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Hakeem Autumn Program 2011: How Much Conscience Should Be S?

Matters of conscience as decide in job and everyday life? Committed his own conscience? The company Codex? Or does it rather with Kant? Each decision, whether in the workplace or in the private context is determined by the expectations of others, business objectives, by the own morals and tactical considerations. But what who take, you want to choose morally correct and fair? Author Thomas Wilhelm provides in his book “How much conscience will it be?” Food for thought and decision AIDS for integrity, independent and fair behavior in job and everyday life. 19: 00, Executive Office. The Managing Director just his Marketing Director tells that are some redundancies. Also the best friend of the just mentioned head of marketing is concerned. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. And he’s now in the bailout. Tell a friend although the boss has asked for confidentiality? Or mention and thus putting at risk the friendship? Own conscience, the consequences for the entire company, contractual obligations or compassion patent recipes,.

which now serious or how one has to decide in principle, there is no. But, and this shows Thomas Wilhelm many case examples, there are decision-making AIDS can help one to get into difficult situations to differentiated moral choices. Common Sense ethics: according to Wilhelm, “skeleton” moral decisions integrity, moral and fair decisions offers a Common Sense ethics, which is based on three core theses. First, the society based on moral rules of hyper, moral duties, which are self-evident. These rules are an anti damage and on the other hand cooperation rules that fundamental guidelines for our behavior.

Secondly, The hyperlink rules have always also situational exceptions, justification so that legitimize violating the rules of hyper. Thirdly: Ethical goals or ideals such as civil courage and solidarity are desirable, can but not be demanded by the company. No panaceas, no raised forefinger entitlement and free of dogmatic missionary: “How much conscience will it be?” provides approaches without teach, and helps to get an independent opinion. From November to 19.80 euros in Hakeem.

The Handling

This increases costs, complexity and brings additional organizational effort. “” The principle of both as well as “held either or” produces unnecessary, worsened the handling and increases sales deductions. Order online, get offline, Exchange, return increases to the extent as customers it chic find to complain about. Considering that prior to every purchase now 3 sources of information be used before in a branch, the distance selling Act ready holds new challenges for merchant and the off – and online trade has to offer by law the same customer, is incomprehensible with what effort is trying to generate revenue with smallest margins. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro. In addition, via various social networks customers at tasks like article design, brochure contents or line recording (Migros, DM etc.) allow approach, which formerly belonged to the sovereign tasks of chain stores or its supplier. It is true that the megatrend of online trading has changed the rules of the game of Q1 itself and will further change, but must should also the Filialsystemorganisation to fit, if you want to be liquid, increase efficiency, and improve the creditworthiness of companies. Although the chain determines solution according to which criteria he leads, to achieve an ideal result.

In the ideal case, this is a high return with low risk. Learn more about this with For this purpose have KUHN specialists developed for chain stores new solution. You assumes that the branch network in saturated and turbulent markets of resource efficiency, the caution and safety is determined. In terms of the risk itself, the Filialgeschaftsexperten that both investors and lenders try to minimize their risks for loans even more intensively, forgive debt only at higher rates and they mean more intense than previously with facts in the form of profits, growth, secure high liquidity, positive balances etc. These include not only the result of companies, but also the repeatability and transparency of the way. Kuhn solution assumes understanding, that the filialbetrieblichen business and financial processes consistently link can be with the technological means available, to achieve more efficient management of the companies.

