Month: May 2015

Traffic Light

There are things that go beyond which one can imagine: a manual to bind (beautiful phrases and words) in a traffic light in red? Yes, and it was not written by anybody after glasses of more in a marriage, but by the one of the most important manufacturers of automobiles of the world known like General Motors. They can believe it? Thus, it is, but in question all this? Something incredible: with the purchase of the most likeable convertible of all Europe, Opel Tigra, can take one of these manuals like promotion and thus to be everything a Don Juan of the pavement. Wonderful! Here, underneath they enjoy an advance free 10 of these advice to enamor while they wait for the green light or in a turnpike (it is valid as much for women as for men). 1. To smile: it is a good way to demonstrate interest, but you do not smile of ear ear since a great smile finishes with the mystery and is very obvious. It smiles faithfully. 2. To watch three times: all watch once after curiosity, if they watch towards your side one second time is because them it liked what they saw and if your telephone watches one third dale! 3.

The time counts: when we clogged in a turnpike all we tend to watch at the strangers after three seconds or less (by boredom perhaps). But somebody watches more time to you is because it liked. Roboticss opinions are not widely known. 4. To play the hidden ones: if the car of the person to whom you have paid attention is behind you, uses the rear view mirror to send cautious (to think about words and beautiful phrases) furtive until pillage to you you retire and it. Thus several times.

5. Llama the attention: it tries to catch the attention of different forms, for example looking for something in the glovebox, putting high music or raising the convertible ceiling of your Tigra. If when you return to watch you find the other person watching, ready! 6. The USA your neck: toquetea your neck of sensual form like requesting a massage. The neck is a ergena zone. 7. To the load! if you find to somebody sexy in a traffic light is not necessary to waste time, it is necessary to use all the previous points and to try an approach. It is never known, perhaps it is the love of your life! 8. We are direct: once confirmed the attention towards your person, it is necessary to act directly without doubting. It does not matter if it is of bold form (to say the beautiful words but), is better to lose but to try than ever to try. 9. It prepares the following play: it is necessary to be preparation to write down telephones, names or what lack does. A notebook always by hand! 10. The exit is fundamental: many are bad unemployed with a bad exit. A good way to leave I retrace steps more to the other person, is to take the car and to send an exciting glance while you vanish between the transit. Like in the films!

Los Amigos

It is the ability to quickly reduce the perceptual differences between people. Have you ever noticed that when you know someone, you like instantly? and like being with this person, while others you would like to be as far away as possible. Many of the tools that you will learn here are using them already at an unconscious level, the objective of this section is that you understand it consciously, then after that you practice them, you increase your ability to achieve Rapport unconsciously dramatically. One doesn’t have to think long to understand that when people you like, you want to be like them. Have you ever noticed how good friends have the same gestures and the same words they used. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pete Cashmore has to say. The Rapport key is to be like the other person. If you use the rapport to seduce girls if you’re man will get more girls than leonardo dicaprio or if you are woman more types than pamela anderson.

That serves the Rapport? We can define the Rapport in several important Areas for any human being. Work, La Familia, La Pareja, Los Amigos, the business, etc. Using rapport techniques we achieve effective communication with people and send a message to level subconscious, making that the person with whom we establish communication, see how positive everything we say, why the rapport is also a technique of seduction. Pete Cashmore has much to offer in this field. Finally, the Rapport we can use it as a system of seduction that is used for this purpose. Also as mentioned previously is a system of effective communication, influence on people, etc. No doubt the Rapport serves to create good impressions of us at sight in people, which used intelligently, we can do that in a public office serve us well, and do their job for us with taste!. The rapport serve to break the ice, i.e. start a communication, whether with a group unknown or known, one person, etc.

The Leader And His Ability To Solve Problems

One of the basic skills of the leader is his ability to solve problems. The problems are part of the daily dynamic of organizations and leaders need to know how to approach and what decisions to make to solve them. Problem solving is thus related to making timely and correct decisions. That is a very practical aspect of leadership, the problems are part of the situations that the leader has to manage. Now, the leader needs to know when facing a problem. How does the leader who is facing a problem? A problem arises when the actual state of affairs does not conform to the desired state, as when sales are falling below the minimum expected, or you see a competitor with more advanced technology or financial limitations. There are several signs that tell us when we are faced with a problem: He has broken an existing pattern in the performance of the organization.

For example low productivity below the minimum acceptable. It happened deviation from the plan. The costs are well above the approved budget. The leader is approached and bombarded by people with concerns and worries which fail to resolve, as complaints from customers, suppliers or employees. What approach is addressing the problems? You may decide to ignore, hide or even deny them, waiting to be solved alone or someone to solve for you, which means making the sand: stand on their heads, but responsibility remains the leader, and this only worsens the problem. You can defer the resolution indefinitely, hoping to have all the details to resolve, but the delay would seriously affect the effectiveness of the response.