Roman Emperor

And instead of thinking over and over again in everything negative that you think that it means that this person is gone, I invite you to think about all the reasons why your life is now even better thanks to this experience. And although it may seem difficult to even open ourselves to this possibility or ask ourselves this question, if what you really want is to be well, I recommend heart that reflections on this. Note what perhaps until now you have not observed, why, if God or the universe, (as you call it) is kind and loving, would have chosen this experience for you?, what your life, those who surround you and the world is better because of this experience?. Get the list with calm, with an open heart, because this can help you much to recover your well-being. Perhaps you can appreciate that you will have more time for you, that you will be able to resume or start doing things that you like and you had set aside, that you no longer have perhaps the discussions you had, can read the books that you wanted to read, see the programs that you like, give you the time and attention that very possibly you were not givingputting you back in first place and how the lives of others through this could be better? Because your family and friends will enjoy more than your company now, because you’ll have more time for others and how the world will be better because of this? You may have more time to be of service to others, or you can devote more time to develop your creativity and help with this to others.

These are just a few examples, searches for you the reasons which are valid for you, for simpler they seem, gives you that gift. Because when we see that what seems so terrible and negative, it is not, then we can receive it with acceptance and even with curiosity and even enthusiasm, and we can see that our life continues and that our lives without a partner may be as good as we allow it while more we cling to something that is no longer, suffer more we cannot control how other people act but it is how we feel in this regard as I said Marcus Aurelius, philosopher and Roman Emperor if you afliges by any external cause, not what she irks you, but the judgment that you do it. And delete this view, depends on you. The reality is at this time that person already not by your side and you can live it in two ways: with suffering, pain and resentment, or you can accept and love this new stage of your life, get the best out of it, enjoy your company and appreciate the gifts that this new experience brings you, what you choose? Original author and source of the article