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3. Building Management Congress 2011 In Munich-Unterhaching

KN MARKETING, a consulting and training company in facility management, not only the professional training in the foreground represents Symposium “around the facility management”. The company informed of facility services Furthermore, timely and practical innovations and trends in the services segment. So far, over 600 professionals to the specialist for building management (HWK) were trained. All are faced with growing challenges, especially technical innovations and new regulations in the daily exercise of the profession. KN MARKETING is through special events, contributing, to close knowledge gaps and to keep pace to meet the demands of the market with the current development. On 28 October, CN MARKETING hosted its third building management Congress in Munich-Unterhaching. In addition to a variety of lectures, this year’s Congress was complemented by workshops. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Asaro. They offered the opportunity to learn about current issues and open discussion boards all questions to to answer.

In addition, a variety of service providers from the entire building management presented their service portfolio. Klaus Neugebauer, business owner of CN MARKETING promised to repeat this event carried out now for the third time in regular intervals. The objective is the increased orientation as information and contact platform. Target group are all service providers involved in the building life cycle, suppliers and employees of course all with entry and further education ambitions in this growing sector. Klaus Neugebauer called the Rhine-Main region and the autumn 2013 as the expected location and time. Prospective buyers, exhibitors and speakers can register already from the coming year. The crowning of this year’s event was the awarding of the project awards sponsored by the economic worth of 3.000 euro – as also in the previous Kon-gressen -.

An independent jury, headed by Prof. Dipl.-ing. Gerald Weindel, Programme Director of the Hamburg-based remote College, determined the winners. The project awards were pit-cup of latte man & Geiger facility management GmbH, Bosch GmbH, the company sponsored active building cleaning GmbH, GmbH, Eckert facility management. Another highlight of the event was the coverage of the photovoltaic system in March commissioned for the Community Centre in Cape Town, South Africa Themba Labantu. KN MARKETING 2009 launched its social commitment and donated from the proceeds of the second building management Congress for needy children in the Community Centre. Then developed the idea of the project. KN MARKETING has continued this commitment and has developed a new project for farmer children in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, which is largely supported by Katarina Witt Foundation. This project aims to make the local primary school by the unreliable and expensive power supply independent, since without a proper power supply the education operation can not be maintained. The inauguration of this project is for spring 2012 planned. The participants opinion trade oriented and versatile Conference was rounded off with an entertaining and superbly staged performance of the show and dance group Mbilo ya Africa”under the direction of Gloria Wilde. The evening Gala culminated in the piano rendition of Thomas Lohse, Super Talent 2010 “the RTL show, which also was able, to show his talent and inspire all. More information about the Congress, see KN-MARKETING, worms

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Jan Weller

Very old brain structure centrally involved in the experience and behavior of the people are responsible. In the Center is the nucleus accumbens, the so-called core of lust. The neurons in this region are particularly activated, if the person expects a reward. As a reward, the human brain classifies social recognition, belonging to a group or a State for example in the form of a particularly caring and high-quality face cream, with which to pamper. Pilot vs. autopilot when this reward process in the brain is activated, one speaks in neuro marketing model of implicit encoding.

This means that the working of the brain is running in two different systems from the conscious explicitly and pilots and the unconscious, implicit and intuitive decisive autopilot. In brain research has found out, that the unconscious pilot is much more powerful and efficient than the explicit pilot, of the tenfold energy consumption at a much smaller processing capacity required. Therefore, the conscious pilot is avoided normally by the brain. Olfactory or tactile stimuli play a large role in their purchasing decisions accordingly, because they unconsciously release emotions. This reward idea is enhanced by the interplay of the so-called implicit codes as language, symbolism, sensors and story as the highest form of communication efficiency. Moments of reward create an intense link in the brain with its brand and pay up to 100 percent to the brand assets. You fight for pole position for the brand”a kind, explains Jan Weller. This a great opportunity for the stationary retail trade leads continue to exist not only in the digital change, but to take a very basic position.

Because locally the haptic and olfactory stimuli can act and thus appeal to all senses, while only a visual image of the product on the Internet. At the touch and try out the products he is using Codes specifically addressed the autopilot and the reward effect of the brand can be decrypted. But it is important that the brand promise is kept holistically at any level in mind. The customer can immerse into a world of experience that is individually tailored to meet him.