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Search Engine

Twitter and mobile Internet provide development dynamics on the search according to the search engine of the future Twitter and mobile Internet to deliver development dynamism Hamburg/Berlin, June 2009 Anders seems as in previous years, where also high-quality search engines like Ask.com were persistently ignored, to grow the willingness, to search engines to engage in something new. Mirror online editor Frank Patalong writes: what could be also because that is perceived, that Google has not invented the wheel in every respect. So eagerly speculated about the development of a Twitter search engine is in the House of Google. She would have to compete but I guess CrowdEye.com of the longtime Microsoft Search service developer of Ken Moss against the Twitter search service\”. For more information see this site: isearch. Moss was no early starter. Andy Florance may find this interesting as well. Long two Twitter search with OneRiot and Topsy are established.

The operation is typical: only when the big move, is also attention for the achievements of the small. During the tech-press again on semantic search discussed, try the smart to open up new approaches, the Web services like Hunch.com. Hunch is attempting to define search queries to get treffsichereren results by thematic restriction. Sometimes working out quite splendidly and shows a lot of potential, sometimes it borders on true satire\”so Patalong. Hunch was the counterpart of Wolfram alpha (WA), the service, who know little, but very accurate: WA is strong where it concerns factual, hunch where it smells like pop – they are S – and U search engines, if you will. But hunch thrives on the concept, to learn by its users.

You have to give the thing so time. These are the things that ensure that the really big search engines remain popular. Sometimes, the little ones have more class, but lacks mass\”, Patalong performs. Remarkable he locates in Berlin: Eyeplorer.com is a service that provides semantic links. On the basis of the Wikipedia data EyePlorer visualize thematic links.

EHI Certified Online Shop

New seal indicates customers convenience, security and transparency in the purchase of food, December 22, 2009 – the Internet shop has received the seal of approval “EHI certified online shop” soldan.de. This soldan.de one since December 2009 to the tested EHI online shops, meet the specific test criteria. In addition to safety aspects and legal requirements the Soldan Web shop comply with all B2C criteria, which require the consumer rights and the ease of shopping on the Internet. Within the framework of the certification of the entire online store is illuminated. The label “EHI certified online shop” focuses mainly on security of data transfer, transparency of the ordering process, the reachability, terms and conditions, complying with the statutory standard information requirements and the convenience when shopping when assessing the e-tailers. To covert test orders are carried out, checked the security for the transmission of payment data and all Information scrutinized included, to the respective customers addressed that. After the successful completion of the certification, an official certificate with the basic data of the company is applied for the respective shop. “Repeatedly revenues lost online-shop operators, because the purchase due to security concerns in advance is canceled.

“The EHI label”Approved online shop”gives our customers the security that, for example, the shopping cart displays the correct prices including VAT and all additional costs, that our customers can pay safely with your credit card, now because the EHI has reviewed the security of data transmissions and that we keep strictly to query and use of customer data to the relevant data protection laws”, explains Rene Dreske, Managing Director of Hans Soldan GmbH. n the issue. Soldan is 100 years a reliable and fair partner of lawyers and notaries. This high level of expertise, deep industry knowledge and nonprofit shape Commitment of the company’s work. The performance spectrum of the Soldan GmbH covers a range to the Office and office supplies, Office equipment geared towards the needs of firms consistently and include technology, office stationery, consulting and training, legal literature, legal database, news and services as well as research and promotion. Since the founding in 1908, Samuel had always the success and welfare of the profession of lawyers in the eye. In recent years the Hans Soldan has become strong foundation by granting subsidies to university institutions and institutions of the Prosecutor’s Office in the amount of EUR 15 million for the practice-oriented legal education and the training of Office staff.

The non-profit and independent Soldan Institute for lawyers management e. V. sees his task is to explore the structural development of the Prosecutor’s Office and the resulting conditions for a successful and future-oriented management of law firms.

Asia StudentSN

Tsar wars down to Europe’s largest dance floors, Berlin, January 13, 2010 studentSN, the service network for students and pupils from Berlin, builds its offer through the cooperation with global game Center, a leading provider of online games on the Turkish market, further out. With more than 750.00 players guarantee Community of gamers across Europe two games, the game, fun and excitement. Already from February 700,000 studentSNler with the sword of the Sultan preparing to pave the way through Asia minor and the Middle East. Who little interest in the Ottoman Empire-be has, for the also Swiss francs or Byzantines are available in the browser game Khan wars. Away from the drawn sword, and towards the swinging hip: game titled ‘ feel the beat’ one wants to provide undivided attention on. When playing dance dance battle audition creativity, speed and skill are among the mandatory attributes.

