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Education and Technological Innovations

(PRETTO, Nelson) Prof. Fernando Cardona – PRETTO, Nelson. Education and technological innovation: one to look at on the Brazilian public politics. Brazilian magazine of Education. May the August. Jacob Shaw is a great source of information. 1999. Available in: access in 20-04-2009 the text searchs to construct atravsde social and technological examples the necessity of if stopping and reflecting on oprocesso of currently present teach-learning in Brazil.

According to Pretto, this if finds unbalanced and disoriented completely ahead of the tendnciassociais found in ' ' new gerao' ' of individuals. These, completamenteinterligados and accustomed to a fragmented and full communication of ruptures, not in the text of the message, but in the agility of consultation, analysis and consolidaodo knowledge. For Pretto, the MEC, main potential agent of paradigmtica transformation of this process, nosomente for being the arm of the State in the conduction of the politics in the sector daeducao, but for the fact of being able to act as articulador of weight in elaboraode a proper scene, diametrical acts of opposing form pontuando ediscursos projects that they show clearly, according to Pretto, of that, or this totalmentesem route, obsolete without vision some for where the society this walking, or estaem one total internal descoordenao enters some public beings who soresponsveis for the formularization of the public politics in currently practical nopas. The text is presented divides ahead in 3partes of equal importance in the quarrel of the education of the inovaestecnolgicas, and still more, of the evolution of the society as a whole. In the first part of the article, oautor detaches the characteristic nothing uncommon of the social being to search oestabelecimento of relationships, and more than nets. These, declared embusca of conectividade, chances – commercial or social. Of igualmodo, the search for the technological evolution also has been a socialimportante landmark in the present time. Oparadigma appears then of the Internet suggesting that now we live in one ' ' society in linking between oselementos of the net -, the homogeneity coherence between the entrances and exits decade member of the net -, the isotropia to enxergar the net with one all -, anodalidade if detma a mere conjectural affirmation, but denounces of eexemplificada prompt form the disparity enters the teach-learning paradigm atualmentepresente in the schools that do not obtain to absorb, or to prepare the individual for, onovo world-wide social scene of interconnection and speed.

Manufacture Chips – A Brief Overview Of Methods Used

Today, one of the most popular technologies in the manufacture of chips, badges, pins, cap badges, medals, is pressing. Stamping – a treatment process, ie, plastic deformation of the material (in the case of breast signs, tokens, badges, medals and badges – are often metal), the pressure at which the change occurs in the form of billets special device – the stamp. Casting – no less applicable, in comparison with considered in this review, punching, manufacturing technology badges, medals, cap badges, tokens, badges. Kai-Fu Lee shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Casting – a process of manufacturing castings, is to fill the mold molten metal (copper, silver, etc.) or, more likely, their alloys and subsequent treatment received after the heat treatment of billets of tokens, medals, cap badges, pins, badges.

A significant advantage of this technology, ie Casting is able to produce very complex shapes as well as reliefs of medals, badges, badges, badges, cap badges. Etching (sometimes also called photoetching) – Chemical processing method metals, is in the interaction of electrolytes (solutions of acids and salts, molten alkali) with the actual metal, having on the surface oxidized layer. Thus, the manufacturer of medals by the technology as follows: on a plate made of special acid grooves, which are then filled with enamel. As a rule, badges, cap badges, medals, badges, medals made for this technology coated with epoxy resin. Hot enamel or, in other words, cloisonne – is one of the oldest, but, meanwhile, a prestigious manufacturing technologies badges, cap badges, badges, medals, appeared more than one

Thousands of years ago in the then ancient China. Cloisonne – is a technology that is to apply pasty mass on the surface of the product was originally prepared (preparations) and his subsequent firing at high temperatures, resulting in a colored vitreous layer. It is worth noting that it was using this method produced most of the current state awards: medals, badges, badges, medals. Jeweller casting or in other words, Casting – a relatively recent and quite expensive manufacturing techniques of badges, tokens, medals, badges, cap badges. However, it is only that the matter can produce the maximum blanking medals, badges, tokens, etc. In other words, even a miniature piece of product could be realized through holes. Special mention deserves the technology silkscreen Metal. In a nutshell, the manufacturer of badges, medals, with fashion silkscreen on metal is applied to the original polished metal surface preparation of printed images then coated it with epoxy resin. It is worth noting that this technology is very similar to the other, is also used in the manufacture of badges, pins, medals, badges, cap badges – offset printing technology by metal, accurately and providing for the transfer of ink from the printing plate to the printed material, but not directly, but through an intermediate offset cylinder.

