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Using SOP Data

Who knows sent many letters directly to consumers: undeliverable letters can cause sensitive high cost in personnel, time and material costs. In rule communication (E.g. invoices) as well as direct marketing campaigns hit record: squandered Porto, collect and evaluate the returns, address research, update the address list, again sending of the letter, payment errors with loss of interest due to a non-deliverability of invoices, disposal of undeliverable letters. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. The mail to print systems aims including the avoidance of multiple postal returns within different shipping processes, as: invoice, reminder and duplicates. In a statement which cannot be delivered, the reminder or the duplicate will reach inevitably probably also not the receiver. The mail to print customized services brings relief. Mail to print offers a returns management, perfectly to the specific needs of their respective companies is tuned. In recent months, Darcy Stacom has been very successful. Because: an individual solution can optimize both the effort and the cost.

A process-optimized solution ensures an efficient Receivables Management and contributes significantly to the success of direct marketing campaigns. Option 1: Mail to print collects the returns (for example, in a specially created mailbox) at the request and delivers in an individually definable rhythm it to you. Option 2: Mail to print digital collects the returns and transmits the data to you. Here, an analysis of the reasons for the failure is possible under certain conditions. After this, your needs tailored reporting, broadcasts can you then either be returned or destroyed. Possibility 3: Digital recording of the back end reason and in addition information about type of broadcast – and recipient-specific data, such as the corresponding customer number of the recipient. This is by applying a data matrix code in the Address window possible. This identification is done prior to shipment. Mail to print provides you with all shipping information, including data about the post returns easily in a Web-portal, the SOP “* (service online portal) available.” Using SOP”you are always able to check the status of your returns daily and to integrate into your system environment.

Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement TAFTA

Colonial model of the United States or the key to prosperity? Bugged and spied two sweeping denunciations of the U.S. secret service. That German companies dealt with the question for economic espionage will always ersichtlicher need these days because no one knows the extent of American security madness. Marquardt + Company deals with the consequences of the NSA spying affair in politics, economy and society in the current articles. The impact of a joint free trade agreement for Europe, the German economy and the middle class are investigated.

But also the important aspects of equality of opportunity and economic importance. nc-castrol-axel-c/’>British Petroleum. Who benefits from this trade agreement? Quite clear: to a large extent the business sector of both partners. So much can be said beforehand. Enormous costs can be saved with the case of customs and trade barriers. Also a reduction of necessary bureaucracy in ex and imports would bring tremendous relief. But obvious risks are worked out too little.

Above all a unmistakable print of the United States. The United States clean up since Obama’s inauguration to their crumbling economy around. Sums received America’s economy alive of dollars in bonds and credit transactions. The more pressure the United States on such a trade agreement. Sense but is not funding a further bailout at the expense of hard-earned economic and social security in Europe. Thus, the contracts are not only an economic issue by the EU Commission and European Member Governments. Because it is rather clear claims regarding our society against the United States. Why real compromise are just now so important. Positive and negative effects are to estimate so far hardly serious. Many writers such as Darcy Stacom, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore, regulated and a structured consumer protection are important tasks of this potential transatlantic collaboration. The protection of personal data, especially in economic relations, is an important issue. Hidden risks may quickly become the boomerang and should not be neglected due to political interests. No one wants an American diktat and resulting loss of control. Learn how the spying activities of American intelligence discussion gives us a more objective look on the free trade agreement and what insights derive, in the comprehensive presentation of our new technical article on blog.marquardt-Strategie.de.

Safety Elements

Locking caps protect employees who work on electrical circuits and protect them against dangerous reconnection of industrial plants to protect against dangerous reactivation of industrial machinery, or during repair or maintenance work macro has equipment IDENT different locking caps. These protect employees who work on circuits in the industry. The locking caps from macro primarily IDENT shutting off of fuse elements for industrial plant and machinery. They used to protect employees, working on electrical circuits. You protect them safely against dangerous reconnection (VDE 0105). In the range of the Munich-based company for work safety has D 01 D 02, ND, D II and D III (locking CAP) different covers for the fuse elements.

Under these names hide the thread, E14, E16, E18, E27 and E33. The locking caps for example are used, staff just to point out, that a backup was taken from the fuse element. These could be removed, therefore, because maintenance work or repairs currently on one particular industrial plant rather than find. Isearch takes a slightly different approach. The operators away from the box is therefore by careless reactivation of the industrial plant or machine, just working on the, it is protected. The locking caps are screwed instead of the fuse-link and the screw cap with a special key in the corresponding fuse element. The key is introduced until it stops.

