Month: July 2017

Schools Systems Biometric

Biometric systems have become a reality no longer something only seen in movies. In this way, it is possible to find systems of this type in places like office buildings, even in schools and military bases. A biometric system is a device that analyzes things such as fingerprints or iris patterns or retina; in order to verify the identity of a person. He is not impressed with the presence of biometric systems in military bases or office buildings, however, the presence of these, in a school can be difficult to digest. Go to Ali Partovi for more information. In some schools, in Great Britain and the United States, have been installed readers fingerprint with many valid reasons, among which are the access to lunches, material libraries, controls presence control and absenteeism, use of lockers, vending machines and even for the use of school transport. With the implementation of biometrics in schools, parents can be aware of what their children eat. This has been something crucial, since to obesity child is a public health problem. At present, parents want to closely monitor what their children eat, especially when they are away from home.

To give peace of mind to parents, some schools allow them to keep an eye on them that their children consume, through the use of fingerprint readers. When a student think about purchasing something in the school cafeteria, must put his finger on a fingerprint scanner, after this it will appear on the screen of a computer, so the student can or cannot consume. Via an Internet connection, parents can monitor the quantity and quality of what their children consume or attempt to consume. Another advantage of biometrics in schools is that students no longer have to walk around with money. Parents can design a spending plan for their children and prepay which they may acquire, for a specific period of time. In this way, parents can avoid that their children spend the money you give them, in unnecessary things. Finally, with biometric systems, educational centres, it is possible to establish an access control to installations, to make sure that each student is in their respective class and is not in places where it should not be.

As a result, sets a control that improves discipline and student behavior, which always translates into a good academic performance. Biometric systems and biometric clocks, in particular are an advancement that can be very useful in companies. With these clocks is possible to monitor employees in a precise way.

Technology Education

A NEW APPROACH TO TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION IN MEXICO. Subject: Science and technology and society participating: Guadalupe Olga Reyes Fonseca miracles Herrera Stein are many conflicts and events that gave rise to the implementation of the neoliberal programmes in Latin America. This new approach to education, also brings a different way of treating the contents and braces that are used to achieve the learnings that are expected. Here we can mention the information and communication technologies that are fashionable for the motivating thing is for learners. To situate ourselves in our context, the education in Mexico for some time you have attempted to put within the reach of most scientific and technological advances, we can mention the beginnings of this program when endowed schools pilots with the first stage of Enciclomedia, which is a computational tool created to stimulate the process of teaching-learning of teachers of primary education in relation to the curriculum contained in free textbooks for the Ministry of basic education in Mexico. System supported with resources of diverse nature to support the teacher time to class with resources that support different learning styles. Time then to see the positive results obtained with the use of this tool has been improved and is the program that has in the majority of schools. But simultaneously with the State administration, another program that used technologies and which competed directly with encyclopedia was created, this program was the classroom’s media, which is a space open to the school community, which aims to strengthen the teaching process learning, through the incorporation of technological tool and information obtainable through the same.

Classroom Media is integrated by computer equipment, connected to the Internet, television and team station satellite that receives the signal EDUSAT, collection of educational videos and CD s and different material printed, akin to the use of technologies in the classroom. Unfortunately the count in a school with two programs, political conflict brought about difficulties of maintenance since initially the two programmes had constant service, but after a time passed both the Federal Administration, the State forgot send technicians who remained in well-functioning teams. Currently there are other companies that are offering the technologies supplied to students of low development or with great achievement, we can mention the international giant Microsoft, also to the no less important Telmex. With these support for students, teachers and educational institutions, we think that we will not stay as far back in the knowledge and use of the TICS. Wikipedia.

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Ramon Gallegos Nava

Other aspects that are spoken in these books that focus on paradigm shifts, evolution of consciousness, the imbalances that have suffered in recent years, the company, the way of how we preserve our planet through sustainable development, transforming schools in communities that learn. From this comes the need to transcend integral human development, we are able to consider all aspects such as sustainability, integrity, individuality and true spirituality. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava describes for us the real education as a process of meaningful learning, which awakens the conscience of the world, takes us out of selfishness and individualism, reveals the truth of the global interdependence of all human beings. (Similarly see: Peter Asaro ). The goal of holistic schools is to develop a new educational paradigm establishing internal order, understanding, namely educating for life, peace and an inclusive society.