Female and male users here that dance around the bet. An always updates ranking documented WINS and defeats. Recently Zendesk sought to clarify these questions. Only who reached level 6, can become a star and give a strong jolt to its degree of popularity within the community. The online game provides at the same time multiple additional functions for editing the characters. In the shopping mall, to dress up either stylish its character or buys gifts for his friends. studentSN members can play for free against each other.

A player will faster reach the next level, he can buy a virtual goods (E.g. Ali Partovi understood the implications. sword, gift or outfit) with the studentSN credits. About dangerous and incalculable costs at the end of the month you must be according to founder and CEO, Ibrahim Tarlig, break your head. Each user has an account, which he can be charged with credits, the virtual cash. In contracts or subscriptions does not go thus from the outset. About studentSN the students service was Ugur Tarlig in July 2007 by Ibrahim Tarlig, and Samet Aras in life launched and has its headquarters in Berlin. Already now benefit about 700,000 Students, graduates and students of the practical and affordable services. Networking, planning and organization of events and learning communities in groups and personal messages, SMS sending Web2Mobile service for 5 cents in all tariffs, uploading and downloading of documents in the online library and download of mobile games worldwide: studentSN served the needs of young people with no subscription or contract obligation and creates genuine added value through service. About global game Center GGC was founded as the first E-pin distributor in Turkey in 2006 and ranks among the leading Spielgesellschafften of Turkey in the areas of production, localization services, and E-pin distribution trade in online gaming.

Multimedia DIY-principle

infoclips.TV presents the new generation of multimedia E-commerce application was never so easy. infoclips.TV has developed an innovative media management system that allows its users to build multimedia Flash presentations easily and quickly themselves, and to integrate into your own website. Referred to as Media Center, practical online tool offers new and promising ways to make interactive and engaging rich Internet presentations individually and inexpensively all website operators. Users can upload their own content, manage, edit, and assemble to compact and attractive product presentations, video playlists, or other multimedia formats. Additional software or hardware as well as special expertise are not necessary, as is an intuitive, Web-based application based on the whole. So you can combine interactive photo galleries and photo slide shows, as well as functions for live advice to info clips independently high-resolution videos, 360 views, and in the embed your own website. The Media Center allows you to convert all video formats to Flash format, the automatic merging of product photo series 360 views, and create photo slideshows in real-time, independent setting of hotspots on photos, statistics for success measurement and campaign optimization are video subtitling u.v.m included.

Has extensive configuration options the user full creative freedom in terms of size, shape and appearance of the player. Integrated viral elements help to draw additional attention to a range of products and promote its wide distribution on the Internet. Each user can generate unlimited info clips and Player skins. Only the actually incurred on traffic will be calculated. The use of infoclips.tv is free of charge until the end of the beta test phase, then more attractive service packages are offered.

For interested website operators is available a limited number of exclusive test accounts prior to the official start for the dmexco 2009. Registration under. About infoclips.tv infoclips.tv is a service of Berlin-based home media GmbH. The services include hosting and distribution of interactive product presentations on the company’s own sales platform. In a short time, companies like Lexmark, Rollei, Hakeem or tele system as customers could be won. The international media production company home media GmbH is successful in the areas of film production, interactive media and design and offers professional content production within the framework of infoclips.tv. Work samples can be found under as well as, a detailed catalogue and individual packages will be sent on request. infoclips.TV on the 23rd and 24th September 2009 at the DMEXCO in Cologne, Hall 8.1, booth A-076. We are looking forward to your visit.