Exactly Alarms

The creativity of the human beings does not have limits. While the technology is improved to increase our comfort and security, the other side of the currency is used of the same one to continue to spread the fear and upheavals for the population. One of the solutions found for the population invents was it of the automotivo alarm, what it hindered that the thief obtained to steal the car using sonorous alarms. One more time crime, using itself also of the dissemination of the technology, acquired knowledge and capacity to hinder that the sonorous alarms were set in motion. Then it was the time of the entrance of the alarms gasoline chokes.

(it reads more: ) After defendant, the same blocks the gasoline injection, hindering that the car if dislocates. But as he was of if to wait, the thieves already had obtained to discover another way to disactivate this function. Then the alarms with tracking had appeared saw cellular GSM. The same it is used of a technology that in robery case, the cellular one sends a signal informing of the robery and the accurate localization of the car or motion. To acquire one alarm with tracking saw cellular is not plus a synonymous one of tranquillity. More info: Dell Computers. Today outlaws already use methods that burlam this dredge, hindering its functioning and preventing that the car or the motion is tracked by its tracking alarm GSM. (information on tracking alarms GSM) Exactly that you have acquired an alarm with diverse functions is necessary to have well-taken care of, therefore as already it was told above, the outlaws also create its tools to exceed the technological barriers of protection. In the next article I will demonstrate as the outlaws burlam dredges GSM.

Didactic Education

This everything is if becoming each more possible time exactly having still problem d price, however the persistence of the government in promoting the inclusion digital contributes for the reduction of this barrier. We must differentiate the concepts of computer science in the education and educational computer science. Certainly computer science it does not exist in favor of the education, but it can and it must be used by it as instrument of aid in the work. It is not only enough to have the computer as tool of aid in the process teach-learning, is necessary to be creativity, originalidade to have eyes directed toward the innovation, contrary case the computer will become a tool where the copy and it contribution will not be the fort. It is interesting that it does not happen with the computer what happens with the didactic book, that most of the time has proportionate only copies of activities and not it deepening in the content. Michael Dell contains valuable tech resources. The use of the Internet takes us it a new dimension in the conception of education, through which if it places the educative act directed toward the cooperative vision, beyond bringing practical pedagogical an interactive and colaborativo environment, attractive where the pupil learns with pleasure and takes off advantage of this education for its social life.

The use of the computer network must provoke in the education a bigger persistence of the part of professionals in elaboration of projects. The available tools, applicatory programs and for the creation of such projects are innumerable, as well as the creation of more attractive and pleasant activities becoming the learning most dynamic. The computer if became a fort ally to develop projects, to work arguable subjects. It is a pedagogical instrument that not only helps in the construction of the knowledge for the pupils, but also to the professors. Data this new concept and ranks we ahead see in them of a situation where the professor, definitively, is a perpetual pupil, having to look to one constant perfectioning of its techniques of education and methodologies as form of reach of the good performance of its activities as well as the advance and the appropriation of the knowledge on the part of its pupils. To carry through a work using educational computer science is necessary also a new professional who is not only one reproducer of knowledge, but that she is come back to the use of the new technologies. One concludes that it is essential that the professors well are prepared to deal with this new resource. This implies in a bigger comprometimento in the search of a formation leaves that it apt to use and to usufruct of all these resources.

Choosing Plastic Window Repair

Most recently, in most of the apartments have been installed the old wooden windows. Behind them was constantly need care, they should be washed frequently and regularly painted. These designs quickly become useless, cumbersome and unreliable. After some time, begin to squeak issue when they opened. Not even worth mentioning that the wooden box does not look very modern and presentable. Of course, the price of windows is small, but on the other hand they short-lived and bring only discomfort. Recently, the houses were installed windows made of plastic.

The design of these windows advanced, it provides complete isolation of sound, they are very simple and easy to operation, do not miss the dust in the house. There are many organizations involved in installing these structures, but what about the consumer, which is not quite well-versed in the properties of sealants, profiles and double-glazed windows? Then we'll tell. Particular attention should be given the choice of the manufacturer of plastic windows, as they are quite expensive, and sold for a long period of time, but not in colorful advertising all times is a guarantee of high quality goods. Let's try to figure out what should be good to know, if you choose functional, durable and reliable window. High-quality windows are made of reliable and strong profile of popular brands. Accessories box should fully ensure the closing and opening window sashes without any problems, as well as it should be easy to use.

