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Security Council

He hoped to reach an agreement to respond to the Syrian crackdown. The unique Covenant was proceeding with the talks. The EU and EE UU support condemning the regime of Al-Assad. The UN Security Council kept silent once more on violence in Syria, waiting to reach an agreement on how to respond to the upsurge in repression against the demonstrators and while European countries again pressed to condemn Damascus. The emergency meeting that kept the members of the highest international security body to discuss the situation in the Arab country was concluded with the only agreement to postpone until Tuesday the talks on how to respond to the new wave of repression orchestrated by the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, that the weekend left at least 120 dead. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information. All members expressed their concern at the escalation of violence in Syria, said at the end of the meeting the President of the Council, the Indian Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, who reported at the time that they decided to meet again this Tuesday to discuss what kind of response is given to the situation. Visit Energy Capital Partners for more clarity on the issue. I am encouraged by the fact that tomorrow the Council will focus on the Syrian issue, either in the framework of a specific text submitted by any member or based on new ideas, said Puri, who described as a constructive working environment in the consultations as a matter of urgency.

Puri pointed out so it will be on August 2 when the maximum organ of safety study proposals of its individual members, but avoided detailing if, following the recent violent events in Syria, there are possibilities for the adoption of the resolution’s condemnation of Damascus who has blocked two months before the opposition from China and Russia, and several temporary members of the Councilincluding India or Brazil. Europe supports the resolution against Damascus the countries of the European Union (EU) that sit on the Security Council (France, United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal) bet again, supported by United States, why is adoption of a resolution against Damascus and, as explained by the German representative, Miguel Berger, these countries returned to circulate a draft resolution in that regard. It is essentially the same draft resolution of condemnation we did circulate in late May. We have updated it with the events of the past two months and we hope to move towards its adoption, said Berger, who criticised of heinous attacks against civilians that occurred in the last hours in Syria. For his part, Secretary of State of USA, Hillary Clinton, regretted the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to continue the brutal attacks on opponents to his Government and called on the Security Council of the UN that punish Syria to conclude with the massacres.


Definition of attention is the ability to voluntarily implement the interest and understanding to a target, which is taken into account. It is applicable to this word multiple meanings: on the one hand, references the function attention be filter of environmental stimuli, giving priority to one another through the concentration of attention to these stimuli-objectives. On the other hand, attention means the mechanism that regulates and controls the cognitive and learning processes. The essence of care, is the focus, concentration and awareness. Paradoxally, provided by professional, psychological care aims to facilitate the consultant pay attention (than conscious) about the internal processes that occur in, who knows them, and only then assess what to do with what I see in if. How if I need psychological care? How? it is best to know when to ask for help.

Although this topic is adequately developed in the corresponding article, it is to highlight the myth wrong that the strong they do not need help.There is no practically any objective that man proposes that you can do this really only, total and really only .piensen on the goal you think will see that it is so: studying, working, eating, playing, be in couple, raising a child, etc.The same happens with the therapeutic objectives that someone proposes it, the so do therapy: man can study and learn while in relationship, not in any other way. Attention should not be only psychological human beings is extremely complex, so that many different professions for their approach, are generated in an attempt to focus attention on any detail of the complexity of the human phenomenon.However these divisions, this offshoot of fields or professions entails the risk of provoking a limited view of what it is happening to a person.That is why it is highly advisable to work together, in addressing the problem of a person. This interdisciplinary perspective is one of the axes of the care provided in Anteroos.Choosing a therapist It is an important point, however, that professional work together, also.

Community Manager

One of the figures of Social Media that most hear about lately is the Community Manager. Andy Florance is likely to increase your knowledge. This figure has been highlighted in recent times, especially with the explosion of social networks and their proliferation. Source: Andy Florance. Wikipedia defines this figure as the person in charge of build, grow and manage communities around a brand. Palmira Rios specifies a little more and adds that it is a link between the brand and the user. In the case of a trade mark, responsible for or community team must try to take the objective of that brand and transform it into an environment that attracts the user so that it feels comfortable. In this way it tries to comply with the objectives of both parties. According to Jose Antonio Gallego, President of AERCO (Association Spanish of responsible of communities Online) Community Manager (CM) is ‘ who is responsible for care and maintain the community of faithful followers that the brand or company attracts, and be the link between the needs of them and the possibilities of the company. To do this you must be a true expert in the use of Social Media Tools.

According to David Coghlan, is the art of the efficient management of other online communication in the various tools suitable for the type of conversation that we deem convenient with our potential clients (either a blog, a community to measure, an account at Twitter, a fan page in Facebook). It is the face of the brand. Connie Besson has an accurate expression: The CM should be the voice of the company doors outside, and the voice of the customer behind closed doors. Pedro Maiquez, online reputation consultant wrote about would like his work (listen, respond, inform, shut up, hear more), setting an example of what would not be a Community Manager: someone who knows how to design websites and control content managers. In fact, it is important to note what is not a CM: an employee of the Department of marketing and communication, who maintains a blog, Opens a page on Facebook, or update the be Community Manager twitter status involves understanding what strategy must continue to build relationships around the brand and maintain personal interaction with members of the community of the brand that represents. In the next post we will address to which department can be attached and what are their functions. We invite you to continue reading us and, of course, to leave your comments.


