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Large-Scale Construction

A large number of domestic investment, stimulating the rapid development of domestic manufacturing promyshlennostidrobilno and screening equipment in the past year, large-scale infrastructure construction develops with a fast tempom.Eto strongly stimulates the development of processing and sorting equipment promyshlennostidrobilno. In particular, a large engineering works, the demand for high quality crushing and screening equipment is very bolshim.Stroitelstvo rural infrastructure and large-scale construction of the railway and the highway has an important place in investments in public construction. The demand for technical equipment, especially on getting more and more with the development of construction infrastruktury.Vse it opens up new possibilities for the development of manufacturing promyshlennostidrobilno and screening equipment. Large crushing and screening equipment at all times are conventional equipment in large-scale engineering works. But the new high-performance, high-tech equipment crushers manufactured by only a few industrial enterprises.

With the rapid development of technology, manufacturing plants crushing equipment are paying more and more attention to research and innovation to come out of technical barerov.Oni optimize enterprise structure and increase the chances of a complete production of large oborudovaniya.Itak large equipment is growing rapidly and the quality of products significantly . crushing and screening equipment in the market increases, more and more crushing equipments are exported and sold worldwide. With the rapid development of domestic infrastructure, competition in the processing and sorting equipment promyshlennostidrobilno becomes stronger and silnee.Zhengzhou Kefid Machinery Co., Ltd holds the all time 'production of the best grinders' as the driving force of the company, is producing more high-crushing and screening equipment, and contributes in developing state of the economy. A large number of domestic investment, stimulating the rapid development of domestic processing and sorting equipment promyshlennostidrobilno Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd company Kefid is a major manufacturer and distributor of crushing and grinding equipment in China. Our product contains a crushing equipment as mobile crushing plant, jaw crusher, impact Crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher Vertical Shaft, hammer mill, and grinding equipment such as high-pressure Suspension Mill, Mill trapezoidal, trapezoidal European-type mill, vertical mill, a mill and ball mill Raymond. In addition, we have some additional equipment, such as Sand, vibrating screen and feeder, conveyor lines for production of sand and gravel, and so on.

Modern Climate Systems

Climate system today – an integral part of any modern building. Climate control are designed to ensure that would maintain the microclimate in the apartment. Very sprostraneny split systems of all types – whether it is wall (for flats, offices, etc.), tape and konalnye conditioners (for large and technical rooms), multi-zone air conditioning, chillers and fan coils. As well as roof, tower and mobile air conditioners (Monoblock). If you've finally decided to buy air conditioners, and do not know how to choose and where to start to begin with you need to understand to what area should be a capacity air conditioner, and then based on this pick up the air conditioning system. Today's room air conditioners split system capable of providing not only cold air conditioning at home vozduhom.Oni have mass useful for home use functions. Such as function podmesa of fresh air (partial functional ventilation), purification and ionization of the air heater. Air conditioning systems are constantly improved and developed simultaneously with all modern technology and thus constantly updated with new features and modifications and all bolshii all these positive mutations both relate to exactly split systems.

The optimal option of buying the air conditioner is specialized firms that have their own staff of experts on the installation of air conditioners. Buying air conditioner in the shop of home appliances You will have to look for more extra ustanovschikov.Tak as the main sellers prodat.A that would split the system worked properly and securely it still needs to find the right within the parameters of your premises and many other factors can affect the operation sistkmy conditioning. To a lesser extent this apply to mobile air conditioners, but as practice shows, the mass sellers of household appliances have a vague idea about the properties of one-piece (mobile) air conditioning, and the quality of the equipment leaves much to be desired. You successful shopping.

Mobile Measurement System

Inventor of mobile measurement system is considered to be by Leonardo da Vinci's sketches on which are stored in the Louvre, you can see the sliding mast "yardstick", mounted on a cart drawn by four in which the horses. Two slaves rotate the gate mechanism of guidance, next to the wagon keeper is to compute the coordinates of the points at the top of the mast. Of course, neither of which the practical use of this device at the time could not be speech: a simple means of measurement provides an order of magnitude greater accuracy. The rebirth of mobile measurement systems occurred in the late 20th century, when the level of technology has allowed to begin production of accurate coordinate machines with sufficiently low cost. Today on the accuracy of the best mobile measurement systems approach to fixed, while having almost an order of magnitude lower cost. The following types of Mobile measuring systems: The machine type 'Hand': consists of a base that can be fixed to any flat surface or be based on a portable tripod, and several articulated knees.

