Month: October 2014

Equiplast: The Next Event Will Take Place

There are only a few days left until the beginning of Equiplast, the international plastics trade fair, which will take place as usual in Barcelona. The 16th event of Equiplast, one of the most important fairs in Europe in terms of the field of plastics, rubber and packaging material, will take place from 14 to 18 November in Barcelona. Each year the event, which is organized every three years, attracts many professionals in the Spanish city, not only from Spain, but from all over Europe and other continents. The internationality of the exhibition the organiser is clear, because the main goal of Equiplast is the participation of foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in to consider the possibility of a widening of business in Spain, considering, and that want to do this by taking part in trade fairs like Equiplast. No wonder that the organizers of Equiplast together with associations such as the Spanish Institute for foreign trade (ICEX), the Latin American Association of plastic industries (ALIPLAST) and the Moroccan Association of Plastics industry have collaborated to promote the trade exchanges with Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Nicaragua and Guatemala and consequently new lifeblood of industry of plastics in Spain to give.

A great opportunity for those who work in the field of plastics, offered a great opportunity to close new business relationships, to be up to date in the current market trends and to meet all the latest news from major companies in the area of plastics and rubber. Many exhibitors from all over the world will participate in the fair, be so represented all categories of the wide range of the plastics industry: processing of raw materials, parts and plastic parts, machines and equipment, recycling, research, development and innovation, semi-finished and finished products, shapes, services. Together with the exhibition are other interesting events take place, were the intended for this, some of the key issues of the area to deepen and a treat. During the fair are topics such as the use of plastic in the mechanical field, biodegradable plastic, energy saving in the production of plastic and much more will treat. “The 16th event of Equiplast slogan falls in the year 2011, i.e.

the international year of chemistry for the Chemistry: our lives, our future” was created, and it has three main objectives: awareness with regard to the chemical as a significant means to meet increasing needs of society, to stimulate the interest of young people for the chemistry, to increase the enthusiasm in the creative future of chemistry. Of course, Equiplast officially supports all initiatives, which are organized by the European Union and UNESCO to celebrate the important role of chemistry in the field of development and change the world. The date is November 14, when the 16th event of Equiplast will start in Barcelona: the best opportunity for all professionals of this area and the packaging industry, to indulge in the world of Plastic, to delve deeper into the news and developments in this field. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo


The pioneer of the pioneers embodies the idea of a modern “information workers”. He usually comes from the IT industry, working exclusively digital and checked new features positive set value for his personal work. Often he contributes input to the optimization of the system and adapts his own way of working on SharePoint. The flexibility and continuous improvement of the system is important to him. Pioneer welcome it if the company configuration rights assigns to them in the context of a role intended specifically for them in the system. Regular training and function as point of contact for feedback and configurations further include the pioneer. They act as multipliers of knowledge and are important for the progress of a SharePoint environment.

The anxious as showing anxious mainly technology remote user. Despite information and training they operate the system only rudimentary and afraid to make mistakes. Often involves older staff from secretariats or the clerical. The conversion of existing systems to SharePoint isn’t easy for them. Offers a user friendly interface and detailed information about the system and its use. This information should however be approached in a step by step guide to them.

Companies and organizations get these employees by they designed the system as user friendly as possible. Manuals and training tailored to the knowledge of the concerned users can help to break down barriers. Also the support of a non-technical support in the form of a personal contact is valuable for the fearful. Description of the IPI GmbH the company defines itself as an intranet agency with a focus on corporate communications & business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint. IPI is characterised by innovative products, strategic vision and excellent specialist knowledge. Over 50 Employees act at the interface between the departments, and experience shows that the contact between departments such as IT, HR and communications in SharePoint projects is often a challenge concerning it. – the IPI however like to meet! As a pioneer and leader in SharePoint technologies and solutions, the IPI focuses since 2002 on customised services around the topics: – intranet, extranet, Internet – collaboration, communities & Enterprise 2.0 – knowledge & innovation management the IPI accompanies its customers from requirements analysis, conception and realisation up to going live. It offers modern infrastructure consulting based on the SharePoint platform, as well as the adjacent technologies. The own business products and services of the IPI are tailored to optimally on the target medium-sized companies and groups. The references include BITKOM, Goldbeck, Heraeus, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, ITERGO, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Vorwerk. Company contact: IPI GmbH Stefanie Stang’s lower Industriestrasse 5 91586 Lichtenau Tel: 09827/92787-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 238780 E-Mail: Web:

Facing The Monster

A few months ago, still running after the wind when fighting with the mirror because it projected an image of my body emaciated and so the weeks passed, my ears were deaf to the entreaties, until they became strong demand, parking brake and put hooked the engine, got out of it and surrounded by my loved ones I went to see this monster called INEN, which to two fears, which we all have heard, where the specialty made many friends and some work there, I crossed their fangs, these cold re jas Avenue facing me and I Alina you to their jaws. I found my friend Dr. Manuel Alvarez Larraondo and as always so attentive and helpful.

