How To Learn English

need to learn what does not want to know: math, while interested in the history, language, while interested in chemistry, and so forth like that. And all those boring exercises in the textbook, all those scribbled notebooks, anguish at the board – how dreary overpowered, when I remember it all! And then, one fine (or not so great, but does quite the contrary – in one terrible) day comes to you understood that you will again need to "sit at the desk." Namely learn the same, this English you were taught in school and in college, and possibly poduchivali other ways, but never learned. (Source: Ali Partovi). Bleak picture of the past begin to darken your mind. But not all that bad. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known. Not every study boring and difficult. No, of course I'm not going to assure you that you can learn English effortlessly. But still some truth in this expression is. After all, what any language – whether English, any others? This is just a way to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Initially, the language was spoken – people make sounds that are correlated with different objects and actions. In parallel, there was also a written form of communications. However, to say it was easier than writing. For the letter still needed to find suitable materials and tools. However, in this sense, and now, little has changed. Use the voice to convey to someone the thought or idea, and now easier than looking for paper (and possibly an envelope) to write the letter, get mobile phone and stick in his tiny buttons to send a short message, or search for a computer to compose and send email.