Darth Vader

I saw what happened and I know that you are a doing a good job!" The softer side of which is the anti-tamed. It is the empathy and compassion. The shrew is afraid of it because it fears that could provide yourself. It's a skill to learn to apply this loving, tender side of ourselves to support ourselves. Many of us, myself included, are not in the habit of it. In the morning I was late, Ms. Shrew was in full force.

But before he could ruin my day, I had the opportunity of taking the flag outside the Buddha in My Back Pocket. He felt a little like Luke Skywalker taking a lightsaber against Darth Vader. "Luke, the use of force!" I let the powerful voice of Buddha in My Back Pocket accusations against the beast. , Asked, "What were your reasons for taking the decisions you did this morning?" and "Do you want to make these same choices again?" Then I remembered two universal truths: "You are doing the best you can" and "Growth involves observing one's actions and learn from them." Under the influence of love and the true intention of seeking understanding, I was able to silence the Shrew, objectively analyze my "advanced" and get a valuable personal view. Within minutes, I felt relieved, re-engaged in life and to continue peacefully with the rest of my days. Unfortunately, we can not eradicate completely tamed. But we can learn how to access the force of relief: the search for empathy? a friend of love that is beside him and helps him learn about yourself in a safe and protected. The Buddha in the back pocket is always with you to calm the mind, forgive your mistakes, and remind you of the growth in your life.

As you grow your relationship with the Buddha in your pocket and you will experience more self-esteem, confidence and peace. Life is too short to waste time unnecessarily berate ourselves with critical self-talk! Sal in their day and bring the Buddha in his back pocket with you. You never know when you may need it! * No offense to anyone to use the title of Buddha. I have the utmost respect for the Buddhist tradition. In this article, I refer to Buddha as a representation of an enlightened master who offers guidance to those who chose to listen. Deirdre coaching is an accelerator that helps produce results. Through regular teleconferences, Deirdre creates a structured environment where you can work towards their goals. An analysis of practice, active listening and sharing ideas, challenges you to improve quality of life immediately. Looking for a theme and a speaker for your next meeting? Why not: "How to create an exceptional work-Life Balance", based on the book next Deirdre intensely Content: Seven Steps to experience more joy in your life? Work-life balance is always a crowd-pleasing theme! Deirdre Call today to discuss the details of your event: 207-439-4280.