Change In The German Management Of Econocom

Christian Hofinger and Philippe Segui Frankfurt’s new Managing Director, 09.11.2011. Econocom, European market leader for manufacturer and bank-independent management of IT and telecommunications infrastructures, personnel strengthening of Econocom GmbH and Econocom Services GmbH appoints two new Managing Director after the merger with the ECS group. Christian Hofinger (39) is the new CEO of Econocom GmbH. Since 1999 Hansen worked group in the distribution of the ECS, since 2007 Sales Manager Germany. After the acquisition of ECS in October 2010 by Econocom, leasing specialist is responsible for the management of country roof (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) for all leasing activity of Econocom group. Based on the complementary portfolio and expertise of Econocom and ECS, the new group of companies has expanded their range and covers with innovative financing solutions the complete IT lifecycle and inventory optimization. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Asaro has to say. Hansen shows optimistic based on these extensions: “with a clever Our customers who have form of leasing flexibility for their business requirements, optimal control their investment budgets and transparency for the entire life cycle of their digital assets.” Philippe Segui (44), new Managing Director of Econocom and Econocom Services GmbH, 1992 resulted in the ECS group, and in 2005 took over the Sales Director Northern Europe. He responsible for all leasing activities in Germany, the UK and Eastern Europe since the takeover by Econocom as Deputy Managing Director.

“Through the merger with ECS Econocom is now uniquely positioned to offer companies comprehensive solutions for the management and development of their IT and communications infrastructures. Econocom increases the flexibility, availability and efficiency of the ICT systems”, so Segui. Christian Hofinger and Philippe Segui replace these positions Franciscus Marinus van GILS, who retires from Econocom for personal reasons, but continues to support the group in strategic projects. About Econocom with offices in 17 countries and 3,700 employees a consolidated turnover of 1,021 million euros in 2010 Econocom is the No. 1 in Europe for manufacturer, banks and traders-independent management of IT – and Telekommunikationsnfrastrukturen. The offer of Econocom group in Germany includes the ICT leasing and inventory management, as well as services for ICT infrastructures and enterprise solutions. Econocom is listed since 1986 on NYSE Euronext in Brussels. For more information see press contact Econocom GmbH Herriotstr. 8 60528 Frankfurt Celine Wieprecht Tel.: + 49 (0) 69 71408-1202

Warning Against Abuse Of The Telephone System!

Warning against Voice over IP Alcatel OmniPCX Office at Voice over IP systems must also confirm that the topicality of the firewall it repeatedly happens that telecom systems ‘chopped’. The newspapers mentioned not as a source, but as a related topic. The Ascotel, attackers choose through various additions to the systems an and programming call forwarding on the foreign value added numbers. Streamline AG is your competent partner for demanding communication and IT solutions. Lived over the years partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers guarantee the most modern systems and excellent, comprehensive services, which include consulting in the field of network providers for Ascotel, Omni PCX, PBX, PBX, Voice over IP, Lync server, Siemens Switzerland. With the company site Brugg, Bern and Langenthal we are in your area. Streamline AG also offers services in the field of cloud computing, CRM software, blue Office, unified communication, HiPath, Microsoft SharePoint. You are a Microsoft partner and associated also with Siemens Switzerland streamline recommends.

URGENTLY to ensure that all passwords of the installed telephone system, telecom infrastructure be individualized. This concerns mainly: – access via Remote Tools – what opening hours-answering systems communicate – individual Voicemailboxen – phone answerer (if possible)-at most used applications for Voice over IP systems must be checked also the topicality of the firewall. Furthermore, streamline recommends codes for countries with which no business relations are maintained categorically to suspend. The cost for a review of these protection mechanisms is working hours, depending on system size 1-2 what is disproportionate to the potential damage. Please a look: cmsfiles/intelligate_7.6_br_ge_0708.pdf enter you with us in contact we advise you gladly! Address: Streamline AG Konizstrasse 60 P.o. box 394 3000 Bern 5 phone 031 388 12 12 fax 031 388 12 22 error number 031 388 12 20

Multilayer Communication

Clarity AG offers an advanced solution for s simultaneous calls and chat Bad Homburg/Germany, November 07, 2011. Clarity, one of the leading German manufacturers of software-based telecommunications solutions, has expanded its clarity communication center’s chat feature. “The VoIP phone software clarity communication center” is already complemented by a chat module for a long time. This function expires at the same time to phone calls and conferences, is visible only to the selected participants. A great advantage of the communication client shows the case of a telephone conference: while the Conference is running and all participants hear what is being said, the communication client chat as additional text communication can be varied: with one or more selected participants of the Conference, an exchange of chat can be set at the same time on a second level.

