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Biography Of The Poet, Novelist, Lecturer, Juan Benito

Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares Poet, writer, novelist, columnist, lecturer, military. Born in the city of Valencia in Valencia neighborhood of the Virgin of the Helpless, that was close to the Avenue de Castilla, now Avenida del Cid, and crowned by the great bell of the impressive church of the Lord’s passion, shelter a community of Jesuits, on April 12, 1962, the third son of Leandra and Diego. He began his studies at the center of Our Lady of Fatima, concluding them in the vocational training center, San Vicente Ferrer in the neighborhood of San Isidro. At both institutions took advantage of his stay there, winning their respective titles.

He completed his studies in various centers, which get different titles to his credit as a technician in various fields such as electricity or electronics. Some years later made other training courses, aimed at a new address, among which include studying the Valencian language, which leads to the grant the title of professor of Valencian language and introductory course to the poetry of Valencia. From a young age is particularly prone to narrative and poetry, one of his early poems, there you stay Valencia, dedicated to his hometown to have to leave to meet the GOS. His first novel, was written in 1996 shortly after the end of the SMO, which chronicles the adventures of a replacement soldier, steeped in delusions of grandeur of Lieutenant Colonel of his battalion, the novel is entitled, Heroes of replacement. However your work environment will always be related to the military world, meeting their different jobs in places like Cordoba or Algeciras.