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Video Phone

First we need to define some terminology: video phone – it's not just a device, packaged in a box, such as a telephone, a set of equipment, usually from different vendors to be selected for a specific task. According to Pete Cashmore, who has experience with these questions. Tasks can be extremely varied – from installing a simple system to organize the entry of visitors in a small institution to equip residents of a large block of flats? entryphone connecting each of them to the driveway calling device and separately to the individual calling device at the door of the total number of apartments with the ability to view and record images from? additional hidden cameras in the hallways, the elevator or at the door of the apartment. Accordingly, different sets and equipment needed for each of these cases. The main element of such equipment is a video monitor – a device that has a small screen (it can be as black and white and color, ranging in size from 4 to 6 inches and more), click view the image from the connected cameras, and open the lock button. John Castle pursues this goal as well. Typically, a video monitor mounted inside the space and mounted on the wall, some models have a mortise design.

With it you can talk with the visitor and open the door for him, if necessary. For audio connection, typically uses a tube, part of the supplied with some models it is absent, and the conversation is in speakerphone mode. Virtually all video monitors have volume control, brightness and contrast? in color patterns – and even saturation color tones. .

Multifaceted Mosaic Art

Everyone in your home by creating design work to make it nice and unique, stylish and original. For many centuries, one of the most beautiful, practical and luxurious interior decoration is mosaic. Gorgeous mosaic of its visual appeal, it seems, can not leave anyone indifferent. Many centuries ago, the story began with a puzzle collection with simple patterns, with limited color palette, but over time the imagination of people just play, and thereby expanded range of mosaic art. Today, technology has stepped well forward mosaic acquired by the image can be up to computer perfectly thought over every detail, and eventually need to get exactly what they want. Range of materials for mosaic today is extremely rich: mosaicists mainly used to set its image various stones and colored glass.

Limestone, different types of cement, mastic, composed of flour, glue, plaster, chalk, linseed oil and so on, as well as other astringents, used to create mosaics also applied in a large range and play an important role. Various shapes, sizes of the material elements of a mosaic, from which are drawn image, different techniques and their preparation. And of course the various technologies and method of the set and finishing the surface of the mosaic at the final stage of creating the image. Taken together, all the stages, as well as elements taken for the realization of this beautiful fine art, make technology, a set of versatile and multi-faceted mosaic art, the embodiment of our artistic fantasies into reality.

Wooden Windows

In this material a great number of advantages besides the fact that it is also quite aesthetically pleasing. Install wooden windows become prestigious in many countries, because wooden windows multifunctional. Of course, the main the prerogative of any window is a reliable protection against noise, rain and dust, especially if the houses are close to the roadway, where the constant hum of cars and exhaust emissions (which is not uncommon for villa communities, which are mainly located along the roads). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Asaro. But, in addition, the window clearly regulate light and heat flows. Stylish wooden box – it is a very economical option, because thanks to modern technology of their production in winter time you'll spend less on electricity. As a result, you will have the opportunity to sit a little longer for your computer to read the interesting information for you or even make new acquaintances with virtual friends. Robotics expert contributes greatly to this topic. Modern production of wooden windows made in accordance with European standards. This high quality and advanced technology that continues to improve.

An important factor is an environmentally friendly material, which means safety for humans and the environment. Natural materials contribute to the restoration effort and create the necessary conditions for the rest. With the help of a tree by air, which should be in any home. After all, every apartment in small doses, there is radon gas, released by building materials. If the apartment is bad air, the gas will accumulate, which is bad impact on human health.

From a technical point of view of a tree is easy to operate. Wooden windows are strong enough, they do not crack and does not crack. As for the glass, they are selected in accordance with features of the design space and climatic conditions. Frames of the windows open in either one or two directions. Another advantage of wood windows is the variety of color choices, the tree can be dyed in any color.

Step Five Part

The remains can be used for book covers. The third step – cut into wallpaper. Mashable recognizes the significance of this. For cutting worksheets to the line perpendicular to promarkerovat parties wallpaper. Can be cut without lines when drawing the line, otherwise it is easy to get wrong. When buying wallpaper, check whether the same shade of rolls. Different lists will not look nice in the room. A long table easier cutting. Place it so that you can come up with different sides.

To list was steady to flatten it as something heavy. Cut to so that each successive leaf pattern matches the previous one, that is, when you paste, no need to get some fragments, and the holistic picture. The fourth step – to apply the adhesive. At this stage the sheets are on the table or sex. Glue to spread only one-half. It is desirable that that the further away from you. Then spread the glue on the entire sheet. Step Five – glued wallpaper.

