Municipal Chair

Friday 27 of August of the current year. Today they have come out two surveys, both reveal that Lourdes is still favorite. But Susana Villaran is approaching him. And the survey is presented as well: first Lourdes with 35%, then Susana with 22%, then the former pastor Humberto Lay with 8%, then Fernando Andrade with 5%. I think that if Susana continues to rise, the final will be either at odds. The people who would vote for Kouri, does not want to vote for Lourdes, then these votes are going to where? The survey for the presidential election is presented in the following way: first is Castaneda with 28%, then Keiko with 26%, then follows it Alejandro Toledo with 11%, Ollanta Humala with 11%. If the election were today, would have runoff between Castaneda and Keiko us still informing Jaime Bayly in his sniper. Usually voters wait until the end to give your vote to any of the two who are first, so that your vote is not as lost to choose those who are further down.

The thing at the end would then be between Susana and Lourdes. Fernan Altuve, better known as hard boiled egg was interviewed on Radio program and accepted the nickname in a sporting manner last night was the Kouri rally with hard-boiled eggs. The people were shouting Alex is not going!, but won’t be, because it is no longer a candidate. Then the famous singer tone Centella, encouraged the rally, and egg is hard put to dance as a burbujito of Yola Polastri. The combi is falling by the abyss. Alex has already fallen from the combi. Yvonne Frasinet also fell, and egg is hard holding strong the Combi. Hard boiled egg is annoying and says that handles the combi, am I. We will lead, and we are going to lead to victory! This combi is longer scrap hard boiled egg.