Month: June 2013

Converter Floppy Driver

Is the converter of Floppy Drivers to USB Reader ideal for updating any musical or industrial equipment that relies on outdated drivers 3.5? they used diskettes. As opposed to people who think that the use of 3.5 diskettes? It has disappeared, there are still thousands of equipment or industrial machinery controlled by signals that use this means of information transfer in primordial way in the market and that high cost, has been impossible to be replaced by teams with readers of information more current. Well, for the users of these industrial and music equipment, has the ability to update their computers with this Floppy Driver converter to USB Reader. Because update? For many years the use of the floppy disk was one way to practice of transferring information or files to these industrial computers, nowadays, diskettes have become obsolete and scarce. Now has the option that allows you to update any machine that uses floppy drive to a USB Reader.

And the best thing is that only need to replace the floppy drive drive by a USB Reader. Only Disconnects the obsolete floppy system and installs the new USB Reader system. As it works? The new USB reader reads the information from the USB memory flash drive and emulate the information as a floppy, it transfers files in the same way that does with floppy drive. The USB Reader converter Floppy Driver maintains the same dimensions of 3.5 drivers?, as well as his 34-pin data connector cable and its cable for the power supply. It comes available in capacities of 1. 44 Mb, 1.20 Mb and 720 Kb. occupies the same space that was designed in machines keyboards and industrial electronic music. Offers store up to 100 floppy diskettes of information into a memory USB pendrive. Compatible with keyboards and synthesizers of the brands Yamaha, Korg, Roland, GEM. Compatible embroidery machines Tajima, Shima Seiki, Barudan, Happy, SWF, Brother, Bonas Compatible with CNC equipment. Original author and source of the article

Internet Device

When an electronic device suffer some kind of fault that we are not able to repair, the first thing that we think is much the settlement will cost us, how long we will lose carrying and bringing the device from the repair location, and how long will take technicians to complete that task. But, lately, the expansion of the Internet has allowed the development of stores without physical facility, where the company’s web site acts as a visible face to the customer and queries, thus allowing the user to Center ordered the repair of your iPhone without moving from your home. The system is simple. User fills a form on the web site of the shop requesting a quote for the repair of a particular fault. Hours later, he receives an email with the budget and is attended by a store employee to agree a time and a place where passing to find the faulty iPhone. The user delivers the is and days later, received in the agreed place the device already arranged. This mode of service technical iPhone involves not only greater convenience for the user, but also a clear economic advantage for the company, which should not be worried by the expenses generated by a physical store.

This reduction in costs allows you to offer a quality service at one lower price that the usual, benefiting so the user. Also allows the company to better cope with the costs of a possible failure during the warranty period. As you can see, there are more options than that they thought when it comes to fix a defective iPhone. The network allows us to faster times, streamline communications, reduce costs, and live more comfortable. Do not use those benefits when it comes to repair iPhone?