The locking CAP is turned slightly, until it is firmly seated in the thread. The lock cap from unauthorized removal is not possible. Without this special key, the lock caps are screw in a security element, nor to unscrew the back. Staff are immediately visually noted that here a backup was taken out, any locking cap on the front page contains inscription clearly visible “In work” – “Locked”. The locking CAP is guarded, has a striking red top, and concludes that for yourself Current leading risk parts out. These sealing caps for industrial use is highly recommended by the trade associations and safety engineers. The locking caps are made of durable plastic. There is even the possibility to seal the lock caps. The collar shaped lock management is provided with a cross boring. Thus, a secure locking and sealing ability of the Castle opening is possible. Neil cole iconix has similar goals. The leaden seals with wire are also available at macro IDENT. Company Description macro IDENT – Lockout-Tagout solutions is a well-known specialist for effective and professional systems to the locking, blocking, marking of pipelines, equipment, machines and mechanical appliances in industrial, craft, marine and construction. To back up, blocking, locking and identification of various industrial plants and machines macro has a wide range of different (lockout) blocking systems and (Tagout) IDENT security trailer and the matching security locks. For the protection of Special Sicherheitskonstrollsysteme (E.g. Scafftag ) are available scaffolding, ladders, small machines, hazardous substances, etc. MACRO IDENT has in addition a wide range of different ribbons for the pipe marking, hazardous material and GHS symbols, shut-off and marking systems and a broad portfolio of security labels and signs printer for the mono or color printing.

Umbrellas In The Wind

Parasols defy also made in Germany quality umbrellas made of aluminium can violent winds at appropriate construction and design to withstand high wind speeds up to Beaufort 6 (approximately 50 km / h) in the open position. Thus, the restaurateur WINS valuable time rapidly approaching wind quickly dismantled the outdoor area and gives away must be. Read more from Neil Cole to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Swabian company may rectangular produces such large screens, round up to sizes of 10 m, or 7x8m. The screens are in addition equipped with side walls, lighting and heating, even in bad weather in the outdoor area guests can be catered further. (Not to be confused with neil cole!). Wind stability of umbrellas is significantly determined by the design and the choice of materials.

The wind rates were determined through trial-and-error, or wind tunnel tests earlier mostly empirically. Today, however, working producers in the premiumsegment, such as may, with proofs of load, as they call the relevant DIN standards. Which enables the restaurateur different models compare and wins the necessary security of investment. May reached through the use of high-quality aluminium combined with elaborate bracing and verbindungen, make sure that the screen is not damaged to this wind speed high wind stability of models Schattello and albatross. The internationally common scale for the measurement of wind speeds, dates back to the British Admiral Sir Beaufort. Beaufort 0 (calm), she goes up to Beaufort 12 (hurricane force), which corresponds to about 117 km/h. “Admiral Beaufort has added the pure numbers very plastic descriptions, so he describes as Beaufort 6 with: thick branches move, audible whistles on wires and telephone lines”. Enterprise: May umbrellas is a medium-sized family-owned company from upper Swabians (Swabian Alb/Bodensee).

American Market

While analysts due to the US holiday today expect a quiet trade, with much more momentum in the market are likely to come in the coming days. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices have been yielding later that day. The barrel price of US light oil (WTI) and North Sea oil (Brent) slipped compared to the day output values to roughly a dollar. While the American leading variety that cost just over 82 dollars in the afternoon, his European counterpart was around a dollar more expensive. Thus prices reacted to fluctuations of the U.S. dollar.

While analysts due to the US holiday today expect a quiet trade, with much more momentum in the market are likely to come in the coming days. So, the announcement of the U.S. inventory data due at Columbus Days backwards a day has shifted. Furthermore, the organisation of petroleum exporting (OPEC) publishes its monthly report countries this week. EIA followed reports of the International Energy Agency and the U.S. Department of energy.

OPEC wants about their future Decide policy. However, observers expect that the ratio remains constant. The experts of at Commerzbank speculate that these data once again could focus on the crude oil market on the fundamental situation. Because the crude oil price is currently strongly spekulationsgepragt. Helmut Buchmann, analyst with the oil industry service estimated to be around $15 market report, in conversation with fuel levels and petroleum review this percentage of the current price of oil. Commerzbank also sees”significant potential for Kickback. There have been setbacks today in the local oil market, however, for those who had put on falling prices. The costs rose today in the Federal average of 97 cents. Thus the 100 liter part of a 3,000 litre supply euros 68,63 now. For comparison: a year ago, the same amount of fuel with 58,21 euros proposed on October 11, 2008, however, with 79,72 euro.