Before you glue the wallpaper, spread glue remote places (the baseboards, in corners, near windows, near the outlets). Departing from the corner. Better in the process of wallpapering part two. One is to pokleyschik stepladder with a sheet of wallpaper and sticks the upper part so that she would not go diagonally. Then movements need to glue down the rest. To do this, use a brush or distillation. Assistant held the first bottom edge, now he's on it a little bit down and puts on a wall. When the lower part is attached, remains cut off the remainder. If you get the folds, do not wait until the glue dries. Carefully off, then straighten sheet. If you were formed bubbles, do not retrieve them. They are already dry. Pull over safely work and create comfort in her nest.

Europe VOC

In connection with those adopted in Europe VOC-limited UHS-products must to completely replace conventional materials in 2007. IMRON 700 polyurethane enamel paint 2K commercial vehicles. Enamel is a composite of 1700 on the basis of functionally-substituted polyurethane, which provides it with a combination of ease of application to large areas with excellent filling and absorption of the census. Excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical and weather resistance. Used for all types of repairs.

Two-stage cover the first stage of a two-stage application of coatings is to apply a thin base layer, which imparts a color cover. DU PONT offers two basic systems. CENTARI 600 Basic coverage for use in two-stage coating (Base / ground) based on acrylic copolymer. Designed for painting cars, trucks, buses nemetallikami, metallic and pearl. C600 features easy application, provides an optimal distribution of metal particles throughout the fiber coating. May use the activator VK220 to improve the performance of the coating.

Recommended for a variety of design work. CENTARI 6000 Basecoat with high-solids for use in two-stage coating (base / ground) based on acrylic copolymer. Designed for painting cars, trucks, buses nemetallikami, metallic and pearl. S6000 features easy application, excellent coverage can save you time and materials. It exceeds twice the theoretical value of C600 in coverage. May use the activator to improve VK220 characteristics of the coating. The next stage of manufacture of two-stage coating is to apply a transparent lacquer coating which imparts the color depth and brilliance. DU PONT offers the following varnish for the final stage of a refinishing. 655S 2K acrylic lacquer with an average dry weight for use in two-stage surfaces. Has a very good filling, resistance to mechanical and chemical effects. Designed for all types of repair. Belongs to the category of budget paint. HB 676S fast drying 2K lacquer with increased film thickness (HB) on the basis of akrilpoliuretanovogo copolymer.

Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

How to safely protect yourself from city dust, dirt, noise, machines, atmospheric phenomena? It has long been known that this will help the plastic window. Today we will talk about how to glaze your balcony or loggia. Subject fairly urgent, so As soon as the rainy fall and all that is stored on your balcony will be cold and wet. Before you start glazing a balcony or loggia, note how a glass of your neighbors. If neighboring balconies already glazed, see how it’s done.

If for example, broken down by 5 folds, and then try to glaze your balcony as well. This will keep the architectural integrity and appearance. More info: Peter Asaro. You can order a frameless glass to your balcony did not stand out from the crowd. Frameless inferior to the normal characteristics. It is less tight, but more beautiful. In Frameless safety glass is used instead of glass. At insulation ceiling, side walls and the floor you can turn your balcony or a loggia in the same grade placement, as well as the main rooms of your apartment. The temperature in winter there will be 14-16 degrees higher than outside.

Consider all moments associated with warming in the design phase of balcony glazing. You will provide additional protection from the streets adjacent to the balcony room. The average lifespan of plastic windows is about 40 years, making improve your balcony durable. Currently manufacturers are offering plenty of choices of glazing and design solutions, opening different windows, different in quality furniture. Double-glazed windows offer a mirror, sun, energy efficient windows. You will be given the opportunity zalaminirovat profile using a wide range of colors of materials. Do not forget the accessories: screens, Window sills, blinds, canopies. Consider the right wing to be able to wash the windows on the balcony. Please note that gruhie windows are only for the first floor on the upper floors because you simply will not get to distant parts of the window and they will remain dirty.