Development: The holistic teacher must nurture the best in people through universal love, we all need love. We'll have little recollection of how changed the different paradigms of education through the centuries, in the fifteenth century education was based on religious beliefs where the church was the one who had the power that is living with a dogmatic view all was centered on priests, cults etc. believed in them and obey everything I said, only Vivian to worship their beliefs, we now turn to the seventeenth century in this century there was a big problem in removing people dogmatic vision and implement the paradigm shift that is now emerging education here was based on a modern rational vision, his vision was to leave behind type all faiths to focus on monitoring all theoretical, it was setting aside the human was so methodical, starting different teaching and learning begins to leave the church by the universities, was a modern era which brought more democracy, the change archaic thinking scientific thinking was the liberation of women, abolition of slavery, the birth of schools., although this was more mechanized thought his goal was more scientific education, was fragmented into separate disciplines, technology that is separated from the human, technological advances are important for the development of our country but we must never put aside the thoughts and feelings of people who use technology, learning was used as assimilation of information, only the logical skills – mathematics, did not think of human feeling in the different learning styles of each person, this paradigm was used until the twentieth century and now in the XXI century begins to emerge based on a comprehensive education to raise awareness to the people of the world in which we live and our nature, with a holistic view, this education takes the best of dogmatic education and the best of science education, creating an education humans lead to a comprehensive education.

Electromobility Market Dynamics

03/05/2011 14:00 15:00 60329 Frankfurt am Main, the new market of electric mobility is characterised by new partnerships and collaborations, that thought years ago no one possible. Even the distinctive USP engine seems not more generally excluded in the carmakers. Following topics will be discussed including deepened: what are the current collaborations and partnerships in the market of electric mobility strategically? Cooperation between battery manufacturers and automobile manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and ICT companies look like? As those between start ups and global players? What are the benefits – what are the risks associated? What is the proposal of a “battery of the unit” to keep (Opel)? Speaker: Adam Opel AG, Enno Fuchs, E-mobility launch Director MBtech Group, Ralf Schafer, strategy RWE efficiency GmbH, Rainer Bachmann, Director B-to-B E-mobility the event is free for AGRION members. Non-members, can participate in the event after personal consultation with AGRION. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. Please register You as a user on de. Once we have activated your profile, you can apply directly online to the desired event (if you are logged in, the button appears login in addition to the programme of events”). In the online space, you can exchange ideas with the speakers and other attendees in advance and then download the event documentation. If you have any questions, I’m always available. We are looking forward to your participation! Registration: AGRION Germany GmbH Mainzer Landstrasse 49, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 5057

Oil Reserves in Russia

Oil reserves, Russia is at 7 in the world after Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, uae and Venezuela. The geography of the oil industry in Russia extends throughout our great country. In the development involved For more than 60% of current inventory. In development is located about 840 fields located in different regions: from Kolguev in the Barents Sea in the north to the foothills of the Caucasus in the south, from Kaliningrad in the west to the island in the east. More information is housed here: Kai-Fu Lee. The main oil region is in , where some 300 open oil and gas fields and produces about 70% of Russian oil. Siberian oil has a very high quality. The second most important is the Ural-Volga region, which produces about 24% of the Timan-Pechersk oil and gas province – about 3,4%, the North Caucasus – 1,8%, 0,8% of .

Market research in recent years shows that in the coming years, due to development of oil and gas industry, the demand for pipe components will be high. To date, formed extensive network of main pipelines, which ensures the supply of more than 95% of the total extracted oil. In this regard, the organization engaged in the production of flange products and fasteners, are obliged to do everything to ensure a high level proposals of their goods, namely, lower prices. But how can reduce the price of the product if the price of the metal is growing? Cheapening of the product must be due to the introduction of new technologies and increase production. Need for new kinds of flange products is constantly growing, in addition to parts made by guests also require flanges to customer's drawings. Therefore it is necessary to react the development and introduction into production of necessary goods. Production should implemented on modern equipment using advanced technologies, which also reduces production costs.

An important stage in the production of a savings account materials and energy. Accordingly, the product must be manufactured without large allowances to the processing was not lost metal. But forget about the threat of pseudo-producers, which attract the attention of the low prices. It can mask details have already been in use, or parts made in back rooms, where there is no quality control and technology of production itself as such. In order to properly make a choice in favor of a companies need to more thoroughly check the quality of purchased products. Every detail must be certified and undergo a multi-stage quality control.