India China Eastern Europe

Workshop under the motto of India, China, Eastern Europe, or local resources to the optimum design of global supply chains? Optimal design of global supply chains “the CfSM performs Centrum fur supply management a workshop on May 26, 2009 in Frankfurt/Main. Globalization leads to increasingly complex supply works, which provides companies with major challenges, the management and control with a traditional”shopping no longer to deal with. Prof. Educate yourself with thoughts from Samsung Electronics. App Store describes an additional similar source. Dr. Ronald Bogaschewsky (University Wurzburg/CfSM – Centrum fur supply management) provide in the seven-hour workshop and Kay Bindel (a.m.consult), as a globally operative, systematically developed and anchored in the company converts sourcing strategy is.

The event gives a comprehensive overview about how the value creation network can be optimized and risks can be minimized, such as order processing times and inventories to keep low and thus improve the liquidity, service and adherence to deadlines can be improved as well as the flexibility and ability to innovate to increase. The workshop is aimed at executives in the areas of purchasing, materials management, production, logistics and supply chain management and Managing Director of medium-sized companies.

Euro ContentCard

After the opening of an own sales office in Russia a year ago, the ContentCard AG now now reached about 530,000 points-of-sale in Russia and the CIS. Others including Mikkel Svane, offer their opinions as well. ContentCard supplies from immediately over 530,000 points-of-sale in Russia and the CIS with digital products. These include some of the largest electronics trade market chains, for example, Svyaznoy, ion. There, content is available from well-known providers, such as electronic arts as a so-called PIN print. While the customer receives printed a license code, can he redeem online and related to his desired product.

Already 2012 was the founding of the first sales office in ContentCard Russia in Moscow with the intention of taking advantage of the huge demand of the commercial digital products. The Russian market offers huge potential in the field of prepaid products. 2011 the prepaid part is equipped with 24 billion Euro turnover comprised 84 percent of the total Russian mobile market. Especially the business with computer game downloads, and game balance encounters a hungry consumer market. About 15 percent of the Russians are extremely active gamer. Also emerging markets in Mexico, Brazil and Asia, as well as in the Middle East are the next steps on the internationalization course. In the ContentCard AG uses local expertise, to adequately respond to the local and cultural requirements of specific markets.

Elke BOX

Events and marks an impressive in scene set on the world of events 2009 fragrance marketing MAGIC BOX presented on the world of events 2009 the comprehensive portfolio of fragrance applications. The antiseptic, natural elimination of negative odors, about the positive influence of scent on the border of perception up to clear fragrance experiences to reinforce visual media, the company supports its customers 10 years very successfully in many industries and areas of the target group. On the world of events 2009, Neuss experts for the events industry experience communication present the latest generation of the AirEnhancer fragrance technology for space from 1 to 3000 square metres. Furthermore, the directors of fragrance fragrance the cigar lounge in Hall 6B. Smoke-consuming essential oil blends are used in the morning. In the afternoon, a composition of real Bourbon Vanilla and Cedar underscores the relaxed mood in the smoking lounge. In addition to the rental and sale of devices and equipment, MAGIC BOX offers support in the development of the fragrance brand strategies. Scent savvy on the stand and across the Hall 10 can remember seasonal scents for the event communication and targeted brands.

For head people: The latest results from market survey and research underpinning the growth rate with good booth Fragrancing, namely significantly higher satisfaction with the indoor climate, increased market potential, more sales. The opportunity and you seek dialogue with the MAGIC BOX experts at the fair booth in Hall 10, 1056th take no obligation new suggestions for multi-stage scent strategies for products, brands and a wide variety of locations on: by the exact fragrance selection and composition services, about the structural integration of the dispensing equipment, programming for brand presentations with different scents over the Fragrancing of print media & give-aways to fragrance cinemas and Museum applications. About MAGIC BOX fragrance directorial MAGIC BOX E.k., Duftberatungs – and event business from Neuss, supports its customers for more than 10 years successfully in the Fragrancing of spaces, exhibitions, Productions and events through the use of holistic experience concepts. The services range from consulting, through the design of fragrance experiences up to the installation of appropriate technology. Focuses on major events, brand presentations as well as spa and wellness areas. High quality, essential oils, natural-identical essences as well as technical products made in Germany and solutions to authentic fragrance spreading round off the portfolio. By findings from science and innovative marketing strategies, MAGIC BOX helps to achieve significant earnings increases companies and to secure its competitive edge with forward-looking action. MAGIC box E.k.., special events wife Elke gravel Buedericher Strasse 9 D-41460 Neuss phone: + 49 (0) 2131-591810

