well-trained professionals on the free market are booked in many industries and positive online recruitment has evolved. “At the beginning of the year is the BookingCenter” at the international provider “have been sold. In the coming weeks, the business operating on the technology and on the branding of the new owner will be converted. The company Freelancer Pty Limited (formerly with headquarters in Sydney / Australia, belongs to the world’s largest recruiters for freelance service providers and project outsourcing.

For two years, the Group stepped up the strategy of international networking of established Freelancer portals. The specs are impressive with some two million registered freelancers and hundreds of thousands of available tenders. According to Alexa, the domain “” on room 305 of the world’s most frequented sites has been high. The portal “” belongs to the portfolio of the Web Agency / Niklas E.A.. Danno and promotion project was launched 2007 as EU. The BookingCenter provides freelance experts and microenterprises to clients in 20 industries. The demand includes focus on IT, engineering, advertising and journalism. With kontinierlichen SEO, your portal to all search engines see the TOP5 establish results in the Keywordcloud could be measures. An important aspect in the negotiations, which was welcomed by the buyers. “After the sale, team is planning renewed investments in the online recruitment and is currently developing for the domain” a geo-aware service range for the coming generations portable End devices.

Vitamins And Pregnancy

Therefore, this vitamin is advised to take in preparation for pregnancy and throughout the period of gestation baby. Is particularly relevant taking folic acid before pregnancy, if during that period a woman takes oral contraceptives, as against their admission deficiency of vitamin a probable. Folic acid deficiency affects not only the formation of the fetus, but also on the state of her mother. In this case, folic acid deficiency relates to one of the most common vitamin deficiency. He may arise as a result of its lack of exposure, malabsorption or the increased demand for this vitamin (which occurs during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Deficiency of folic acid may occur 1-4 weeks, depending on dietary habits and the previous stock of the vitamin in the body.

Early symptoms of this condition can manifest as fatigue, irritability, and loss of appetite. In this regard, it is particularly important not to forget about the additional intake of folic acid during breast-feeding, because milk is in any case contains sufficient for the development of the baby folic acid, that is, with a lack of intake of vitamins from food is particularly high probability of occurrence of the above symptoms, aggravation of postpartum depression. Severe deficiency always results in a short period Time to megaloblastic anemia – a disease in which bone marrow produces immature red blood cells giant. Clinical symptoms of this are varied and are due to the severity of anemia and the rapidity of its onset. If do not take urgent measures to treatment, megaloblastic anemia can be fatal. In acute deficiency of folic acid derivatives can be marked loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea, may appear painful sores in the mouth and throat, skin changes and hair loss. Common signs of chronic folate deficiency are fatigue, loss of activity. There may be ulcers in the mouth and tongue. In recent 10 – 15 years have accumulated a lot of convincing evidence that a lack of folic acid, in violation of exchange of amino acids that contain sulfur, leads to the accumulation in the blood of a particular substance – homocysteine, rendering damaging effects on blood vessel walls, contributing to the development of atherosclerosis and increases the frequency of heart attacks and strokes.

Body Milk

Best 'Anti-cellulite program "(scrub + anti-cellulite gel) held 2-3 times a week. But every day is perfect 'Body Milk' double action. It combines the versatility and complexity of the impact. It can be applied not only to problem areas (thighs, stomach, arms), but also on the neck and decollete: The many facets of 'Milk body 'is manifested in the fact that it: provides nutrition and moisturizing skin with adermin, oil, mango, cranberry juice, tightens and tones the skin beautifully and softens dry land and prevents aging; helps prevent age spots and vascular 'stars', gives skin a subtle, refined fragrance. Enriching body care products with natural essential oils. Essential oils enhance the action of 'Anti-Cellulite Program, and most importantly – vpletut in your image an aura of vegetable flavors.

Geranium (1 drop per 5 ml basis) stimulates lymphatic circulation and removes toxins. Grapefruit (3-5 drops per 15 ml base) regulates fat metabolism, cleans, disinfects and tones the skin. Patchouli (1-5 drops per 10 ml base) gives elasticity and freshness of dry and tired skin, contributes to the rapid renewal of epidermal cells. Petitgreyn tones the skin, restores its elasticity, supervises the work of sebaceous glands and normalize metabolic processes in the skin. Rosewood (1-3 drops per 5 ml base) provides a gentle care, nourish and hydrate.

Pine (1-3 drops per 5 ml base) cleans pores, disinfect the skin, improves microcirculation. Lavender (4 drops per 10 ml base) cleans and nourishes, moisturizes it, relieves irritation and flaking. Lemon (2 drops in 5 ml of base) to help cope with the bacterial-viral rash, is suitable for oily skin.

