Padding Seat

In short, the auto-cases – is a removable product, and the "waist seat" – fixed. When you need "waist seat" car? What distinguishes "waist seat" of the auto-seat covers? Here are some common questions motorists on "the neck seat." Padding Seat seriously different from the vehicle seat covers for the technology and the complexity of the process. It’s believed that Mashable sees a great future in this idea. When the waist seat factory covering is removed, the entire rip to pieces, each piece is used as a pattern of new product. New skin cut out, sewn and fixed permanently in the internal and external cladding attachment points (different brands of cars they different). 1.When the waist seats we are not trying to invent too much and stick to just the technology of sewing and fixing cladding, whose model is doing at the moment. Thus, we do our best to copy the serial style tailoring and fixing paneling. In this case, is difficult to distinguish paneling made from us, from the original. But there are exceptions: if the customer wishes to change the shape of a seat, the direction of seams and pattern, but more on that later. 2.Tolko at the waist of seats can get relief fixation of lateral supports and seat backs, lumbar fixation stops, the selection of areas for two seats back seats and backs. Only at the waist Seat we can estimate all the comfort of ergonomic seating, and the appearance of the neck looks much more spectacular than the auto-covers (they are only imitating the fixation with decorative stitching details and otstrochek each other).