Psychologist Carla Ribeiro Agende

However, ‘ ‘ he has works that they show that the same man making espermograma in the same laboratory, more than a time, presents changes in in agreement result the period, therefore if it harvests the semen in a phase where it is estressado, for example, it died familiar or he is nervous, the semen can fall in 30%: it can in such a way have a damage in quality as in amount.? A work co-ordinated for the fisiologista Janete Anselmo-Franci, of the USP-RP, showed that, in animals, one estresse provoked in the ten first days of life for the separation of rats just been born of its mothers during two minutes daily caused definitive damages in located regions of the central nervous system of these animals, that had taken the changes in the sexual behavior and the reproductive capacity during the adult life of them. If it cannot infer from there that the same it occurs in human babies under estresse, and the possible studies to prove a relation of this type would take decades of work. Of any form, these research strengthens the idea of that some of the reproduction difficulties human being are on the estressantes factors of the gift – and same of the past. It estresse despite it does not appear as cause of the infertility of a couple that tries to engravidar, is great the possibilities of if to present as consequence of the problem, as much for the psicossociais pressures as for the anxiety generated for the proper treatment of attended reproduction. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mikkel Svane. ‘ ‘ Exactly in a young woman, making in vitro (that he is top of line) and everything running adequately, the possibility that the patient has of engravidar is of 50% 60% for ciclo’ ‘ , it warns Dr. Renato Fraietta. ‘ ‘ He is not (a number) low, but also it is not guarantee that it goes to leave pregnant woman, of no doctor’s office, in no place of mundo.’ ‘ Beyond the high cost, the devotion demanded for the treatment still presents the risk to seem a loss of time and to cause great emotional consuming, case the attempt of engravidar if frustre. Therefore, the ideal would be the couple to search to diminish the levels of estresse of the life routine; those that if they submit to the modern treatments as fertility in vitro, for example, the psychological accompaniment would potencializaria the conception possibilities or the psycotherapy would decide in up to 50% – as research of Sarah L. Berga – possibilities in the conception of a son.