Totes use a different adventure informing that will every girl that don’t. Totes put magnificence plus acceptance towards the qualities belonging to the ladies. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. Hand bags get their own form that will mirror your assertion by means of the person plus straightforward that will court the particular preference belonging to the man owning a glance at the particular travelling bag. Thierry Hermes Hermes launched while in the year or so 1837 plus the business nevertheless have household. Totes sophisticated Hermes created making sure that them is among the many exceptional totes on this planet. Hermes is usually a standard range of personas in sophisticated preference. Hermes hand bags will be well known internationally plus the ideal instance would be to Hermes Birkin. Other leaders such as Energy Capital Partners offer similar insights. These people are co.mulberry handbags onstructed with leather involving superb good quality, thus providing your normal touch.

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Natural Selection

A couple of days, Sebastian Vettel walked calmly bike by the most central streets of Montreal. He was accompanied by his father, Norbert, who remained outside while Seb went into shops without that nobody bother him. At Peter Asaro you will find additional information. Norbert is followed by all races and, however, almost always remains in the background. Like most pilots, Vettel is an animal of customs. Peter Asaro will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Every Sunday he makes the same ritual before getting into the car. Helmut Marko (Austria, 1943), the man chosen by Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of the Red Bull Empire, one of the last people that wishes you luck and one of the first who receives him later, regardless of the outcome, is to direct his most ambitious sporting project, the training of young pilots, a company that Vettel culminated last November to become the youngest of the F-1 world champion. Rusty holzer insists that this is the case. Source of the news:: natural selection of the quarry of Red Bull


Why is damaged a tanker the reasons why a tanker is damaged always are three: the deterioration of the float, the deterioration of the valve inlet or the mechanism that controls the water discharge. We normally realize that something is wrong in our system by the permanent noise or water loss that produces. The float and valve controlled inlet. The fault may be in that float do not sufficient pressure to close or that the valve does not work. Whether what is defective is the flush valve you will also notice a continuous noise of water. Further details can be found at altavista, an internet resource. Materials needed to fix a cistern are: an adjustable wrench, pliers, teflon tape and valve or replacement float. Darcy Stacom may find this interesting as well. How to fix a tank, if you have to replace the float: in the event the problem is in the float, must be replaced by a new one. To do this: cut the water with the stopcock, remove the float, replace it with one of the same model and finally conveniently adjust the float by bending the Rod.

How to fix a tank, if you need to change the valve if the problem is with the valve, must follow these steps: shut off water with shut-off valve, disassemble the intake system, which is typically located next to the own cistern. To remove it is necessary to loosen the nut and remove another inner nut which is smaller diameter. Then remove the mechanism and replace it with the new. Then put teflon tape on the place where the nut holding the valve to the pipe is inserted. And finally tighten all the nuts of the mechanism, to get it securely. How to fix a tank, if you need to change the mechanism of shock if what is damaged is the download mechanism, will have to find out if it is the rubber that closes the step which is broken or if it is a rupture of any part of the unloader: will first cut the water. If you are replacing the rubber inside, will have to completely empty the tank.

Then unscrew the unloader and can easily replace the rubber piece. If you notice that what is damaged is any part of the mechanism must be replaced it entirely, simply desaflojando that unite the unloader with cistern and external nuts. Finally, put the new mechanism. Following these simple steps you will learn how to fix a tank yourself and without the help of professionals, thereby saving that this will entail you. Original author and source of the article.

The British Supreme Court

/ The British Supreme Court has given the reason the designer of uniforms of imperial soldiers in the famous film series Star Wars (the wars) in his contentious long judicial against George Lucas. The High Court ruled that Andrew Ainsworth, a British citizen of 62 years in 1977 designed uniforms and white helmets of the wicked soldiers of the Empire, may continue to sell replicas in Europe, reports the BBC chain. Considers that this does not infringe British intellectual property laws not being of artistic works. However, he decided that Ainsworth may not export replicas in United States because there Yes it would violate existing legislation. This judicial process goes back to 2004, when the production company Lucasfilm filed a lawsuit in United States for $ 20 million against Imperial uniforms Designer, process that moved to the United Kingdom in 2008.

