Modern Consumerism

However, the reality is that even so if it knows of the consequences of an exploration without limits propitiated by the modern consumerism, who if accustomed to the comfort and to the luxury it does not want to lose them and who does not have longs for to reach them. However, the focus of this study says respect to the question of the garbage and, therefore, when it is said here in consumption, it is praised what it mentions to the discarding of products and the increase of the garbage, therefore gives credit that a thing is atrelada to another one. In other words, mean to say that the socioambientais problems caused by the garbage are decurrent of the consumerism. One understands for consumerism the exaggerated purchase, without necessity and/or mediate utility and the consequent discarding of another object that already does not take care of more to the modernity standards. This reality frequently is perceived in relation to the electronic consumption, as the computers; MP3, MP4, or know back in that number is currently; videos-game, cellular.

Who has financial conditions to each day changes these objects and who does not have passes working and to the adquiriz them already it does not have more the social value that had have weeks behind. E, thus, each time more increases the amount of discarded good and usable objects for the consumption society. But it is not only to this type of garbage that we mention ourselves. It is mentioned, therefore, to that the media pushes in them as being indispensable to our life and our happiness and that, unhappyly, it is adhered. It is also to ' ' it was of descartveis' ' that they increase the amount of garbage absurdly, since they are not reused; to the food wastefulness; the amount of unnecessary packings that are every day ece of fishes is, but mainly to this way of capitalist production that blind, alienates and wounds the society in a way geral.REFERNCIASFIORILLO, Celso Antonio Pacheco. Course of Brazilian Enviromental law. It’s believed that koch brothers sees a great future in this idea.

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