I do not know how shortened days because in a week and out of that monster with my diagnosis under the armpit, worried, hesitant, almost become a philosopher of life, after a month, those doubts were planted in the silence of physicians, reasonable questions unanswered, we decided Karin hear from Mexico clamored for travel, I carry my plate, my TAC, my analysis, diagnostics and inflating my chest telling me that I had seen the “Monsters” … of Endocrinology in the Department of Medica Sur Hospital. Abdomen where they work about 30 doctors between clinical surgeons knew no monsters, all studies were returned to me and I repeated them … despite my complaints, so they did! it seems that “he who kills iron” After 20days returned to Peru with my diagnostic under the other armpit, diametrically opposed to those who gave me the Endocrinology course studies were more sophisticated, advanced technology.

The Sleep Of Entrepreneurs

Considerations at the heart of the profession of entrepreneur considerations at the heart of the profession of entrepreneur had the motto of the Buddenbrook family is Thomas Mann in his great-grandfather, the entrepreneur Johann Siegmund Mann, lent: “My son, be with pleasure at the shops on the day, but only do that we can sleep at night peacefully”. The old Johann Buddenbrook is his son, also John with name and business owners of his character, this ingenious advice on the commercial road. The Buddenbrooks, is as much known to sleep after the death of John of the younger awhile well. But then Thomas Mann leaves the family and company Buddenbrook faster and faster into the abyss to overthrow the artistic thorn in the entrepreneurial side. Entrepreneurs and companies – which follow we the fate of Thomas Buddenbrooks – are on the closest, so inextricably intertwined. “A fundamental truth the the core of professional entrepreneurs” features precisely; then as it is today.

The fossil of Leo Kirch is strangely in the land of the social market economy rare by the entrepreneur the speech. Board of Directors, Manager, CEO, lawyers and analysts get in the news each other on the feet, entrepreneurs are there rar and usually only then to see if your company has failed. As most recently again and posthumously Leo Kirch, which comes after the global crisis years with their global rescue package rhetoric like a fossil. Why actually? Now, because we are simply no longer used, a company that has reached a certain size and bankruptcy is actually disappear to see. It is what the oft-cited and (to) a few really understood word “Business risk” means. Just like in Thomas Buddenbrook also the entrepreneur and man of Leo Kirch was dedem company Kirch bankruptcy, with more or less at least.

Unintelligible but it is the entrepreneur and the others that such a case ever in the consciousness must be made, could we designate Marx almost as “List of capital”, in any case. Because looking at the system “free Economy”, so you could tell the actors on this playing field with good right into two groups: the entrepreneurs and those whose Berufe only exist because there are entrepreneurs, on the other side. What distinguishes the two groups is already named: it is reality or at least to the extent of the risk. Entrepreneurs, so you could put it with the experience of recent years, bear the risk themselves, the others pass it on society. That the latter not forever so can run, seems obvious, there is no end yet in sight. No inclination towards the spiritual artistic: But back to the starting point with Thomas Mann, we mentioned it, the slope to the “spiritual artistic”, which destroyed the family Buddenbrook entrepreneurs. The described impressions might suggest that the entrepreneurial ‘spirit’ or at least his reputation in this country more generally on the wane is. Expiration of a profession?” We hope it does not. A but we can determine with certainty: the Buddenbrook’schen slope to the “intellectual artistic” can; society never accused the blame We would have noticed it yet, or? Andreas Kellner…

YouCon Decreases Immediately On The SAP EcoHub Part

SAP qualified rapid-deployment solutions for SAP business communications management in the DACH region Munich, the YouCon GmbH takes the Mar 21 2012 packages, with their FIT self developed rapid-deployment solutions for SAP business communications management, at the SAP online marketplace EcoHub part. The preconfigured software and service packages are aimed at companies with 25 to 100 users who would benefit to the customer and service communication from SAP business communications management. SAP business communications management is an IP communications solution for contact center, which helps organizations, as soon as possible performance, quality and cost targets, especially in distributed locations, to achieve. It replaces conventional telephone systems through a software-based IP telephony with user-friendly features that ensure a quick handling even at high volume of callers. The software is for the interaction with the application SAP customer relationship management (SAP CRM) developed and prepared.

With the direct Access to SAP CRM stored customer files can be even faster to edit incoming requests and solve. The SAP EcoHub is a special online marketplace for partner solutions in the SAP environment. The marketplace helps customers to find complementary software solutions for your SAP environment to evaluate and acquire. In the form of an online community, SAP EcoHub offers users the opportunity to provide feedback on software solutions. Also software demos can be there.

The online market place supports the customer-focused ecosystem of SAP, increases the overview and the transparency of software offerings. Extensions for SAP solutions, featured business applications, as well as among other applications, business objects portfolio have been certified for use with SAP NetWeaver and SAP solutions can be found under the selected partner offers. Partners of SAP SAP EcoHub opened a further sales channel for new customer business and product differentiation. Participation in the SAP EcoHub, is another evidence of the fact that We are with our own developments on the right track”, explains Peter Kugler, we have the Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH.

