There are several positive and negative points surrounding the marketing network and need to know if these deciding to enter this business model. Today you will learn these points in order to have a little more of information that will help in your decision of having economic independence with the marketing network. First we will start with the pros, for which we will do a comparative with the world of traditional business to assess what degree of evolution has benefited the business world. Below, I list and compare the following pros: 1. very low investment: as a business opportunity, the new employer has to perform a very low capital investment that translates into the payment of the Association to the company that you choose, with their corresponding legalized commercial contract. Entry, we see that a large investment of money, is essential in a traditional business becoming a possibility for a few. 2.

Be your own boss: the independence offered by network marketing, is out of look similar to that offered by a traditional business. I.e., in the traditional business also you’re your own boss but if comes time that you must leave business temporarily (illness, work, family problems, etc), you will no longer produce. In network marketing, it can happen that if you leave for any reason the activity, in the majority of cases your business continue to grow or will remain at least level, it is a very positive point that brings peace of mind. 3. Flexible schedules. 4. Very few fixed expenses: it could be said that these expenses are telephone, Internet, fuel because there are no physical sites and inventory of products, nor electricity, water, etc recalls that we live in the information age and what we know as traditional business should go running increasingly less in part because of discomfort have large fixed costs. 5.

Unlimited expansion possibility: to work and create communities in network and supported by new technologies, you can build a business as large as you propose it. in the case of the traditional almost you always have the possibility of acting within a limited radius of action, having many fewer possibilities of achieving economic independence. 6. The fact of not being in command of a workflow template for employees, with the controversies that often carry. Here the advantage is that you will learn to develop the potentials of other people creating non-dependent and interdependent relationships. 7 To help other people to also get their economic independence, which is the basis of networking. There are other positive points or pros but the above enteriormente are those that provide the basis for deciding. And to conclude, I will gather all the negative points in one, for the simple reason that all the great advantages that facilitate successfully develop a marketing business network, are both the biggest drawbacks. This is because in the absence of an obligation nor a requirement to meet minimum targets imposed by any other person or company, by the simple fact of not having virtually nothing inverted (only your time and) effort), is very easy to desist and abandon with which we can also consider them negative points. In following articles I will continue giving more data about the marketing industry network, so you can compare and make the right decisions. I hope to have contributed a bit in your decision-making. If you want to comment on something, leave your contribution and I will reply it delighted.