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People MMS

We all remember the era when mobile phones have developed rapidly as its function. MMS (multimedia messaging), came almost simultaneously with the appearance of color displays. It was a revelation, since using MMS you can send different files: photos, pictures, sounds, videos, animations, and text in 5000 characters! This service is immediately interested in the community, since successful delivery of MMS-messages to be independent the distance at which the recipient from the sender. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Where a person was, he received the multimedia message, if it has the appropriate settings on your phone. MMS are an alternative to the IR port, Bluetooth, whose work depended on the distance. On the other hand, being away from each other, people prefer to send information via SMS-messages, to send a picture, choose to use the Internet.

In fact, MMS is still popular: People send each other pictures from holidays, photos, things from the store, greeting cards, many people use them for transactions of sale. Now you can send MMS to mobile operators' sites. While there are exist holidays, people will look for new ways to congratulate each other. And they are not so many, so many are looking for original ideas in order to remember their congratulations. An example is sending Greeting MMS. Yes, it's also a way to congratulate your friends and family, colleagues and clients. Progress does not stand still – there was already such a thing as an MMS server: it lets you straight from your computer using your SIM card to send congratulations on your well prepared based on numbers, with no one but you will not have access to it. If you are interested, visit the page of the developer:

Cell Phone Sony Ericsson

Description and review of Sony Ericsson W380i in the online store SoMarkets.narod.ru Phone Sony Ericsson W380i (sometimes there is no notation i, that is Sony-Ericsson W380) is a musical series of the company. SonyEricsson W 380i series of devices belongs to the Walkman, and it already says that we face – music phone, as eloquently confirms his sound. Specifically, the model – an attempt to learn low-cost segment. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. Phone is notable for its design. The case is made in a clamshell. Moreover, despite reasonable price, quite eye-catching design, we can talk about the identity of the model. The target audience of the model – youth.

Sony Ericsson W380i is made mostly of dull plastic, but, nonetheless, looks pretty solid. Sony Ericsson W380i comes in two colors of shells, you can choose from a purple Sony Ericsson w380i Electric Purple and dark-gray Sony Ericsson W380i Magnetic Grey. Both options look good. Weight machine – 100 grams. You can wear it for everything. Assembly – a good one. Phone, as well as other models of Walkman series is set to music – more precisely, on her audition. This is borne out, in particular, individual touch keys are made on the front side.

In normal mode, they are locked, but on the back of a lever, you can unlock them and then they will respond to pressing vibration. Very nice effect. Besides the buttons on the front side of the perched outside the screen. It's small – 128h36 points, type – OLED.

Studio Transmitters

In recent years in broadcasting a convergence of IT and traditional technologies. There is a need of technical personnel staffing the analog radios to digital technology specialists. Overall specialists in IT technologies lack the 'sound in' competence, while radio engineers may lack in knowledge about information technology. Delivery of audio programs from the studio to transmitter interesting in this respect the process. Studio production technology programs more and more focused on IT, while the traditional means of communication are radio frequency. While traditional communication (licensing of radio frequencies, microwave switching, T1/E1soedineniya, Dedicated ISDN) is still widely used technology of "Audio on 1R" are becoming more common. Solutions based on IP can provide huge savings, especially if you have the ability to route audio through the Internet.

However, understanding the dangerous places and the correct use of a problem IPtehnologii dtya small radio stations. Major radio stations can afford to have in the state of IT specialists and use their own networks or dedicated IPsoedineniya dtya ensure reliable signal transmission. It's much harder to dtya small stations, many of which simply can not afford the additional cost of a dedicated IPsvyaz. In such cases, the usual Internet and digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable modems provide sufficient opportunities connection to the studio to the transmitter. All this is true in general, but the network configuration can be quite complex and time consuming. Our technical support department is spending many hours on the phone to help engineers radio stations, advising them in establishing a base in IP-communications topology point-to-point via the Internet. We have to perform tasks such as installation and confirmation of public IP addresses, finding the password router configuring the firewall and network address translator (NAT, Network Address Translation).