Synology Showcases The Diskstation DS412 + And DS112

Versatility, enormous benefits and an unbeatable price – / performance ratio Germany, Dusseldorf – 20 March 2012 Synology Inc. completed today with the DiskStation DS412 +, the latest 4-Bay NAS server for small and medium-sized enterprises, the product range of the plus series. In addition to the launch of the DS412 + DiskStation DS112 is presented. An All-In-one 1-Bay NAS-server for offices and workgroups. Synology offers users a high-quality selection for your data management infrastructure. The DS412 + and the DS112 there are no exceptions and inherit Synology’s advanced technologies of reliability and highest performance.”says Peter Chen, a product manager of Synology. Not to mention that the devices are operated by the current DSM 4.0 and thus SMEs provide an optimal price / performance ratio.” The DS412 + operated RAM dual-core processor and 1 GB of a 2.13 GHz.

The high performance provides read and write speed of 205,68 MB / sec or 182,66 MB/sec in a RAID5 configuration enabled link aggregation. This represents an unprecedented speed increase by 85% and 73%, as compared to its predecessor, DS411 + II, respectively. “Equipped with a passive CPU cooling technology and a built-in redundancy mechanism with two 92 mm system fans, to a single point of failure” to prevent the DS412 + offers high system stability with continuous operating time. The DS412 + underlines the high data availability with failover support for Dual LAN connections and operation removable drives to eliminate potential drive or network outages. A brand new enclosure design features the DS112. This provides enhanced functionality and an appealing appearance. Two additional air vents on the sides and a 60 mm fan on the back enhance the entire air flow to cool the system and at the same time to minimize the noise level on 18.4 dB(A). With a sustained extremely energy-efficient design, it consumes DS112 under full load only 13,2 Watts and reduced him to 5.04 Watts in idle state of the disks.

Both Synology DiskStations, DS412 + DS112, support the USB 3.0 interface and thus offer an up to 10 x faster data transfer than with USB 2.0. In addition, you run the Diskstation to DiskStation Manager 4.0 (DSM 4.0), the operating system of all Synology NAS. DSM 4.0 provides rich features to increase the productivity of the users and their tasks to simplify everything on one for multi-tasking streamlined, intuitive user interface. The Synology DS411 + II, the predecessor of DS412 +, numerous awards by media received, including the annual award “2011 SME best choice” by Winmag Pro, Holland. Availability more information under: products/index.php? lang = eng Synology at a glance Synology was founded in 2000 and is a young and dynamic company, the is the development of high-performance, reliable, versatile and environmentally friendly network attached Storage (NAS) dedicated server. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly solutions and solid customer service to meet the needs of companies to comply with home offices as well as private users and families. Business contact Sabine Bruckner

Special Equipment

Today, it is possible to rent actually any transportation special purpose vehicles. Starting from warehouse equipment to road machinery. Choosing to rent special equipment to be taken into attention, what tasks it will perform and the conditions in which to work. Of these needs will be considered requirements that apply to the technical characteristics of certain types of technology. In some cases, it is worth considering the mechanisms that combine features of several types of machinery at the same time. Rental of cranes, loaders, bulldozers, aerial platforms, excavators and other machinery required in different cases.

In carrying out the work or not long when you need a rare special, whose presence in your fleet is not profitable. Also, special rent when you must have a large number of special equipment for long time or need to make work in a remote location, where the technique is difficult to use personally identifiable or it is busy. With the rental of special equipment you can increase its fleet and perform simultaneously many orders. Just spectrum fleet affects the kinds of workflows that can make the organization! Rental of special equipment – a type of lease, which is divided for rental equipment with the crew and lease without crew, as well as provision of additional services. Rental of construction equipment to avoid buying expensive cars, taking the equipment on lease for a specified period, you can do the job quickly and efficiently, without the high cost of its acquisition. In recent years, such a service as special equipment rentals in Moscow, is in great demand.

It is associated with a significant expansion of the construction. To date, there a huge number of construction projects all levels, ranging from building small houses and finishing construction of residential and nonresidential buildings. It is worth noting that no matter what the scale of construction was not carried out, in most cases facility requires special equipment. You never know exactly what will be needed in the near future, bulldozer, forklift or crane. Therefore, in such cases is very convenient and profitable rental of special equipment. Positive aspects rental of special equipment are obvious. Allocate funds to purchase necessary equipment for construction, it is very expensive and the payback period is much longer than the completion of a specific building project. In other words, purchased equipment, just not able to quickly recoup itself. Withdrawal from leasing construction equipment a lot of pluses. No need to waste time and money on repairs and preventive maintenance, no need to worry about how and where to store equipment during the winter. The next favorable factor is that when renting machinery can always choose the technique which is needed for the job and in a prepared state. Thus, you can always rent the required technology, while at the start, namely the laying of the foundation or the purchase of building materials and finishing final papers. Rental of special equipment – a key to the speed and quality of all types of work. No need to have your own excavator, dump truck, crane or bulldozer, and spend significant funds for the maintenance of machinery, its maintenance and repair. A tech also hold in the state of professional workers able to competently operate machinery. Mainly machinery rental can save considerable time and money.


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