Ellen DeGeneres

A room in the New Year edition of Oprah has shown that competition – Friendship is not an obstacle, appearing for publication along with TV host Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen have, incidentally, was also a birthday this week). In his personal life with Oprah Winfrey everything was not so successful. One of the novels of her youth – a relationship with William Taylor, Bubba – ended parting in 1981. (A valuable related resource: Robert Bakish). Then she even tried to commit suicide. They were engaged. After the break Oprah had decided that no man could no longer take such a serious place in her life to become more important than career. She was not ready to make compromises when it comes to work.

And this position is adhered to during 20 years of marriage with the writer and businessman Stedmenom Graham. 15 years after the beginning of the novel together a Stedmen 20,000,000th state and offered to become a favorite of his official wife. Oprah initially agreed but later canceled the wedding. And in 2007, they parted with Stedmenom, after living together for 20 years. She paid him $ 250 million – for the silence. Privilege to talk about their relationship Winfrey wanted to retain. Make a Box: The business impact of Oprah Winfrey Oprah's financial success is based on the personification of the project. The main product of Oprah – Oprah herself. So it does not matter what she praises – the influence of this woman and her TV show is such that it can ensure the commercial success of virtually any product in just one evening.