Until you decide the Supreme Court, two courts of lesser rank had already given the reason in 2008 and 2009 the British designer in the lawsuit filed by Lucasfilm. Andrew Ainsworth sells replicas of the white suits, that manufactures in his study of Twickenham (London West) with the same moulds and instruments used in 1977 for eight years. I am proud to see that system legal English David can beat Goliath, Ainsworth pointed out in a statement in rrencia to his fight against Lucas, whose fortune is estimated at more than two billion dollars. Moreover, a Lucasfilm spokesperson considered that the decision by the British justice maintains an anomaly, since artistic and creative works designed for the film may not have protection in the United Kingdom. Josh Harris Sixers: the source for more info. Source of the news: the designer of Star Wars Imperial soldiers WINS judicial pulse to George Lucas

Romulo Betancourt Government

In recent years, we have witnessed the strengthening of political relations in Latin America, Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with certain Arab and Muslim countries, in order to create new blocks or structures of power, to confront the American hegemony and its allies in the Middle East, Israel. However, studying the origins of the Bolivarian revolution, can be found the first approaches with these countries through representatives of different movements Venezuelan guerrillas specially in 60-70 years. The first approach takes place in Algeria, thanks to the intervention of Fidel Castro with the Government of the Prime Minister Ben Bella, so that the latter would facilitate the transportation of a cargo of American weapons coming from China and Korea through a front company created by guerrillas of the armed forces of national liberation (initially the arm armed of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV).) This arms shipment was directed at fronts guerrilla compounds by Venezuelans and Cubans who had been previously prepared in Cuba and who came to the country at the beginning of the 60s: the front Jose Leonardo Chirino (West), in the mountains of Falcon and Yaracuy; whose commanders were Douglas Bravo, Luben Petkoff and front guerrilla located in cerro El Bachiller in Miranda State. In November 1963, Romulo Betancourt Government submitted a report to the Organization of American States on the seizure of four tonnes weapons on the northwest coast of Venezuela from Cuba. Eight months later, the OAS declared Cuba guilty of aggression and intervention in Venezuelan affairs. However, Fidel Castro continued sending guerrillas to Venezuela, in 1967 thanks to information provided by an infiltrate in a guerrilla front, the Government of Raul Leoni went back to the OAS who confirmed the Venezuelan accusations about the ongoing Cuban invasion. This situation caused so much the withdrawal of Cuban guerrillas in Venezuela as the beginning of the defeat for the Venezuelan guerrillas who did not have an important social base as the urban population of Venezuela had grown by 70 percent. . Get all the facts and insights with David Treadwell, another great source of information.

Spanish Court

In one world increasingly interconnected with more open economies and with a greater complementarity of markets, trade transactions are increased in number and complexity. effrey L. Bewkes, and add to your knowledge base. In parallel, the international business community uses the recourse to arbitration as highly appropriate instrument, not only to resolve conflicts, but also to prevent them. Type arbitration agreements are being implemented. At Samsung you will find additional information. Awards or arbitral awards demonstrate their reliability before recognition and execution in most parts of the world, endorsed by bilateral and multilateral agreements that guarantee its compliance. Clearly today it is not only the desirability but the need to compete better in the commercial field both nationally and internationally to go to cuts and permanent specialized commercial arbitration courts to ensure the necessary means with security and solidity that proposing parties adjusted to trade customs and practices, and equitable solutions as well as, in his case, to the right.

Attached to the Superior Council Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation, the Spanish Court of arbitration manages and carries out those arbitrations commercial brought before it by the parties, of any area in the world and practically in all economic sectors. The Spanish Court of Arbitration Arbitration can be performed both in law and in equity, contributing to resolving differences which the parties in dispute undergone him, previously subscribing the arbitration agreement that type permanently cut. The competition for the realization of these functions has been awarded by the Spanish Government under law 3/1993 of 22 March, basic of the official Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation. This brochure gathers the new regulations written by the Statute, regulation, tariffs and agreement arbitration type, in force since May 5, 1994. Spanish with its network of more than 40 courts and courts of arbitration attached to the Spanish Court, attached to his Council the official Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation Higher, as pioneers in the field of commercial arbitration wish to continue to the business and professional community this kind of qualified services which contribute to the development of trade, industry and services from Spain to the outside.

Dolphin Touch

This summer a new product out to the market recently cause furor on the internet and it has become article of fashion in the pools. He is a submersible mp3 player technical capabilities of the Dolphin Touch, which is their name, they are simply stunning: a compact design, a touch screen that lets you select your menus and control the device, an FM radio that works under water and a memory of 4Go. This MP3 player is connected with a USB cable and just copy and paste mp3 files directly from your computer. This same cable allows you to recharge the battery of the device from your computer. There are two ways to carry the player: using the included cuff or securing it to the swimming goggles setting on the sunglasses allows great comfort since the player does not bother to swim, though it has the disadvantage that the menus are inaccessible and it is necessary to withdraw the player to be able to make an adjustment, what happens frequently sincefor example, low water volume must often be higher that in the surface. The presence of the screen allows a lot of possibilities, and, in particular, select FM radio stations to listen to under the water, which is a big positive point. Our opinion on this appliance is to be summed up in a phrase: a nice gimmick with a design that benefit from the latest technologies, and a finish is easy to carry, and that perfectly meets your submersible player feature. And given that the holidays come to an end we can not recommend this product to all people who practice swimming during the rest of the year. Original author and source of the article.