Equiplast: The Next Event Will Take Place

There are only a few days left until the beginning of Equiplast, the international plastics trade fair, which will take place as usual in Barcelona. The 16th event of Equiplast, one of the most important fairs in Europe in terms of the field of plastics, rubber and packaging material, will take place from 14 to 18 November in Barcelona. Each year the event, which is organized every three years, attracts many professionals in the Spanish city, not only from Spain, but from all over Europe and other continents. The internationality of the exhibition the organiser is clear, because the main goal of Equiplast is the participation of foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in to consider the possibility of a widening of business in Spain, considering, and that want to do this by taking part in trade fairs like Equiplast. No wonder that the organizers of Equiplast together with associations such as the Spanish Institute for foreign trade (ICEX), the Latin American Association of plastic industries (ALIPLAST) and the Moroccan Association of Plastics industry have collaborated to promote the trade exchanges with Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Nicaragua and Guatemala and consequently new lifeblood of industry of plastics in Spain to give.

A great opportunity for those who work in the field of plastics, offered a great opportunity to close new business relationships, to be up to date in the current market trends and to meet all the latest news from major companies in the area of plastics and rubber. Many exhibitors from all over the world will participate in the fair, be so represented all categories of the wide range of the plastics industry: processing of raw materials, parts and plastic parts, machines and equipment, recycling, research, development and innovation, semi-finished and finished products, shapes, services. Together with the exhibition are other interesting events take place, were the intended for this, some of the key issues of the area to deepen and a treat. During the fair are topics such as the use of plastic in the mechanical field, biodegradable plastic, energy saving in the production of plastic and much more will treat. “The 16th event of Equiplast slogan falls in the year 2011, i.e.

the international year of chemistry for the Chemistry: our lives, our future” was created, and it has three main objectives: awareness with regard to the chemical as a significant means to meet increasing needs of society, to stimulate the interest of young people for the chemistry, to increase the enthusiasm in the creative future of chemistry. Of course, Equiplast officially supports all initiatives, which are organized by the European Union and UNESCO to celebrate the important role of chemistry in the field of development and change the world. The date is November 14, when the 16th event of Equiplast will start in Barcelona: the best opportunity for all professionals of this area and the packaging industry, to indulge in the world of Plastic, to delve deeper into the news and developments in this field. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo

The Sleep Of Entrepreneurs

Considerations at the heart of the profession of entrepreneur considerations at the heart of the profession of entrepreneur had the motto of the Buddenbrook family is Thomas Mann in his great-grandfather, the entrepreneur Johann Siegmund Mann, lent: “My son, be with pleasure at the shops on the day, but only do that we can sleep at night peacefully”. The old Johann Buddenbrook is his son, also John with name and business owners of his character, this ingenious advice on the commercial road. The Buddenbrooks, is as much known to sleep after the death of John of the younger awhile well. But then Thomas Mann leaves the family and company Buddenbrook faster and faster into the abyss to overthrow the artistic thorn in the entrepreneurial side. Entrepreneurs and companies – which follow we the fate of Thomas Buddenbrooks – are on the closest, so inextricably intertwined. “A fundamental truth the the core of professional entrepreneurs” features precisely; then as it is today.

The fossil of Leo Kirch is strangely in the land of the social market economy rare by the entrepreneur the speech. Board of Directors, Manager, CEO, lawyers and analysts get in the news each other on the feet, entrepreneurs are there rar and usually only then to see if your company has failed. As most recently again and posthumously Leo Kirch, which comes after the global crisis years with their global rescue package rhetoric like a fossil. Why actually? Now, because we are simply no longer used, a company that has reached a certain size and bankruptcy is actually disappear to see. It is what the oft-cited and (to) a few really understood word “Business risk” means. Just like in Thomas Buddenbrook also the entrepreneur and man of Leo Kirch was dedem company Kirch bankruptcy, with more or less at least.

Unintelligible but it is the entrepreneur and the others that such a case ever in the consciousness must be made, could we designate Marx almost as “List of capital”, in any case. Because looking at the system “free Economy”, so you could tell the actors on this playing field with good right into two groups: the entrepreneurs and those whose Berufe only exist because there are entrepreneurs, on the other side. What distinguishes the two groups is already named: it is reality or at least to the extent of the risk. Entrepreneurs, so you could put it with the experience of recent years, bear the risk themselves, the others pass it on society. That the latter not forever so can run, seems obvious, there is no end yet in sight. No inclination towards the spiritual artistic: But back to the starting point with Thomas Mann, we mentioned it, the slope to the “spiritual artistic”, which destroyed the family Buddenbrook entrepreneurs. The described impressions might suggest that the entrepreneurial ‘spirit’ or at least his reputation in this country more generally on the wane is. Expiration of a profession?” We hope it does not. A but we can determine with certainty: the Buddenbrook’schen slope to the “intellectual artistic” can; society never accused the blame We would have noticed it yet, or? Andreas Kellner…