The information is visible only to those participants. Or discussing himself during the telephone conference chat in Real time outside the Conference round. Only requirement is that all users in the clarity communication center are arranged. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. Also for call center, the communication client chat offers great advantages. As in the business area is a private chat”with a single service representative. So for example, a call center supervisor can a call center staff when an existing customer call provide valuable additional information in the form of short messages. A second function, group chat”, with several employees in the chat-contact can be incorporated external, who do not work in the same Office or House. According to, who has experience with these questions. All chats in the last seven days are stored and available at any time.

The big advantage here, now the messages can be received subsequently also then, if you were offline during the receipt. Also, it is not necessary that the sender is online to later receive. It outperforms other chat tools not least significantly with the clarity communication center. The clarity AG make the international clarity AG based in Bad Homburg is an award-winning provider of software-based voice communication solutions for the call center and business telephony. Of multi-functional telephone systems up to cross-premises call modular clarity’s solutions ease, flexibility, scalability, and availability Center systems and platforms for voice dialogue. Contact clarity AG Andrea Leiseder Communications Manager scraper route 28B 61348 Bad Homburg T: + 49 6172 1388-50 M: + 49 177 1483567 F: + 49 6172 1388 510 @:

Equiplast: The Next Event Will Take Place

There are only a few days left until the beginning of Equiplast, the international plastics trade fair, which will take place as usual in Barcelona. The 16th event of Equiplast, one of the most important fairs in Europe in terms of the field of plastics, rubber and packaging material, will take place from 14 to 18 November in Barcelona. Each year the event, which is organized every three years, attracts many professionals in the Spanish city, not only from Spain, but from all over Europe and other continents. The internationality of the exhibition the organiser is clear, because the main goal of Equiplast is the participation of foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in to consider the possibility of a widening of business in Spain, considering, and that want to do this by taking part in trade fairs like Equiplast. No wonder that the organizers of Equiplast together with associations such as the Spanish Institute for foreign trade (ICEX), the Latin American Association of plastic industries (ALIPLAST) and the Moroccan Association of Plastics industry have collaborated to promote the trade exchanges with Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Nicaragua and Guatemala and consequently new lifeblood of industry of plastics in Spain to give.

A great opportunity for those who work in the field of plastics, offered a great opportunity to close new business relationships, to be up to date in the current market trends and to meet all the latest news from major companies in the area of plastics and rubber. Many exhibitors from all over the world will participate in the fair, be so represented all categories of the wide range of the plastics industry: processing of raw materials, parts and plastic parts, machines and equipment, recycling, research, development and innovation, semi-finished and finished products, shapes, services. Together with the exhibition are other interesting events take place, were the intended for this, some of the key issues of the area to deepen and a treat. During the fair are topics such as the use of plastic in the mechanical field, biodegradable plastic, energy saving in the production of plastic and much more will treat. “The 16th event of Equiplast slogan falls in the year 2011, i.e.

the international year of chemistry for the Chemistry: our lives, our future” was created, and it has three main objectives: awareness with regard to the chemical as a significant means to meet increasing needs of society, to stimulate the interest of young people for the chemistry, to increase the enthusiasm in the creative future of chemistry. Of course, Equiplast officially supports all initiatives, which are organized by the European Union and UNESCO to celebrate the important role of chemistry in the field of development and change the world. The date is November 14, when the 16th event of Equiplast will start in Barcelona: the best opportunity for all professionals of this area and the packaging industry, to indulge in the world of Plastic, to delve deeper into the news and developments in this field. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo

