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The Art Of Karate

Karate – martial art developed by people who were forbidden to use weapons. Thus, it was created as an art of defense. It is believed that the high degree of skill to defend themselves quite alone hands. The word "karate" means "empty hand". Modern karate is a suit jacket. To successfully buy a kimono to draw attention to its quality, since in practice it will be heavy loads. The origins of karate has more than thousand-year history. When Dharma was in the monastery of Shao-Lin in China, he taught his students physical training to develop stamina and physical strength, and made this harsh discipline as part of their religion.

These methods of physical training in the future developed and improved and became known as the art of fighting Shao-lin. Source: Zendesk. This martial art was taken to Okinawa where it is mixed with the local methods of struggle of the islanders. Lord of ancient Okinawa, and later the feudal ruler of Kagoshima on the southern tip of Kyushu in Japan has banned the use of weapons, and it caused a marked development of technology to combat with bare hands and self-defense techniques. This martial art that originated in China, was called Karate, which literally means "Chinese hand". Funakoshi Gichin a modern master, who died v1957g., At the age of 88 years, changed the meaning of the term: the hand of the "Chinese" has become "empty". Funakoshi took the definition for the value of the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, "make yourself empty, empty your mind." For the karate master was primarily military art, but he saw it and a tool to help build character. He wrote: "As a mirror reflects all that is in front of her, and a quiet valley carries even small sounds, and karate should completely banish from your mind selfishness and anger in an effort to respond appropriately to all what he might encounter. This is the main purpose of the "penalty", or voids, in karate. "


Having played paintball once, it is unlikely someone will be able to refuse to play this game again. Paintball – the game where you can pour out their emotions in real action, find new friends to hobbies, to feel his agility. Among other advantages of this game – its safety. Instead of bullets, shot or buckshot is completely secure charges – paintballs. Paintball balls – it's round capsules, which consist of a shell and inner fulfillment. Outside cover is made of gelatin and water soluble paint inside. On the surface, paintballs are very similar, while differing in size, round bulb on drugs, and it is not surprising. Generally, balls for paintball produce the same factories that produce and capsules for medicines.

Subject to the multiplayer capabilities of the game balls for paintball are allocated a huge number of colors, all shades. Herself to paint paintball ball is completely safe and environmentally harmless, but the taste of her taste is not worth it – is unpleasant. Whenever angel investor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Its advantage is that it is easily washed off with warm water. The main quality balls for paintball must be fragility and strength. These contradictory characteristics can be explained.

The fact that the gun that flies paintball ball, has 35 inches of the barrel, and the power of the shot (hit the ball) is such that the radius of the ball Paintball, has a top speed of 324 km / h. Consequently, the shell of the ball must be very strong, strong to withstand such physical activity. However, when hitting the "victim" or the other of any object, paintball the ball must break up, leaving a blot. It turns out that the departure ball should be strong, but fragile when hit. Today, the technology of production of balls for paintball has only 5 places in the world. History production of the ball paintball goes to Canada, the city of Windsor. They are produced by "Akkukuaps." By virtue of their physical data paintballs require a different approach to storage. The shell, however, as the paint itself – filler have a tendency to absorb moisture. What makes a ball unfit for paintball games. To keep paintballs in the first place, it is necessary to keep them at temperature 15 – 30 degrees Celsius. Second, Relative humidity should be between 40 – 50%. Paintball Fans know that the best season to play this wonderful game of spring-autumn. Yes, and in these times, because natural temperature and humidity, balls for paintball less susceptible to negative influences. If you are going to play in the winter, do not forget that the cold temperature makes the gelatinous shell of the ball is very fragile. It is therefore advisable before the game starts to leave Paintball balls in a warm car in a well-sealed packet. This article is devoted to the paintball balls. Those who have never played, it's a good opportunity to get acquainted with one of the parts of this game, but also provides an opportunity know about the methods and storage conditions, this fragile, but powerful in the world.

Alea Software

In times of crisis any company needs more than never find solutions that improve your production process, either debugging strategies or incorporating new technologies which automate key aspects of its activity, reduce time and minimize errors. Only thus it is possible get an ascending line in the quality of products and adjust their manufacturing costs, ultimately, increase the competitiveness in the medium and long term. When we speak of foundries, one of these key aspects is the selection of the exact quantities of materials that must be charged furnaces for different alloys, especially when produced range is very wide. There are several factors that make this process particularly delicate: complexity, in many cases, of the chemical composition of the alloy sought. Control of the limits imposed by the standards of quality for the residual elements. The wide variety of materials likely to be used in loads of ovens, which often contain a large number of traces of unwanted elements whose presence must be checked in the final alloy. The need to take advantage of cheaper raw materials (returns and scrap metals), without thereby altering the quality of the resulting alloy. This process, already in itself is complex, yet more in those cases in which the range of products is very variable, and more even if we have to respond to the specific requirements for each client. As we can see, the number of factors to take into account can become so great that the person responsible for the preparation of loads, in addition to devote a considerable amount of time to this work, need a great experience and expertise in the matter, ensure, moreover, that loads that proposes are optimal. There are many foundries that depend on a single employee to carry out this task: on the one hand, poses them a serious problem the day they have to do without him; on the other hand, lack the necessary resources to assess alternatives to which loads the It proposes.Fortunately, there is a tool that resolves this situation.AMV Alea is a software application designed specifically for foundries, whose objective is to provide a quick and easy answer to the problem of selection of loads, with criteria of maximum quality, minimum cost and maximum use of materials themselves, whether they are chips, casting buttons or remains of casting ingots.

Carranza Trophy Arrives

With the participation not only of Cadiz CF as host, but also of Malaga CF, Sporting of Lisbon and the Italian Udinese Calcio, the Ramon de Carranza trophy in this 2011 edition returns to recover the international character which historically possessed.And in August comes the Carranza trophy is the second Spanish summer oldest tournament behind the Teresa Herrera. It bears disputing from 1955, where participated only 2 teams, to subsequently be 4 participants. This 57th Edition will be played on 4, 5 and 6 August. For the first time in its history the Sporting Lisbon fans, may follow him since the cable Sport TV Portugal sports television network has announced in its programming the retransmission of the trophy. It will be a broadcast focused on coverage of the matches of the Portuguese team, although with a major deployment in the other matches of the tournament.

Meetings will be held, as usual, in the Estadio Ramon de Carranza, official headquarters of the Cadiz CF. The stadium is located very close to the Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz closest to the beach and the city centre. Malaga CF participation makes that the cartel has more interest, since it will bring their new signings: Julio Baptista, Van Nistelrooy and Joaquin among many. The Sporting of Lisbon, second team confirmed its presence, also print quality to the Carranza trophy which coincides with the anniversary of the Cadiz CF. To make your reservation at our hotel, directly accessible from the link below up to the booking engine on our website: book room in the HOTEL MONTE PUERTATIERRA