Internet Respondents

Almost 70% have completed a private liability insurance, other 4.2% this plan over the next two years. etic response will follow. Thus it is by far the most frequent occurring product. However, the low dissemination of two other products is amazing. The supplement to the statutory duty of care, a care costs or care benefit insurance have already completed only 18.5 per cent of the respondents, 2.4% are planning this however. The result for the disability insurance is almost frightening. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. This is a fundamental safeguard, because without the replacement of the income loss of the labour force, all other products in use nothing at all. The best pension plan or health insurance brings nothing, if not there is money to pay for them. Only 32.9% of respondents have such protection, another 5.5% plan within the next 2 years.

Then look at the reasons why is the insured person for the products have decided, so the price / performance ratio stands at first (men 57.5%, women 54.4%) and good advice (41.2% in men and 44.4% in women) in second place. What do you use the Internet with respect to insurance issues? A quarter of respondents use it as a source of information, then well prepared for a consultation to get. Slightly less than 24% stated to compare insurance on the Internet. Interesting, personally, I think the response from 7.6% of the respondents. It stated that with the information from the Internet to me on the results of a personal consultation to inform.” But less than 6% of respondents want to conclude directly and anonymously. Reasons are in the complexity of the products and the desired relationship of trust with a consultant. Especially with complex and very long-lasting products is a support and advice hard to replace.

But how now to get the right product? 1.) read that up first to the need for the protection Risks can take if itself there are handicaps that are taken into account? 2.) select a specialized consultant! ask you look for references is the homepage of the adviser what qualifications in his area of expertise the consultants make a specialist? (3) consult with their”consultants are the selection criteria that the product important selection criteria PKV selection criteria to the BU 4) Can make product suggestions and question them. Why just the rates? Why this or that company? Do you understand the criteria that have led to the selection? Only if you feel the one understood, but also try to understand, then it will be a suitable product. Is the consultant on the fly with a product around the corner and there is only this and no other, then question the statements and can be explained precisely what makes the product unique. Also restrictions or exclusions not per se make a product a bad choice. The choice can be quite right, just understand you need it!