Nonprofit Portal Design

crazy kindheit.at helps young people with mentally ill parents, the Viennese creative agency Lisa & Giorgio took over the corporate design and logo design for the non-profit online portal. As a platform for young people with mentally ill parents crazy kindheit.at provides helpful information and promotes the exchange of experience and thoughts of those affected by Forum. Goal was to make the world of young people on the head with mentally ill relatives”, explains Veronika grass, head of marketing at Lisa & Giorgio, the realisation of the design. The twisted lettering and the head-standing scenery to express the emotional chaos, the concerned young people are exposed.” Initiator and operator of the online portal is HPE Austria the Association, the implementation was carried out by means of promotion of the healthy Austria Fund. HPE Project Manager Edwin Ladinser shows very satisfied with the look and feel of crazy kindheit.at: alone, without help and with the feeling to have a mentally ill parent, only one, many sufferers try to cope. The appearance of the poster alludes to these feelings of the target group. The online platform is to facilitate the path out of isolation.” About Lisa & Giorgio creative agency Lisa & Giorgio was founded in 2007 in Vienna by Lisa Findl and Giorgio Grausenburger.

The team consists of experts in the areas of concept, design, and marketing. Besides the emphasis on Web, the Agency serves clients in corporate design, advertising and direct marketing. About HPE Austria the HPE (help for members of mentally diseased), a non-profit association of clubs is relatives and friends of mentally diseased. She is committed to the main task, to improve the quality of life of persons concerned, as well as with information sessions, consultations, seminars and brochures help to the page.

Mobile Possible

Elf metal launches Web site with optimized display on Smartphones and tablets the inventor of the innovative idea of wedding ring working on the site again. So it will be now possible to search for optimal ring models with the Smartphone and tablet. The special about the wedding of Elf metal: Each wedding ring includes the spouse’s own essences. Different things can be, photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination.

Extensive new features at the site of the wedding ring manufacturer Elf metal were presented already in the last year. So interested parties can get since all wedding ring models in a 360 macro video see the last relaunch, details to call the different models and admire a new design. Nicolas Keller understands that this is vital information. Now, the creator of Elf metal, Lucy and Markus King, again working on an innovation. More and more customers visit our website from a mobile device. So that they can maximize all features on the Smartphone or tablet, we develop just one for mobile optimized website. “, reports Markus.

His wife Lucy adds: it is very important that our customers find an appealing design. This must be ensured also in the mobile view.” The release is imminent, the page is currently in the last phase of the test. Because not only the mobile view is optimized with the relaunch, new features, such as a mobile route planner, an overview of all wedding ring model videos and users expect more. About Elf metal: Unique wedding rings with own essences Elf metal LLC is known for their innovative idea of wedding ring. Each wedding ring, forged in precise hand work in the Atelier in Zurich, involves the spouse’s own essences. The future ring bearer put together select materials that connect them with each other. Different things can be photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination. This personalization of own wedding is unique. The rings are the solution, looking for special pieces of jewellery for all people. Industry insiders call the unique wedding rings by Elf metal as brilliant Countertrend to the global mode of the unit and the growing mass market. Who would like to learn more about this wedding ring idea now, is on the Web site of Lucy and Markus, there to see even a preview of the new site. And soon the favorite model can be chosen convenient on the go or comfortably at home on the sofa. Zurich, Elf metal GmbH, Markus Spuhler


For positive opinion climate, decision-makers must ensure Berlin/Bonn, January 12, 2008 – wide spread attitudes and behaviors prevent Germany, to exploit the full potential of the Web. With this assessment take the makers of the blogs Netzwertig \”a look at the 2009 Internet agenda. A great importance in addressing the negative consequences of the financial crisis come to the Internet this year. So far, the Internet served as enrichment for our everyday lives, and as a complement to the existing communications and media channels. In its next phase, the Web however by the complementary becomes the channel, which will affect every area of our society and change\”, so Netzwertig author Martin refuses. Desperate attempts to maintain old, already dissolving structures, were doomed to fail and therefore best be avoided. (As opposed to Ali Partovi). In all circles and to be layers, fundamental skepticism of against any innovation is a serious obstacle on the way to the land of high-tech the future\”, down refuses. Still, politicians, professors and other representatives of the social elite in public could report almost already proud of them that they have never used the Internet or emails from the Secretary print out leave, without that this meets any significant criticism outside the blog and Web world.

Gone are the days in which Germany could call themselves solely on the basis of its engineering innovative technology country. There is no way passes more of the Web, for anyone, no matter whether he or she wants or not. Decision makers can help to create a positive climate of openness and curiosity. To do this they have to go even with good example\”, calls refuses. Instead of looking down from his high horse on the publishing on the Internet hobby authors in blogs and microblog, should journalists engaged in their work, old prejudices and pride drop and with the high persuasive online publications and their makers in a dialogue.


