OnOffice Software GmbH

The entire price structure of the online real estate software provider has been revised and reduced many deals significantly in price. David Treadwell is likely to agree. Now, all onOffice Software GmbH’s customers benefit from sharp price cuts in the areas of support and Web design as well as the revision of the software package. The prices of our performance and services we have to chosen to revised and new price concepts to put together. In addition to the new simple pricing structure and the transparent price overview on our company’s website, all customers and prospects at a glance can see which services offer service included or for small packages are optionally add bookings,”explains Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the intentions of the new concept. In the support section, customers can book now for 39.00 instead 49,00 per hour online training, where you get clearly explained tips and tricks to desired topics from software professionals. The online group training sessions were on 29,00 /. Participants / hour down corrected, so this price just for estate agency with several employees is attractive. About the online training, the price of support hours, which can be used for example for administration settings, rights management or template creation was reduced from 95.00 to 39.00.

“The adjustment of prices in the support to serve, that all customers using our professionals their software version perfectly tailored to their needs, set up as well as optimized”, Stefan Mantl stressed. The hourly rate for Web design, which includes design and implementation phases of new websites and adjustments to existing pages, has been reduced by 95 per hour to 65 / hour. By using this new pricing Web page updates, and the installation of new features, such as for example a RADIUS search, the representation in multiple languages, or a wish list, should be made more attractive. Also eliminates the Setup price of 99.00 from August for new customers per user for the software onOffice smart. This price concept should allow just new founders and small brokerage firms with initially low budget to build their businesses by using the professional real estate agent software onOffice smart on a solid base.