The Leading Pharmacy Chain “36.6” Announced Results For The First Half Of 2011

and presented their forecast for the retail revenues in 2012 the main developments are the following: Group’s consolidated net sales reached RUR 10.810.8 mln in H1 2011 versus rub 9.749.4 mln in H1 2010, a 10.9% increase in ruble terms of y-o-y. Pharmacy retail net sales increased by 8.0% in H1 2011 in ruble terms and reached RUR 7 264.6 mln versus RUR 6 725.6 mln in H1 2010; Net sales of finished goods, unit Veropharm production of the increased by 18.0% in H1 2011 in ruble terms and reached RUR 3 154.8 mln versus RUR 2 673.2 million in H1 2010. In 2012 “36.6” plan to increase retail revenue by 26-30% in comparison with the current year, said Chief Executive Officer of the management company in an interview with “Prime”. Even managed well the year 2011 saw significant changes on the government side, 36.6 and what able to thus increase the average check per customer from 243 to 304 ruble (see table). In H1 2011 consumer month-to-month traffic correlates with the market trend: there is a substitute increase of high income customers share (with on average check level more than 500 rubles), and a partial outflow of the low-income customers (with on average, level check below 200 rubles). Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions.

The average retail space per pharmacy what 73.9 sq.m. The leading pharmacy 36.6 is very much depending on the Moscow region, were they run 354 them which amounts to 55% of their retail business. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On the other hand there are others chains being strong outside the Moscow area. Further still this means there is outlets or acquisitions potential outside the Moscow area for new. Pharmacy chain “36.6”??? ???? 36.6? 2012?. The newspapers mentioned Robotics not as a source, but as a related topic. ????????? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ???????? ?? 26-30% intends to increase the share of products under its own brand. “Our goal is to increase by 2015 the proportion of goods under its own brand in the total revenue to around 32%”, – said Valeria Solok.???,???????????. “??????,?????? ?????????.”At the moment sales volumes are not too big, but we want to develop this channel.

? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ????? 2 ???? ???.The plan – one year later to achieve 2 billion rubles with their own label brands in trade “-Valeria Solok explained.” Pharmacy chain 36.6 has 983 them, 19 outlets of their “early development center ELC brand, 10 opticians and 19 Department of optics, located inside the pharmacy. Chameleon Pharma consulting comments: 36.6 had difficult times, during the last years, and they seam to be back on the growth track. Still the cash flow is a major issue for all pharmacy chains. The new tax regime introduced by the government in early 2011 has resulted in bankruptcy of many individual chains. The future will show how 36.6 wants to manage within the new framework. Overall we can say that 36.6 chain has very established outlets with good consumer shopping environment. There is no. way to sell your OTC BBs successfully without being with the top 10 pharmacy chains in Russia, which is quite different compared to only 5-7 years ago.

SAP – Improving The Quality Of Master Data

Global Automobilzulierer relies on conarum for better global master data quality. The growing tide requires improving the quality of master data and information. Due to many years of experience in SAP PLM, the automotive group has opted for a solution from conarum. Aim was to distribute the master data systematically, fully and efficiently in a multiple, international system landscape. The amount of data, object dependency, serialization, and the performance were taken into account. The task of the conarum GmbH & co. KG was to implement a solution that can distribute large amounts of data. Robotics wanted to know more.

specifically to distribute master data and all dependent master data objects in one or more systems. runtime-optimized. is user friendly. is integrated into the existing PLM processes. With the solution on the basis of the ALE, IDoc interface built on component product data replication (PDR) and configuration management (CM) can specifically master data and serialized in other SAP or Non SAP system are distributed. To main components, dependent data objects are determined using the Bill of materials stored in the system and links.

