What can you ask? Clearly understand what competencies (skills) needed for this position. Often they are described in the requirements: * Organizational skills – remember the 02/03 example, when you're organizing something (A party at work, conferences, meetings, presentation of the group at the university (if not experience)) Think about every detail, answer the following questions:-From whom, when and why you were charged with this task? How- Did you plan this event? What have you done everything to be done in time? (The ability to plan, predict, packed in due time, to inspect and monitor the progress of work) who supervised the execution of the plan? (This question is often asked to see whether you worked independently or under the direction of another person, what percentage of Freedom was given to you at the last place of work) What has been, and what did not? (Always be prepared to lead, not only positive examples, but also negative, the presence of some positive examples of always worrying and casts doubt on the honesty of the candidate) What would you do differently? (This question is often asked to check whether the candidate has learned a lesson from past experience, learning from the mistakes he, even if everything was perfect, try to figure out how one could improve their work) * Stress – remember the 03/02 example, when you had to work under stress (doing a lot of work in the short term, pressure from management, competition with another person while performing the task, etc.) Remember, how you cope with stress. .