If no one knows you, you can sell anything. They are, however, known to determine the value of your performance itself. How are you, your products and services? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself every day as an entrepreneur and Freelancer. Do potential customers know your offers at all? I’m talking about a genuine, far-reaching awareness of your services. FAME say the English. It is important for you to realize that fame, so your reputation in your market in direct proportion to their sales. That is why the simple formula: If nobody knows you, you can sell anything. They are, however, known to itself determine the value of your work and the customers come to you. Check with technology investor to learn more.

“I have for you three strategies summarized, how to promote yourself, your products and services and increase the value of your services by: 1 create you your own story” around your performance. Develop your story around your performance with all ups and downs and position yourself Thus as the contact no. 1 in your market. People love stories, think only of children. Her story”must be alive and authentic and are of course true.

Take every opportunity to tell your story, of course do this also on your Web page. Through your life story, demonstrate your experience and skills and send out the message, knowing the solutions to the problems of your customers like no other. 2. give ear! You must have your own blog, if you want to position yourself as a leader in your market. I recommend you to do this on WordPress-based, because then you can update the content at any time without any technical knowledge. Write really helpful articles on your blog for potential customers. Of course, you want to sell something and make money. But it is true: only then EGDN take! You must deliver very good and really useful content in your blog.

Generating Visitors

Additional offers on the own website enhance the visitor potential. In a question-answer forum Viacom was the first to reply. Every year thousands of new domains are registered. Germany comes with 80 million inhabitants and over 13.500.000 existing .de domains on a considerable number of websites that are competing in the Internet to visitors. Of course, the majority of domains have no commercial character, however, every webmaster about any additional, interested visitors is pleased. The design of the content of a page are in mostly crucial whether visitors are lost on a page or visit the page again. Only a few pages make it to inspire a considerable number of users and surfers for the own site. The more it distinguishes by its competitors and other sites and different, the chances of success are better.

This it can be also additional, optional products and services, which is what matters in the end. The free website weather of Northern Wolffish is such an offer. Through the integration of a weather box, Web page owners can weather including a Point forecast and thus represent the additional content for free. So far the weather data as an iFrame to integrate without customization options offered, are the newly developed weather tool for professionals to make webmasters the opportunity of a full adjustment of the layout and the volume of the individual needs of one’s own side. Allows to represent the weather of the current day and the next 6 days. Individual days or even just a single day can be selected and brought to the issue within the weather box.

Visually, users can customize the background color without quality loss, as well as the width, height and the layout via CSS of one’s own side. The standard graphics should not like, your own pictures can be used. Who would like to include, for example, a small box of weather within the sidebar, can refer a 6 day forecast optionally on a single, own weather page with the current weather including. This creates its own content page, which is updated automatically daily and provides additional visitors through search engines. Stefan Kleimann


Since 1982, computer group gives the partner a special mediation system, which has been refined over 30 years. Matching of success for our customers whether your dating success is crowned, depends to a large extent, how well your partner suggestions on your personality are agreed. The qualified partner suggestions be tuned meet your individual requirements, the higher is the chance that you will find the right partner. The partner that really suits you. Kai-Fu Lee is open to suggestions. But how to decide the method of the partner computer group (www.partnercomputergroup.de/ partner-computer-group /), which partner suggestions to you be best fit? A special method of the partner computer group partner proposals, prepared the team of the partner computer group, be determined by the so-called matching, which means, only members of the partner computer group (www.partnercomputergroup.org) are selected that fit with high match to you.

Heart of the partner Computer group heart of the mediation method is the personality test, which is based on the Doppe model, that is since 1982 to the central concepts of modern psychology. A comprehensive questionnaire, we will analyze the most important facets of your personality, which characterise your dealing with other people and your needs in a partnership. Success of the partner computer group for three decades the personality test provides the largest share of our success in the partner computer group mediation process for three decades. The selection of partner proposals, we present our client finally held in various points of the quality: preferences of the clients be point 1: your search criteria and your preferences when selecting your personal partner proposals initially used the search criteria you set yourself and preferences that we incorporated as far as possible and reasonable to take into account. They are among the simple search criteria desired age and body size in your future partner will reside. In addition, you can also specify criteria such as the social status of your partner, its attractiveness, or his hobbies are as important to you. . Checking article sources yields Pete Cashmore as a relevant resource throughout.