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New Course: Music Active – Rock & Pop

improvise musically anyone can learn we all consume music. Everywhere. But only few fulfill the desire to make music themselves, even to improviesieren. Because many do not imagine, even without playing notes. But: Whether rock, pop, jazz, blues and other styles all musicians use improvisation to the midst of their creativity and individuality.(…) You can improvise ever learn? We say yes! Because everyone is creative. tic response will follow.

“Stefan Berker course author, musician and music teacher, Director of the global-jazz academy recently Stefan Berker, the author of the course, the course offers active rock & pop music”. Learn the basics of interpretation & improvisation, harmony & melody, rhythm & ear training in him. In addition, the course includes various Improvisationtechnicken and learning basic musical principles based on various styles of popular music (pop and rock, jazz and blues and hip hop). Active Rock & pop music”is for classic or traditional trained musicians who want to switch to popular music, suitable also for beginners. Beginners will learn theoretical and practical basics through rock and pop music. In particular, the course for aspiring music students who want to get to this later at a music school or in a degree of popular music to deepen and music teachers, who are to give their students also rock and pop music, a complete musical training is intended. The course can be started at any time easily and without any music-theoretical knowledge from home. It assumes only the instrumental technical basic knowledge.

Usually takes the course of 12 months, with the participants a week about 10 hours. The standard period of study can be extended however free to half a year. During the course, it passes through 12 study booklets with each audio CD. For even more analysis, hear from Energy Capital Partners. To include these CDs compiled examples of listening, aural skills – and rhythm dictation and PlayAlong songs to which his Instrument can play.

Favorite Opera

Life experiences with an opera by Guiseppe Verdi I saw her many times and was always one of the last, which applauded up to the former “iron curtain”. Always been great singers were engaged in our beautiful art nouveau theatre. Unfortunately, Hitler had with wooden dress up the ornate Art Nouveau ornaments. I then bought a record, learned from this the most beautiful Arias and smashed them depending on the whim. At the time, it was just before the war, I had a chance encounter with an opera singer to I adjust as the assassin Sparafucile recognized. After excited discussions he had to sing his part from the Quartet in Act I before the Holsten Gate.

I personally never met him, but heard him as the ‘Bass’ many times. In the following years I never missed the Rigoletto performances in our theatre. In Verona, I even entered the enjoyment of this opera. I had bad luck, the Opera in the second act canceled because of a gathering thunderstorm. Now I can’t wait it, to relive the Rigoletto… Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as altavista by clicking through. On Sunday saw and I heard “my Rigoletto” again. When the curtain opened to the Overture, I got a mild shock.

Videos dancing on a gray screen. When they disappeared, a large video wall with behind the scenes stood on the stage. All the rest was bare and dreary. The Duke (Dmitri Golovnin) appeared unkempt in a cheap Street suit. He was of a girl with bunny heads be Pat. He sang, I felt his voice to pale and rough. But in the course of the action, his voice almost to the heroic tenor increased. The Duke vernaschende girls had dishonored a daughter of a nobleman. (Antonio Yang), the court jester, Rigoletto taunted it cynical whether his grief. To the father (Monterone / Frank a. G. Blees) about the libertine and Rigoletto imposed a curse is fulfilled on Rigoletto bitter at the end. I heard never a wonderful baritone of all Rigoletto performances. I say only “world class”. Despite the cold and dreary backdrop came his feelings like anger, cynicism, revenge and father love fully in his voice to the expression. Robotics describes an additional similar source. As an actor, he was very good. He had a beautiful daughter (Olga Peretyatko), who held the Court minions for his mistress. She was guarded by the father and was allowed to visit only the Church, but there she fell in love with the Duke, who was disguised as a student. Kidnapped by a trick the courtiers of Gilda and Rigoletto helped them not knowing with a blindfold. The shame for the father and the daughter was cruel. In revenge, Rigoletto hired a killer (Sparafucile / Wilhelm Schwinghamer), which would kill the Duke. Despite the new affair of the Duke to the sister of the murderer, Gildas does not subsided strong love. Let them kill themselves instead of him and monterone’s curse came true. Now, Rigoletto collapsed completely in pain. Rigoletto Gildas blood found in the bag. The farewell Duet ran again on video and Gilda was probably already an Angel in my eyes. And now to Gildas voice. She sounded crystal clear and confident in the highest notes. The Court minion choir and all with the singers deserve great praise. The cold video backdrop hasn’t hurt the music and the wonderful singers. Even Victor Hugo, who wrote the drama, would have to argue anything probably. Finally, I wish a congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the theater Lubeck and his ensemble! Erna Konig

Adela Cortina Professor

It seems urgent to prepare people to take up jobs. However, remains that Ortega question about if the urgent concern is not doing us to lose the passion for what is important. If school is to teach to do tasks such as managing the computer or know traffic signs, or whether to include in the curriculum subjects of Humanities, prepare to have a sense of history, mastery of the language, ability to criticize, to reflect and to argue. That they are not powers to perform an occupation, but the character capabilities to direct their own lives. On the other hand, insists that the whole of education is directed to form good citizens, and this is not any occupation, but a dimension of the person, that which allows you to drive with justice in a community. Not so much live in tranquility, which can be to las trancas, cemeteries or the silenced, but live from justice as indispensable value. And for that you do not learn how to deal with common life from knowledge of shared history, tasting of the tongue, the exercise of criticism, reflection, the art of appropriating itself to pursue life, the ability to appreciate the best values.

Things that do not belong to the mastery of the competencies, but to the formation of character. It is not good news that wants to reduce the philosophy in high school, nor is it that is intended to circumvent the civic ethic or that education for citizenship which should help educate in justice, not only to memorize lists of rights, constitutions and statutes of autonomy. Just limiting school and University to prepare for urgent, not important, to carry out tasks and not to take personal and shared life with guts for. Adela Cortina Professor of ethics and political philosophy from the University of Valencia original author and source of the article.

Artist Without Computer

In the fine arts, I do not think. Alas, not a professional. All the subtleties and nuances of the paintings of great creators flew past me. In general, as some people can not understand higher mathematics. Two days ago my colleague was anniversary. When I saw the picture sizobrazheniem friend in the form of a vampire, then was stunned. It turned out that the cost of a small – less than a hundred bucks.

I do not believe that for the same amount in our difficult times may depict a portrait. Picture looked quite decent. Classic canvas, wooden frame. What's the matter? It turned out that the portrait was made with the aid of a computer on photo to order, then it was transferred to the canvas. Wonderful! I would not even thought of that. I, a man born in the 20th century, it was impossible to imagine that the painting is done with a tablet. He's the one connected to the computer.

The surface of the tablet are hypersensitive. It responds to touch. It turns out that there is also a pen, which when working on the tablet surface, the drawing is transferred to the monitor. After that, I was called 'the village' and 'old'. 'Well – I thought – humanity develops, the fine Art will be closer to ordinary people. But sure whether such an approach? However, if we reflect, to gain tremendous people. For example, a 'lover of beauty', as I absolutely could not tell from the picture, so to speak, 'True'. A cost significantly less. Make necessary additions to the same computer is not difficult, rather than suffer with the canvas. Most (myself included), at the mention of the painting "Black Square" just move your finger at the temple. Let me not offended by connoisseurs. Not everyone can appreciate the work of artists of merit.