Mobile Spas

We are now proud owners of a hot tub! Yes, we would have not thought itself, which it might eventually be times where, as we have already cleared them for long. Unfortunately we had in our house is no place for it and also the installation, we could afford to be difficult. Our hot tub is now in the garden and is inflatable. It is of course no pool, but looks like a real hot tub. The material is very stable and the 1000 liters, which fit into the pool to stabilize it further. The pool is round and has down in the bottom four inflatable cushions. There is ample space for four people. The pool is supplied with a pump, not only the pool aufpumpt. But it does so as the very first. It also heats the water to a desired temperature and keep it as long as they enjoy a warm summer. According to the description, it creates something like 40 degrees. So that the water stays clean and the pump, it hunts by special filter cartridges, which rausfiltern the dirt. This is very important because the water is not so often must change.Because the material is from Beck chlorfester film, they can also purify water with chlorine. Last, the pump is still in charge of the massage blower. By pumping air into the tank. All in all, the hot tub a good thing. We are curious how often we use it and when it this year for a hot tub is too cold outside. Frost is obviously not for him. But one or other of the beautiful autumn evening we will probably already have left.

Middle Ages

It's not just words, this is action, action! A few who are willing to commit real acts of our time, more and more empty talk. Just look to you for doing this is not the janitor caught local or building manager, and then have to wash everything, and the object of your love, so nothing do not know. I do not understand these janitors! It is better to let the fences will be inscribed with declarations of love than … you know what. Flowers You say, flowers – corny! Of course, the trite, if you're going to get rid of a bunch of stunted, God forbid If roses. If you give a rose, then too a million! A million, million, million red roses! I understand the money for such luxury is really that people from the list of billionaires Forbes, well, God bless them. Not even the fact that your lover prefers roses maybe she loves daisies! Or tulips! But they do not necessarily buy.

Lucky for those who live in Holland, because there is not uncommon to see whole tulip fields! If the tulip fields around there, look for another flower field in the neighborhood:) Imagine you, a girl and a sea of flowers. And while you say something romantic about this field of flowers that you give to her, that she is the most beautiful flower in which one can not fall in love. Everything! Your girl forever! The feat accomplished a feat, and to devote his girlfriend – that's where the romance! Yes, we do not live in the Middle Ages, but still every girl at heart still waits for her knight on a white horse, it is inherent in the genes:) You can save very young girl, and you can – all of humanity, but at least get a kitten from a tree.

VPS Virtual Server

Speaking of servers comes to our mind amount of technical terms that would only include those who were studied for this purpose. So here are a simple way to understand what is a server and what you should in the event you want to put a web page on the network; or you already have one and want to improve it. Let’s start by explaining that a server is used to manage multiple virtual machines at the same time. Exists that is known as a physical server that can even offer power, privacy and security on par with a dedicated server. In other words, the physical server works very similarly to a dedicated server, the difference lies in the reserved space, that somehow warrants high quality presentations.

So, as once understood this difference we can better explain the various reasons why a VPS Virtual Server differs from those who occupy only for web hosting. One of these differences are the resources that a VPS makes available to its users. Normal servers often manage multiple sites at the same time and this achieves that resources are shared when the operation should be more optimal. On the other hand, a VPS server attends to customers who hire their service individually, which never will be presented the problem of slowness in the applications or the saturation of resources that employs the same. If that was little, those pages whose web hosting uses a VPS server, will always have access to the server and the opportunity to customize own taste each of their applications, and even install those that need. So, as the best choice is in your hands. You can choose to rely on a server with multiple users possibly interfere with the performance of the applications from your site; or a better decision to use a VPS server that guarantees you the freedom you need. offers you the best hosting of web pages in Mexico, the best support and unbeatable prices on Web services hosting and complementary to that you can receive, with the guarantee that we will always be here to help you and support you in everything you require, please call or contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Fast Mobile Internet

For the existing HSDPA network already has an extension. HSPA evolution, HSPA + or evolved HSPA called in the English-speaking world, promises faster network access for traveling. HSPA evolution is an extension of the already known process of HSPA (high-speed packet access). Introduction, speeds are expected in the downstream 28 MB / second and 11 MBit / s in the uplink. HSPA evolution achieves these speeds through a better use of the available frequency space of the UMTS network.

HSPA is established in Austria evolution with these values based on Ericsson technology. Already 42 MBit per second were shown in a demonstration network in the vicinity of Stockholm. Supposedly an existing HSPA can be infrastructure via software update on this speed evolution. The increased speed is achieved by MIMO (multiple input, multiple output). It heitsst, it works only if the mobile device in range of at least two fixed points and antenna systems.