Varnishing Wood Products

When processing of wood products are most often used is lacquer. Having a transparent texture, varnish protect the wood from moisture stress the natural beauty of wood polishes. At the heart of paints based on different resins and varnishes are classified precisely according to the type of resin, which is located in the varnish. The largest spread for coating wood products were oil, alcohol, acrylic and polyurethane coatings. Oil varnishes are prepared by dissolution of natural and synthetic resins in vegetable oils. Most of these lakes are used for decorating indoors. Hard, smooth, slightly yellowish layer of lacquer protects well the wood from moisture and gives it a nice shine (polish GF-95), spirit varnishes contain alcohol, and natural resins. Wooden products, coated with lacquer with alcohol have a beautiful sheen and are resistant to scratches, but is poorly protected from moisture (Bakelite lacquer LBS-1).

Acrylic paints are made on the basis of the water. They are fireproof, are not specific to the varnish odor, fast drying (varnish AK-113). A layer of polyurethane varnish is resistant to damage, smooth, firm and has elasticity. These properties of polyurethane coatings used in the manufacture of furniture. The tree is very much subject to the destructive influence of the atmosphere. The negative impact of providing moisture, ultraviolet light, temperature changes.

Varnishing of wood products particularly useful in connection with good protective properties of varnishes. With frequent mechanical stress on the surface of wooden products, the latter lose attractive, wear out. Therefore, wood products, which are functionally amenable to protect the lacquer wear, resistant to abrasion. Some coatings have the ability to protect the wooden surface of the effects of fire. At high temperatures, a layer of lacquer leaves of the tree in a bubble, creating a layer of air inside it, which makes product catch fire. Lucky are, matte, semi-gloss and gloss. In addition, they may have a transparent, or have color. Lucky tree gives shine, make it smooth and even, emphasizing its natural figure. When choosing a paint should be taken into account tips merchant and manufacturer, and check on the compatibility of wood and lacquer. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. Cover product should be gently, but do not paint to save. If the manufacturer's instructions on the surface should be prolakirovat several times, then we should do. Otherwise poorly covered painted surface will not have an attractive appearance.

Painting Galvanized Steel

Galvanized sheet metal – one of the most reliable and common materials used in modern construction. Durability and weather resistance, comfort and ease of use – these and many other positive qualities that ensured the popularity of this material to use, both in civil and private construction. Galvanizing is widely used in roofing industry, factory, office buildings, construction of hangars, industrial refrigerators, garages, warehouses, etc. Galvanized metal presence of a thin layer of zinc deposited on the surface of steel sheet, steel to prevent corrosion by moisture and oxygen, significantly extending the life of the roof and other items made from this material. But he and zinc, although to a lesser extent than the steel susceptible to corrosion as a result of which is formed powdery substance, known as 'white rust'. For this reason, the roof of galvanized steel in need of paint, which provides reliable protection against aggressive environmental influences.

Why paint galvanized? The roof of galvanized steel, metal and metal products made of galvanized steel in need of painting for two reasons. First, the clear paint a thin layer of zinc as a result of aggressive environmental influences (rain, salt, exhaust fumes, etc.) begins to rust. Second, painted galvanized metal has a decorative look and looks much nicer than unpainted. Working with zinc steel sheet, you should not forget the important point. It happens that as a result of improper storage or transport on a new galvanized surface accumulates and evaporates water.

As a result, the surface may cause a white powdery substance (so-called "white rust"). Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. For the protection of galvanized steel, some manufacturers use a white rust inhibitors, which are unsuitable as a basis for color and must be removed. The very same white rust is removed from the surface of sheets of light sanding, but it may damage the thin layer of zinc. After years of testing paint manufacturers came to the conclusion that the best option is a one-year prior to painting aging galvanized sheet. What happens during this time? During this period, the effect itself part of the atmosphere to prepare the surface to be painted (by removing white rust and roughened for better adhesion). Galvanized surfaces must be properly prepared: carefully wash away the dirt, grease, cleaned of debris. To wash salt, dirt and grease using alkaline solutions (Eg washing powder). Remains of the detergent wash thoroughly with clean water, preferably under pressure and dried well. After careful preparation of the soil surface, using primer EP-0156, or immediately applied to the cover enamel (enamel for ferrous metals). Paint for galvanized metal – a matte acrylic paint containing active anti-additives, organic solvents. The paint is designed to galvanizing paint, for exterior painting of steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. The paint used to protect any metal roof, corrugated iron, gutters, protective sheets, drainpipes, gutters and other structures made of galvanized metal. Galvanizing paint has high hiding power and light resistance, has excellent characteristics for water resistance and weather resistance. Galvanizing paint is easy to operate and has excellent adhesion to the painted surface. Tsikrol – the best option repair painting galvanized surfaces. A significant advantage of paint is that it does not require priming surface and put in one layer.