Examples are: BOM, change logs, class system, dependencies or document info records. With the help of the change master can be controlled, which version of the data objects to be transferred. The automotive supplier is very satisfied with this solution. The global master data harmonisation and the creation of a central SAP of master data server could be realized. Also the hit rate for material master records improved significantly with the use of the SAP Trex index server. The group management records now also has a company-wide access to customer contracts with SAP. The company conarum is partner for projects, solutions and application developments around SAP and related services. Process, is the core business, the outstanding technological knowledge function consulting and implementation the special know-how and the continuous optimization of the IT operations the competence of a long-term partnership. With high-performance consulting and development, the company helps conarum to the competitive edge. Contact: conarum GmbH & co. KG Zakri trail 3 84335 Mitterskirchen Tel.: 08725-96750-0 fax: 08725 941004


The pioneer of the pioneers embodies the idea of a modern “information workers”. He usually comes from the IT industry, working exclusively digital and checked new features positive set value for his personal work. Often he contributes input to the optimization of the system and adapts his own way of working on SharePoint. The flexibility and continuous improvement of the system is important to him. Pioneer welcome it if the company configuration rights assigns to them in the context of a role intended specifically for them in the system. Regular training and function as point of contact for feedback and configurations further include the pioneer. They act as multipliers of knowledge and are important for the progress of a SharePoint environment.

The anxious as showing anxious mainly technology remote user. Despite information and training they operate the system only rudimentary and afraid to make mistakes. Often involves older staff from secretariats or the clerical. The conversion of existing systems to SharePoint isn’t easy for them. Offers a user friendly interface and detailed information about the system and its use. This information should however be approached in a step by step guide to them.

Companies and organizations get these employees by they designed the system as user friendly as possible. Manuals and training tailored to the knowledge of the concerned users can help to break down barriers. Also the support of a non-technical support in the form of a personal contact is valuable for the fearful. Description of the IPI GmbH the company defines itself as an intranet agency with a focus on corporate communications & business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint. IPI is characterised by innovative products, strategic vision and excellent specialist knowledge. Over 50 Employees act at the interface between the departments, and experience shows that the contact between departments such as IT, HR and communications in SharePoint projects is often a challenge concerning it. – the IPI however like to meet! As a pioneer and leader in SharePoint technologies and solutions, the IPI focuses since 2002 on customised services around the topics: – intranet, extranet, Internet – collaboration, communities & Enterprise 2.0 – knowledge & innovation management the IPI accompanies its customers from requirements analysis, conception and realisation up to going live. It offers modern infrastructure consulting based on the SharePoint platform, as well as the adjacent technologies. The own business products and services of the IPI are tailored to optimally on the target medium-sized companies and groups. The references include BITKOM, Goldbeck, Heraeus, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, ITERGO, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Vorwerk. Company contact: IPI GmbH Stefanie Stang’s lower Industriestrasse 5 91586 Lichtenau Tel: 09827/92787-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 238780 E-Mail: Web:


Pfadiausstellung from 23 to 30 July 2008 in Benken (SG) & EuroScout 2008 – International Scout postage stamps exhibition St. Gallen/Benken (SG) – which is EuroScout’ in 2008 on the occasion of the Federal camp of guide and Scout movement Switzerland, “contura ‘ 08” organized. The visitor centre of the Federal camp is also located in Benken (SG). The exhibition is built up in the Community Hall in the Centre of 8717 Benken (SG), as well as in the opposite room of the restaurant Rossli. understands that this is vital information. Each exhibit has a relation to the Boy Scout theme. “Images, documents, markings above the music of Switzerland, from the Foundation, in particular to the recent federal camps, photographs by Kurt Eggenschwiler v/o Pan (Olten), postage stamps, postcards and documents about the Guide and Scout Movement at home and abroad on topics such as Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Lord of Gilwell, founding ideals, technology, stock, Federal bearings, Jamborees etc exchange meetings and meetings of the International Federation of Scout & guide of stamp collecting organizations” (IFSCO) are also in the restaurant Rossli in Benken (SG) instead.

The official opening of the exhibition with speeches and reception will take place on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 17:00 in the village hall in Benken (SG). The exhibition in the Town Hall is both before and after the EuroScout’ open and free for the camp participants and visitors to visit be 2008: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 to Wednesday, 30th July 2008. Admission to the exhibitions is free. “Autograph session at the Town Hall: Saturday, July 26, 2008, from 16: 00 to 17:30, Mr. Marc Weller, designer of the Jubilee postage stamp centenary” signed philatelic documents.