New Allinone Camera

Pentax X 90: All-in one camera with 26fach zoom lens, HD video function and 3 shake reduction. The new Pentax X 90 opened ambitious photographers exactly these advantages in a case: the wide focal length range from 26 mm wide angle to 676 mm Telephoto (EQ. KB-Format) and the brightness of f2, f5, 8 0 virtually any shooting situation excellent cover, without having to invest in expensive lenses. At the same time is only 400 grams almost as easily as a compact camera, as easy to use and fits easily into any backpack. Video recording in high-definition quality, triple shake reduction and the HDMI output underline the versatility and power of the new X 90 next. Now who decided only because of the large variety of focal length for a SLR camera, can access to the Pentax X 90 power not only in the zoom range.

Because of equipment she has much to offer demanding users: triple shake reduction (SR optical via CCD-shift, digital SR and video SR), shutter priority, manual exposure control and time – leave plenty of room for the individual and secure recording control. On the other hand, features like high-speed face-recognition offer the safety of sophisticated automatic functions for up to 32 faces, smile, and blink detection and about 20 scene modes less experienced photographers. The new X 90 features a 12 megapixel CCD, a 2.7 “LCD display (with anti-reflection coating) with 230,000 dots and record videos in 16:9 format in HD quality (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second. With a size of 111.0 x 84.5 x 110.0 mm and a weight of only 400 grams, it is also much handier than any SLR. The new Pentax all-in one camera will be available from April 2010 at the price of euro XYZ (UPE) in the trade. X 90 – most important data at a glance: 12 mega pixel CCD 26fach zoom lens with 26 676 mm (KB format) / f 2.8-5.0 2.7 “LCD monitor with 230,000 dots optical”shake reduction”(sensor shift system) electronic viewfinder Auto mode and numerous scene modes Auto picture mode for 7 Motive situations interval recordings (24 hours pre programmable, 7 intervals up to 99 minutes delay) sensitivity ISO 80 6400 (up to ISO 6400 in the shake reduction) feature HD video and voice recording face recognition AF & AE up to 32 faces, automatic smile and blink detection dimensions: 111,0 (B) x 84.5 (H) x 110.0 (T) mm, weight 400 g (without battery and SD card) price expected to be EUR??, – (UPE) launch: April 2010 positioning: powerful all-in one power Zoom-camera, that the focal lengths the mirror reflex photography with the operation, size and weight advantages of a compact camera in accordance the advantages. Extensive facilities with modern features such as electronic viewfinder, HD video capability, optical shake reduction and HDMI interface. Changes compared to previous model X 70: 26fach zoom lens 26-676 mm (KB format) (previously: 24fach 26-624 mm zoom lens) HD video at 30 frames per second (previously 15 frames per second) HDMI interface dynamic range correction for Shadows and highlights