Moreover Blogs

Currently, site promotion on blogs for local users is not yet very developed and frequently used form of promotion. The essence of this advertising technology whose purpose is the promotion of the site is to post links to your site on thematic blogs with high level of popularity. We can say that the method of placing links to blogs operates as if in isolation from the search engines and not very significantly affect the promotion of the site in search results. This is due to the fact that Runetovskie search engines are reluctant to believe blogging links. However, slowly but surely, this technology is gaining momentum, that associated with the active development of the blogosphere and its gradual commercialization. It should be understood that by simply placing links to the posts of advertising on blogs, the desired result of promotion you will not get anywhere.

Much more effective would be to post on blogs and quality articles needed topics that will look natural and certainly will be welcomed by search engines. Internet agencies and private freelancers whose job optimization, reluctant to include in their versions of an integrated promotion sites promotion of the site in the blogs because a lot of small subtleties that must be considered when such technology. And this not quite right, because if your business involves any direction in which there are many groups or individual members blogosphere, the site promotion in blogs can be more efficient and bring much more tangible results than the conventional options of promotion. For example, a huge number of blogs available for windsurfing, diving and contract with the owners of these blogs will bring your resource (if it is similar to subjects) a huge number of target audiences. In connection with this topic I remembered a very funny story with the blogger who created a blog about the foods which are sold at its online store. So as the main range of its products were all sorts of sausages and other long storage nonsense, then, without thinking twice, and in the name of the blog, and in the name of the site he made, as it seemed the perfect word that best characterizing his business – so’siska.

In principle, the idea is certainly true, and meets all the recommendations of experienced creators of websites and blogs – the title must contain a word that clearly defines the niche occupied by the project. But Moreover, apart from academic theory in RuNet there is still an objective reality and the perception of users. In general, and the site and blog are popular Russian Internet users, and links to the blog our friend’s are not cheap, but among the advertisers of the city of St. Petersburg (and it is not so great as it may seem to those who do not live in our metropolitan area) to place a link to the above blog (myself heard, and no one time) sounds like – “You have to throw a link on your tits.” That way – even laugh, even cry. So you need to carefully approach the choice of names for both sites, and blogs.