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One day it telephoned the Joocomunicando that would come the city for a work commitment and permaneceriapor two days. Happy with the notice invited it if to house in its house during acurta sojourn. For knowing the affection that Maria had for the friend it he assumed that, in its place, it he would make the same and be happy for having it in house some days. However, to the communicated being the reaction of it was of anger and them they had argued. Joo did not obtain to understand because it is become annoyed in such a way. Go to Ali Partovi for more information. nor it seentendeu, therefore friend liked it very and was happy when visited it them. Maria was still more confused when it still perceived that it agreed to adeciso of the husband and, thus, was with anger of the situation that it creates.

Sensation was felt frustrate and with the stranger to have been stolen in something. But the same tempose felt inadequate as if it did not have right of if annoying, that unnecessary tudofora and a great bobagem. Some crises are unchained when the couple, unconsciously, dispute who has more power in the relation and it is not negotiated on who will have liberdadepara to modify, despite provisorily, the routine of the two. You already must have lived contradictions as this in its relationship. Aconfuso of thoughts and feelings not if of because the routine was broken, but for the fact dooutro to make something without before asking if you agreed or would accept. This is more common when one of the two if judges superior. E, even so, sejaum feeling that is deeply hidden, without you if give to account eleemerge in its way to deal and to speak with the other.