Remote Installation Services

Sometimes there are situations that standard means it is not possible to install Windows on your computer. One such reason is the lack or failure of CD-ROM. In this case, we must look for alternatives. One of these alternative is to use a network adapter. The idea of installation of the network is implemented by Microsoft in its server operating system with Service RIS. Using Remote Installation Services can perform the installation of such operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. However, this technology has a big disadvantage – it is aimed for use in corporate networks.

For the operation of RIS. required domain. Thus, the small network left without a friendly technologies. But there were alternatives. Such an alternative is to use RIS-LINUX. The program is written in Python and is cross-platform. In other words, even in the name and the word LINUX – this The program works on Windows systems. In addition RIS-LINUX is free. A more complete description of the installation of Windows can read the article Installing Windows XP on the network. RIS, but not Microsoft.