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Diamond Cutting Openings, Arches, Niches

Diamond cutting opening – a job for professionals. Today, the market for construction services for the execution of works on construction of the opening is ready to take any 'team' of workers, using shock-destructive techniques (pneumatic Hammers 'grinders' sledgehammer). In applying this technique concrete loses its properties, the connection is broken between the reinforcement and concrete, cracks are formed, which leads to a decrease in the overall persistence of the building. Sophisticated low-cost customer has no idea what could become hostage to a dangerous situation: cutting the opening unqualified 'experts' can lead to tragic consequences. Flagrant violation of technology production work and a deviation from the design decisions can lead to the collapse of individual structural elements of the building. Diamond cutting openings using special equipment and high-quality diamond tools – security the safety of your home! Cutting Cutting opening of the opening can be performed the following equipment: * Hand-held cutters * Wall saws Installation Manual cutters – is a professional hand tools, working with which requires special skills. Cutting depth of carvers is 10-15 cm, so the cutting of the opening can be made in the walls of a thickness of 30 cm, cut from two sides. Powered cutters carried ac current of 220 V or 380 V (hydraulic cutters).

Wall saw machine – a complex and technical installation, high performance, allowing to carry out deep cuts to 70 cm cutting openings can be made in the walls, thicker than 1 meter. Diamond cutting with limited wall saws in a residential area, due to the need for running water (flow okolo10 liters per minute) to cool the diamond disk and run-off Waste sludge from the cutting area. In any case, the cutting of the opening requires a number of measures for waterproofing floors and joints, to avoid leaks to the ground floor. Cutting technology of the opening before cutting the opening to establish unloading rack-jacks for transmission bearing loads. Should be carried out strictly in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the project documentation. In panel houses, where the thickness of the walls is 14-18 cm, cutting openings entirely possible, based on three cuts (cutting along the contour of the opening). In monolithic buildings walls thicker (20-22 cm) and cutting of the opening is carried out in two parts.

Next, cut a part of the opening is lowered and cut into chunks, or lifting splits. In the residential application of sliding door stop technique is limited in such cases, initially cutting the opening made in installments of 50 kg. This method is almost unique. Sometimes, to reduce cost, an opening cut into six or nine parts, weighing about 100 kg. When cutting the opening in the brick and cast-in walls thicker than 60-100 cm, applied diamond drilling in thicker walls are used diamond cutting Gaps rope made by other methods, can not be increased because of inability to secure metal in the doorway.


Laying of tiles and porcelain tiles. Congratulations, you bought a ceramic tile or porcelain tile and are ready to start its installation. What should I know, a hundred would you buy stuff lying and please your eye? Upon receipt material, and certainly before the installation, you must carefully check the shade of the caliber and type tiles. For what it needed: Caliber tile – is its actual size, not the one that points to the directory. This amount can not differ more (mm)! and if you get a box with a different caliber, so forget about the flat seams! Caliber Tile indicated on the box and usually appears as a digital or alphanumeric code. If you would like to know more about Kai-Fu Lee, then click here. Shade – it is so called party of the tile.

Each new batch produced is tile plant will have its own individual flavor. It may be similar but a shade from the previous game and maybe koordinalno vary. This is especially noticeable in the odnotonovoy tiles (Monocolor). Batch number, as well as the caliber is indicated on the box and consists of letters and numbers. Grade Tiles – a line of the tile to its characteristics. In this case, you should check with the seller, a grades you have the goods. It is important that each position in the order was the same sort. Why do we need this check? At least if you laid the tile then claims for the quality and even more taken back to tile the seller does not agree! Laying porcelain and tiles.