In each hinge located Encoders that are sent to computer information about the relative positions knees. Software in real time calculates the coordinates of the measuring probe, which ends with the hand. KIM working area is a sphere with a diameter of 1.2 to 3.7m (depending on the length of the arm), the probe can easily get to almost anywhere inside this sphere. The hand does not have the drive, moving the measuring probe and the fixation point measurement made by the operator.

Special Equipment

Today, it is possible to rent actually any transportation special purpose vehicles. Starting from warehouse equipment to road machinery. Choosing to rent special equipment to be taken into attention, what tasks it will perform and the conditions in which to work. Of these needs will be considered requirements that apply to the technical characteristics of certain types of technology. In some cases, it is worth considering the mechanisms that combine features of several types of machinery at the same time. Rental of cranes, loaders, bulldozers, aerial platforms, excavators and other machinery required in different cases.

In carrying out the work or not long when you need a rare special, whose presence in your fleet is not profitable. Also, special rent when you must have a large number of special equipment for long time or need to make work in a remote location, where the technique is difficult to use personally identifiable or it is busy. With the rental of special equipment you can increase its fleet and perform simultaneously many orders. Just spectrum fleet affects the kinds of workflows that can make the organization! Rental of special equipment – a type of lease, which is divided for rental equipment with the crew and lease without crew, as well as provision of additional services. Rental of construction equipment to avoid buying expensive cars, taking the equipment on lease for a specified period, you can do the job quickly and efficiently, without the high cost of its acquisition. In recent years, such a service as special equipment rentals in Moscow, is in great demand.

It is associated with a significant expansion of the construction. To date, there a huge number of construction projects all levels, ranging from building small houses and finishing construction of residential and nonresidential buildings. It is worth noting that no matter what the scale of construction was not carried out, in most cases facility requires special equipment. You never know exactly what will be needed in the near future, bulldozer, forklift or crane. Therefore, in such cases is very convenient and profitable rental of special equipment. Positive aspects rental of special equipment are obvious. Allocate funds to purchase necessary equipment for construction, it is very expensive and the payback period is much longer than the completion of a specific building project. In other words, purchased equipment, just not able to quickly recoup itself. Withdrawal from leasing construction equipment a lot of pluses. No need to waste time and money on repairs and preventive maintenance, no need to worry about how and where to store equipment during the winter. The next favorable factor is that when renting machinery can always choose the technique which is needed for the job and in a prepared state. Thus, you can always rent the required technology, while at the start, namely the laying of the foundation or the purchase of building materials and finishing final papers. Rental of special equipment – a key to the speed and quality of all types of work. No need to have your own excavator, dump truck, crane or bulldozer, and spend significant funds for the maintenance of machinery, its maintenance and repair. A tech also hold in the state of professional workers able to competently operate machinery. Mainly machinery rental can save considerable time and money.


Weight – 5 kg. Locking device secures the hatch over a concrete slab foundation, brick walls or well, that makes the protected door virtually invulnerable, and in this scenario can not be tearing the whole structure. Designed LLC PG "Finprom-Resource" product has a simple and original design. In the center of the hatch drilled one hole with a diameter of 36 mm, which is a keyhole. Drilling is performed by one worker and possibly on-site installation hatch. With the help of the head, rod and nut by one person lever-hinge mechanism is mounted on the lid.