In this case, that joins Mobile device with two fixed points and transmits the data divided parallel to both. Doubling the transmission speed is accesible theoretically by the doubling of the connection. However, it remains to be seen how the system works in practice. Especially in areas of high network load – so there, where many users at the same time online – going evolution with HSPA could it be that this multiplication is achieved not up because simply not enough free benchmarks available. How can such a power load without construction of additional benchmarks balance only practice can show. Conclusion: With HSPA evolution is a similar to VDSL mobile solution based on the exist UMTS infrastructure conquer the market. Torsten Heinsius

Mobile Internet Without Contract

More and more users choose mobile Internet prepaid. A fixed Internet connection, until recently, for many, was the best way to take advantage of the World Wide Web. But mobile to use the Internet to check his emails at any time, on the way to download the latest music download or watch videos on platforms like YouTube, is growing in popularity. This is always cheaper mobile Internet prepaid. This is ensured via the mobile phone or an Internet surf stick.

The wide range of offers in the Prepaidbereich is increasing. Now the advantage that no long term must be used, makes prepaid so interesting. This allows a high degree of flexibility in the comparison. Only the power claim is paid. There are different Prepaidvarianten. A daily flat rate is ideal for people who don’t take the Internet claim. For frequent surfers a month flat rate is interesting. A daily flat rate is available from 2 euro.

Monthly flat rates there are from 20 euros. So everyone must Users know which is the better Prepaidvariante for him. The purchase prices for the surf sticks and their SIM cards can be very different. Here it starts at prices from 30 euros. However, care should be given. Roughly, it can be said that low tariffs go hand in hand with expensive sticks and vice versa. The access to the World Wide Web via the already described surf sticks. This is quickly connected to a USB port thanks to plug -and-play. Usually the software is already installed on the Internet sticks. With a few clicks, it is then ready to surf. Christopher Heinsius

Mobile Stands

Your main advantage will certainly be a large, visible image, to secure which, in fact, created mobile stands. And finally, you can use their mobile exhibition stands and between activities – for example, in the showroom. Large selection of mobile exhibition stands allows you to choose the most suitable model for everyone. Trend of recent months – depreciation of existing models, offer models of mobile stands are cheaper than competitors. During the crisis is first and foremost look at the Russian banner stands.

The easiest and most reliable Russian mobile stand Stella. This bench width of 90 cm and a height of 218 cm long, even fell. In 2008, he was worth 1,550 p. And now available in ltd Riword at a super price p 1400. Stella Stand – the perfect solution for crisis marketing. Imports more expensive, but the puck, the situation is as follows manner. The largest variation in prices is attributable to such popular models as mobile stands .

The cheapest roller stands made in China are made of plastic and are from 1100 p. Teardrop-shaped stands Roll Up, too, China production will be worth 4,500 p already., roll up with a replaceable cartridge is 2,900 p. Significantly more expensive stand stands Roll Up European manufacturers – Swedish and Swiss. The most common stands Roll Up will cost is 100 Euro, the most modern model roller stands can cost 300 euros. But back to the fuel-efficient models. Frightening of all the economic crisis undoubtedly affected the pricing behavior of customers advertising designs, and those who had sought only the best and brand, became interested in the opportunity to save on exhibition equipment. This is reasonable behavior. Why suspend the planned advertising campaign, if you can just save on their budget. It was during crisis reduced advertising activity – a more expensive. The competition becomes tougher, less buyers, and competition for customers leads to the fact that we have to pay more attention to advertising. In this situation, it is logical obratit attention to low-cost, fuel-efficient models of mobile stands. The most economical, 'folk' mobile stands are stands of X-banner, and L-banner. These stands are 800 – 1500 p. Their low price is determined by the fact that they are made of plastic and carbon fiber, so the X-banners, L-banners are durable and lightweight, but they may lack stability, because too light weight exacerbates the inherent mobile stands windage. Most popular roller stands has led to the fact that their production increases every year, and the resulting competition leads to some reduction in their prices. During the promotions in late 2008, for example, you could buy the standard Roll Up stands 80 cm wide at the price of 1,750 p. However, all stands Roll Up purchased abroad, so the change of the dollar affects the price of these stands. Clarify the availability and price of the booth before you buy. In fairness it should be noted that price / performance modern models of mobile stands, manufactured in China, still exceed the Russian mobile stands. Chinese manufacturers are focused on selling products for export and therefore learned to make their stands on European standards. A few years ago the Chinese stands only externally reproduce foreign analogs, it is now their quality is also close to the quality of Swedish or the Swiss products, and the price for this is still significantly more attractive.