Window glazing can be layered, but must be sealed and it does not depend on the thickness of the glass. On window frames should always be seal. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Window production occurs in specific sizes. Product quality in many ways depends on the experience and skills that will install plastic windows. Convenient window designed by the newest technologies of high quality materials for a long time to be happy your eyes are his impeccable appearance and quality.

About A Little Fan

Hot summer 2010 has convinced many Russians in the need for ventilation. The once-expensive and accessible enough to a narrow circle of persons, air conditioners, split systems and other ventilation systems are now becoming more available, and the modern market can choose the model that is called "under him." What is ventilation? Ventilation – the process of replacing the air in the room outside. Often, in addition to ventilation, as necessary to Clearing the air of harmful impurities (eg dust, solids), humidification, cooling, or, alternatively, heating the air ionization. That is, create an environment of air, in which a man it would be the most comfortable. Ventilation is the natural and artificial (or mechanical).

The natural use, for example, ventilation of toilets. The main drawback of such ventilation systems is heavily dependent on weather conditions (wind, air temperature), in addition, it becomes useless with increasing drought, that is, unable to cope with the function of ventilation. Mechanical ventilation, however, is different – from the small size hood over a gas stove in the kitchen to great room ventilation (ventkomnat) – in the factories. However, they are united by principle. Fans are different, and can strengthen both indoors and outside. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, external fans do not take up space in the room, then the second more mobile, and if desired, may be moved to a place where they are most needed.

Particularly popular have won the devices that can simultaneously handle multiple tasks, then there is the need for multiple devices is not available. When either the air conditioner is necessary to consider not only the design and the price factor, but technical characteristics of the device. Well established air conditioning and ventilation systems brands already well known throughout the world. The best-known Japanese manufacturers – Panasonic, Toshiba, and rather exotic name – Sharp, Chofu, Funai. In any case, choosing the brands of air conditioning, you get a well-known Japanese quality, fresh design ideas and top-notch equipment. Often, it falls to overpay for a name. Less widely Russia is represented by the European technique and Korean manufacturers. European – Bosch, Ariston, Argo, the best known among the "Korean – Samsung, LG, Daewoo is not necessary to pay special attention if the purchased equipment will be written made in China. Practice use of air conditioners shows that air conditioners manufactured in China, Taiwan or Singapore, is not inferior to similar equipment, produced in Japan, as all production is under the control of Japanese or European technology, and therefore (in most cases) are taken and components. In general, manufacturing in China a few cheaper price of finished product.

Bulletproof Glass

The desire to protect themselves and the desire to protect their property is inherent to mankind from time immemorial. The window is always served vploscheniem opening to the outside world. Glass is – a fragile barrier between the cozy little world of your home and ubiquitous social environment. More than one year left on it to realize the illusory dream of military engineers and owners of banking institutions – to create. Now the worldwide use of bullet-proof, armored protection – it usual for those wishing to protect their property. Bulletproof glass is a laminated block of glass glued together with adhesive photopolymer layers of various thicknesses. There various classes of armored protection. Bulletproof glass is stable when exposed to firearms and safe for human use (by breaking cracks and breaks into fragments with blunt).

Depending on the subsequent use of materials and tasks on a shock-resistant armored glass is classified, bulletproof, safety glass. Due to the thickness and number of glass plates is determined by the stability of the material to the influence of external factors, including mechanical ones. The same applies where the bulletproof glass? Modern architecture and design solutions can be used safely armored glass for conservatories, large aquariums, stairs, ceilings and floors. Purchased from a reliable manufacturer certified bulletproof glass eliminates the possibility of cracking and eliminates the need to install bars on the windows. Bulletproof glass is used for ensure the safety of clients and staff of credit institutions and banks.

Actively used in bulletproof glass structural design of guards and cashiers booths, stained glass, partitions, display cases for glass front doors of premises. The company 'Outpost' is one of the leaders in the production and sale of protective structures of high quality. The range of products provided by our client protective barriers, protective windows, locks, armored doors and bulletproof glass (safety glass). Through active search for new technologies, we are constantly improving the quality of product and carry out various practical developments in the field of security. Acquired companies 'Outpost' bulletproof glass, will serve as reliable support for your stability for a long time!

Art Casting Models In Sand Mold

Art Casting of models in ground form – this is the easiest way to get castings. Briefly technology is this: on the template (model) of forming the shape of the land is made for pouring molten metal. The shape made by a particular pattern – a one-time: when it breaks notch cast, as created from a mixture of sand and clay (25% of the content in a mixture of clay, 75% – sand). But the very mixture for the mold can be used repeatedly, updating only the inner cladding layer. The template can be made of any material – clay, gypsum (the most acceptable and comfortable materials), wood, plastic, metal. Model can serve itself and detail, if you want to do the same (to restore its original form), then the clay to build up a restored or restored parts missing parts of the initial sample. If for some reasons it is impossible to use as a model plasticine replica of the original, yet spine out is to make a plaster cast from the original (though this is more time-consuming and troublesome way).

