Mobile Possible

Elf metal launches Web site with optimized display on Smartphones and tablets the inventor of the innovative idea of wedding ring working on the site again. So it will be now possible to search for optimal ring models with the Smartphone and tablet. The special about the wedding of Elf metal: Each wedding ring includes the spouse’s own essences. Different things can be, photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination.

Extensive new features at the site of the wedding ring manufacturer Elf metal were presented already in the last year. So interested parties can get since all wedding ring models in a 360 macro video see the last relaunch, details to call the different models and admire a new design. Nicolas Keller understands that this is vital information. Now, the creator of Elf metal, Lucy and Markus King, again working on an innovation. More and more customers visit our website from a mobile device. So that they can maximize all features on the Smartphone or tablet, we develop just one for mobile optimized website. “, reports Markus.

His wife Lucy adds: it is very important that our customers find an appealing design. This must be ensured also in the mobile view.” The release is imminent, the page is currently in the last phase of the test. Because not only the mobile view is optimized with the relaunch, new features, such as a mobile route planner, an overview of all wedding ring model videos and users expect more. About Elf metal: Unique wedding rings with own essences Elf metal LLC is known for their innovative idea of wedding ring. Each wedding ring, forged in precise hand work in the Atelier in Zurich, involves the spouse’s own essences. The future ring bearer put together select materials that connect them with each other. Different things can be photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination. This personalization of own wedding is unique. The rings are the solution, looking for special pieces of jewellery for all people. Industry insiders call the unique wedding rings by Elf metal as brilliant Countertrend to the global mode of the unit and the growing mass market. Who would like to learn more about this wedding ring idea now, is on the Web site of Lucy and Markus, there to see even a preview of the new site. And soon the favorite model can be chosen convenient on the go or comfortably at home on the sofa. Zurich, Elf metal GmbH, Markus Spuhler