Soviet Union Construction

It is known that the development of any enterprise engaged in mining and construction, they need a reliable special equipment. By this broad concept includes bulldozers, cranes (both stationary and on the basis of vehicles), tractors, panelevozy, tractors, trucks, pipelines, and motor graders, loaders, dump trucks (conventional and career), shift buses and more. In contrast, passenger car production in the field of freight and machinery manufacturers to dominate the post-Soviet space: KAMAZ (Kamsky car factory), BelAZ (Belarusian Automobile Plant), Ural (Miass Automobile), CHSDM (Chelyabinsk construction machinery), CTZ (Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant), and others. Leading manufacturers from CIS countries is explained simply – first of all, affordable cost of the equipment, the second important point is the unlimited choice and availability of spare parts, and third, virtually unlimited resource exploitation, as well as a large territorial coverage of the country and dealer service centers with highly qualified specialists, which in turn allows provide fast and qualified repairs and servicing. Also, we all know that domestic appliances has much better throughput and adaptability to difficult road (ie, intended for roads of all categories), and climatic conditions, and unpretentious to fuel oil and lubricants. Naturally, the support staff (drivers, crane operators, etc.) are much easier to work with the familiar, years of proven technology than to relearn to control foreign equipment and machinery. That all of the above explains why throughout our vast country (the harsh north, the southern steppes, on the hills of the Far East, in the marshes, in areas with high humidity, salty wind blown on the coasts, etc.) for construction of houses, road junctions, pits, cuts, pits, and more another technique is used primarily produced in the former Soviet Union. After using domestic machinery, a manager can be confident in the stability and growth of his company and the implementation their tasks.