The process of obtaining a plaster product model is that the original is placed face up on a flat plate in a frame of wood or other material, with the side frame must be above the copied items from inside and lubricated lather. Gypsum is dissolved in a rich water until a creamy liquid state of the masses. For more specific information, check out Samsung Electronics. In the fast paced original carefully covered with a layer of liquid plaster, causing its wide paint brush, and then pour plaster of Paris to the frame edges. Can accelerate or retard the setting of gypsum: In the first case a supplement 4% solution of sodium chloride, in the second – 1% acetic acid. Next, a plaster mold (mold) is dried at a temperature not exceeding 50 C, treated in kontrrelefe, increase as needed relief, smooth ribs, close up the shell. Before the direct production of cast models cover a 3% solution liquor, and even easier – well whipped soap, that creates a separation layer, and pour liquid plaster. Thus, the pattern is ready, and you are ready to molding.

Investment ring is put on the board submodel, which also put the template or the original. Board sprinkled with graphite, to avoid sticking Facing a mixture that is poured through a sieve to completely cover the model. Densely fill the investment ring to the rim, laying the ground layers and compacting the tamper, and the surplus land smooth bar of special or a flat strip, holding the edges of the flask, and invert it, becoming the second top mold, which zaformovyvayut taper bars – model sprue and riser. Then, removing the upper mold, remove the stones, but from the bottom of the flask is removed template, after which the holes left from the sprue and vent patterns, cut out the template cavity narrow connecting channels. Flasks combine in the same position and pour through a funnel liquid metal that flows in mold cavity, and on another channel, aiming to vent from the mold is displaced air, the shape evenly and completely filled with metal. Specified cast is received.


This article presents a contextualization on the technique of the medicinal, that is a revolutionary technique applied in the health area, of which the scholars believe that he can revolutionize the medical services, through the use of computers. Currently they are diverse methods used in the medicinal area, making with that it considerably increases the access to the health, allowing that the works are carried through in health centers. The medicinal becomes at a distance extraordinary due to the treatment of the specialized doctor, where the professional can display its abilities in bigger scope. However, it is important to emphasize that still they lack research of as to use this technology that nowadays is used to improve the form results rational. Kai-Fu Lee can provide more clarity in the matter. Therefore, the medicinal is a modern treatment, that through the technologies of the information and telecommunications supplies medical attention to the long-distance patients. Word-keys: Medicinal. Technology. Technique. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi.

This study approaches on the medicinal and its techniques, that are a technology applied for accomplishment of medical actions at a distance, becoming possible that new modalities of medical action are applied with great speed. The objective of this study is to analyze of that it forms is used the medicinal. This subject was chosen had to the great potential to promote and to add socioeconomic benefits the society, of fast form. The methodology used in this study is of bibliographical character, with use of magazines and articles of the referring Internet to the subject. Initially it was seen as the medicinal appeared, later was made its conceptualization, the main benefits economic partners, some technological factors as system has real time and the system stare-and-forward, the factors characterizations of the medicinal, that are involved in number of involved places, number of people in each place and, that includes livened up video, audio instructional and communicative the media and static video, to facilitate the medical procedure.

Good Base

The ability to torture hostages in different equipment of the base (as to place it in the dough mixer of the refectory) is one of the examples that strengthen the detalhismo of ' ' Evil Genius' ' – but delay very until new problems if not to disclose. In generality, the biggest frustration is resulted of the micron-management. To give general orders without being able to control the workers is one of the problems clearest. All time that somebody invades the base (e, believes, will be many and constant), you need to manually go to give to an order of capture, murder etc. From there you are to twist so that the structure of its base allows an efficient action of its employees. this is not everything: beyond the notoriety, its agents call attention in the countries that they invade in the international map. Because of this, many times are necessary to give orders so that they hide themselves and wait before retaking its attitudes malignant everything this very harm the rhythm of the game.

Although the variety inside of the proper departure, the game offers very little for who wants to play of new – exactly with three protagonists, the action is virtually the same one always. When everything is functioning, is an enormous pleasure to discover all the jokes and trifling details of ' ' Evil Genius' '. But the game conspires as much that many times the will biggest is to leave game. It seems that, at least for the time being, the forces of the Good sairam triumphant.