Iphone Battery

The useful life of the battery of the iPhone one of the greatest weaknesses of the iPhone is its battery. Tal and as happens with the iPod’s battery is not removable, which means that over time it is consumed and must be replaced. It is said that after two years of use, the battery of the iPhone is totally useless.Instead, Apple believes that the iPhone battery starts to lose capacity (around 20 percent) after 300 or 400 full charge cycles and download. However, monitoring of company reports began saying that 300 or 400 charges translated the complete exhaustion of the battery. Since Apple claim that after 400 complete cycles, the battery of the iPhone still has 80 percent of its charge capacity. Refer to draining the battery completely, through complete cycle a full chemical cycle. So we understand it, if you charge your iPhone when even average battery charge remaining, I would be not running a whole cycle, only half of a full charging cycle would be depleted.

In the manual of the iPhone, Apple explains the life and the useful nominal life of a battery, and also offers some useful tips on how to prolong the service life of the battery. For example, the page indicates that you for the correct maintenance of a lithium battery, be sure to go through at least one cycle (charging complete) a month. So, if you completely drained the battery of your iPhone every day what would be a lot of use, since Apple estimated that the iPhone can provide up to 8 hours of talk time per charge in around 13 months battery would only have 80 percent of its initial load capacity. The use of the battery can vary greatly from one person to another, but in general the battery of your iPhone still fine until more than two years after your purchase.Apple says iPhone users will realize, as they did most of the iPod customers, who will never need to replace your batteries. Apple will offer a battery replacement program. If your iPhone battery dies young (i.e., within the first year), you are covered by Apple’s warranty and the company will change the battery free of charge. We can conclude that the battery of the iPhone is like all batteries iPod not replaceable by the user. And like all batteries, with time it loses the ability to hold a charge.

The truth is that the battery of the iPhone just dying sooner or later, but the stories on which the battery of the iPhone is evaporated in two years are simply wrong. Other tips to maximize energy use the time period during which the battery will power your device depends on the use that gives you. For example, watching a DVD will spend a laptop battery more quickly than if you use a simple word processor. There are several simple methods that you can follow to maximize the autonomy of the battery of devices. For example, in mobile phones, as well as in MP3 or PDA, is of great importance the brightness of the screen, as well as activation or not of communications such as Bluetooth, infrared, etc. If you need to repair your iphone you can visit reparalo.