Lock screw has a buttress thread, which prevents the corrosive "gripe" with the nut. Locking is performed manually using a special key. Key inserted into the keyhole and by rotation actuates the locking mechanism, which includes the levers at his disposal with a concrete slab foundation or brickwork hatch design also allows the key cleaning the inlet of all forms of pollution, making it easier to operate the equipment in all weather conditions. UZKL installed as the roads and on the green zone. Depending on the height of the neck well, the variant with an elongated rod. Saratov colleagues proposed closure device compares favorably with other low weight, its versatility, reliability, ease of operation and low value. By using this UZKL, preventing all access by unauthorized persons in the mine communication cable wells and reservoirs to prevent theft, and ensures the safety of the equipment. When drilling holes use a drill with carbide inserts.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

There are many methods of trenchless: horizontal drilling, piercing, sanitation, etc. buroshnek All these methods are designed for laying pipes under the ground. HDD method takes a leading place among all the trenchless technologies as possible, and in abundance. Advantages of HDD as compared to traditional methods of laying utilities are obvious: speed, less financial and labor costs, the possibility of installation in inaccessible locations other methods, environmental, and security. Most of Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for transitions, which for one reason or another do not open. For example, under natural and man-made obstacles (rivers, wetlands, roads, houses, ecological zones, etc.) More and more use of horizontal drilling for economic reasons: because of the speed pads, no need for improvement, dumping, attracting substantial resources and technology workforce. The preparatory process precedes drilling to complete the organization of work required a team of at least 3 Specialists (not counting part-time workers): the operator on the locator, the operator of the installation of HDD and operator mixing plants, mixing bentonite solution. Pretreatment involves a comprehensive analysis and explore the place of work.

Analysis of soil, abundance of communication and other barriers in the land, planning and calculation of the trajectory of drilling. Prior to the drilling unit is brought to the job on a vehicle corresponding to its size and weight (trawl, semi-trailer or a truck). The vehicle must be equipped similar to a certain angle of the Congress (usually 17-20 degrees). Next to install the system for training of specialized drilling mud is mixed water, bentonite and polymers.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

One for the introduction of scientific and technological progress and solving problems of updating and expanding the product range is the creation of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). GPS in accordance with state standard is a set of different combinations of equipment with numerical control, robotics technology systems, flexible manufacturing cells and individual units of technological equipment and systems to ensure their functioning in automatic mode for a predetermined time interval, having the property of an automated setup for production of products arbitrary range of values within the prescribed limits of their characteristics. GPS is designed to perform basic production processes (procurement, mechanical and other kinds of processing and assembly). This system has the ability to quickly setup for the manufacture of various products of a particular production. Flexible manufacturing systems are used in various types of production and varied in nature products and types of work performed, the number and scale of the units, integrated into the system, the degree of automation of individual elements and the whole system, the levels of the organizational structure and other grounds.

For organizational features distinguish the following types of FMS: Flexible Automated Line (GAL) – a flexible production system, in which process equipment is located in the adopted sequence of technological operations; flexible automated site (COD) – a flexible productive system, which operates on the technological route, which can change sequence of process equipment; flexible automated workshop (GATS) – a flexible production system, which is a collection of various combinations of flexible automated and robotic technology areas for manufacturing products specified range; ensure that the system of GPS technology equipment – a set of general related automated systems supporting product design, technological preparation of production management, flexible manufacturing system using a computer and automatic movement items and production tooling. In general, the operation of GPS system consists of: automated transport and storage system (ATCC), a system of automated control (BAC) automated system for waste disposal (ASUO), automated tool support (ASIO), an automated process control system (DCS), an automated system Scientific Research (ARS), computer-aided design (CAD), an automated system of technological preparation of production (ASTPP), an automated control system GPS (ACS GPS) and other flexible Production Module (GPM) – is independently functioning unit of process equipment. Robotic Technology Complex (RTC) – a set of items of process equipment, industrial robot and the means of their equipment, autonomous functioning and carrying out multiple cycles. RTK, designed to work in the GPA, must have automatic changeover and the ability to embed into the system. The main characteristics of the PMG and the RTC are: the ability to work independently for some time, without human intervention and automatic execution of all basic and auxiliary operations, flexibility in meeting the requirements of small-scale production, ease of adjustment, eliminating failures of major equipment and control systems, interoperability with conventional and flexible manufacturing, high degree of completion of treatment parts from one installation, high efficiency. The effectiveness of GPS is provided by operation of computer-aided design, ACSPSW, ASOPP and other automated systems. The integration of all automated systems within the CAM leads to creation of flexible automated production (HAP). The development cost of acquisition, maintenance and use of automation is very high, so automation should have socio-economic background.