Popular Materials

Especially popular are the materials of the series' straight to rust (Feidal Metallschutzlack from Feidal, Poli Hammer of" Poly-P ") that do not require a thorough cleaning base and to facilitate repairs. Protecting the battery of boilers and metal properties allow its use in the regime of permanent or temporary heating (stoves, batteries, boilers). Robotics addresses the importance of the matter here. Such surfaces also need to protection, but coverage here uses specific – heat-resistant. And here it is very important not to make mistakes – mistakes lead to yellowing and cracking paint, paintwork premature failure. Selection of materials is based on of temperature.

Surface, not heated above 80 degrees, you can handle any paint for metals. The next level – heat to 100 degrees (heating steam heating) – requires the use of modified paints based on alkyd and acrylic resins, for example FEIDAL Heizkoerperlack and FEIDAL Acryl-Heizkoerperlack respectively. As part of this material has special additives that prevent yellowing coating. For the convenience of applying varnish can be used for batteries in aerosol packaging. When heated to 120 degrees is better adapted to use acrylic or epoxy paints and primers (eg, zinc phosphate or zinc dust), and at 150 – Some polyurethane coatings. More high thermal stress (200-400 degrees) require the creation of a metal surface of the film based on various combinations of etilsilikatnyh epoksiefirnyh and resins.

As the pigment in the LCP used metal powder, because the conventional pigments at these temperatures very quickly burn out. Exposure to moisture in this mode is negligible, so it is enough to cause the coating (eg, a primer with zinc dust). The next level heat – from 450 to 600 degrees – allows inflicted a very thin layer of single-component coatings based on silicone resins, such as black or silikonalyuminievaya silicone paint "Thermal" from Tikkurila (their working temperature – 500 degrees, but they can withstand and short-term heating up to 650). Complete solidification of these coatings occurs only when heated to 200-230 degrees for at least two hours. The major mistakes that lead to premature loss of the LCP for the protective properties of metals are: incorrect assessment of the reason, the selection of coatings without substrate and operating conditions, failure of technology production and application coatings, use of substandard, obsolete, or outdated materials (such as oil or bitumen-based timing service which rarely exceed 2-3 years). And finally, when applying finishes to metal structures, we are guided not only practical but also aesthetic considerations. The painted surface looks nice. Remember how to change the playground after the arrival of painters like carefully looks freshly painted fence.

Thermal Insulating Materials

The presence of water in insulating materials always affects their function, construction and performance characteristics. In wet materials rise sharply thermal conductivity and heat capacity, most of them falling Physico-mechanical properties. Therefore, reduction of humidity is an important factor in improving the properties of thermal insulation. We list a few indicators of the insulation materials to the action water. Humidity is characterized by the ratio of the mass (volume) of moisture in the volume of material to its mass in dry condition (moisture content by weight) or to its volume (volumetric moisture content).

Indicator of moisture by weight significantly depends on the average density of the material, with a decrease in its rate increases moisture by weight and insulating materials can reach values much higher than 100%. Properties of the material to absorb (adsorb) water from the Ambient air is called hygroscopic, and achieved with moisture – equilibrium sorption or humidity. Hygroscopicity depends on the nature of the material, the nature of the porous structure, the surface area then, as well as the relative humidity. Ceteris paribus higher in hygroscopicity of heat-insulating material, the structure is greater than the small capillaries, as they have higher capillary condensation water vapor. Reducing gikroskopichnosti insulating materials is achieved by their bulk hydrophobic, reduce the amount of micropores, surface protection products parietal materials or smoothers solutions. Property of materials wetted by one of the surfaces in contact with water is called capillary leak (saturation). The magnitude of capillary suction is mainly dependent on the porous structure material and wetting it with water. The larger capillary pores, the higher ceteris paribus the figure.

Large pores in the capillary suction is not involved. Material's ability to absorb and retain water characterizes its water absorption. Water absorption occurs when the material dive into the water. By volume it is always less than the amount of porosity insulating materials, by weight – often over 100%. Softening coefficient characterizes the effect of moisture on building material properties and, above all, their strength. However, this figure is not suitable for many insulating materials, as well as water saturation leads to irreversible changes in their structure. For example, products made of mineral wool and sealed with sharply reducing insulation properties of wood-fiber boards swell and lose their shape. Therefore, their attitude to water assessed comprehensively. Frost resistance describes the ability of materials in water-saturated state to withstand repeated alternate freezing and thawing. This figure is estimated to number of cycles, which for a variety of insulating materials established by the relevant regulations.