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Computer Needs

Good day! In this article we will try to deal with what is usually required to know the average person need a computer. XXI century in the yard, technological progress does not stand still and even experienced users sometimes difficult understand in what a computer is to choose. The stores have salespeople are told that the system unit cost less than three hundred dollars is only useful as a typewriter. Is this true? What should be the CPU? Why a separate computer, video card, if it works without it? What is memory? In general, how to build a computer is not overpaying for this extra thousand? Let's start from the beginning. In order to know what you need at the actually, you have to understand what is in this very 'PC'.

The heart of your computer – the motherboard. Depends on it, you'll get a whole, and how opportunities will be in your system unit. Savings a few dollars on this component, can cause you to fork over a few years to several hundred dollars for a new computer. Each board has several options that need to be paid look for when buying a computer. In the first place you should inquire from the seller what the maximum amount of memory supported by your future 'motherboard'.

As the software evolves more rapidly than computers, it should support at least 16GB. The second important caveat to this question – the number of expansion slots. This will determine whether you can establish additional fees for specialized work with powerful programs.