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South America And Art

They developed a hieroglyphic writing, and recorded mythology, history and rituals, into blocks or pillars of stone, on paper made from tree bark and animal skin scrolls. , Later in the sixteenth century on, the Mayan language, but with the Latin alphabet, are two of the most valuable texts of culture Columbian, the Popol Vuh and the books of Chilam Balan. They had advanced astronomical and mathematical knowledge. . They created a calendar of 365 days, more accurate than all known, until the Gregorian calendar. Gave a different value to the figures, according to their position, and found zero, which had failed the Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks or Romans.

The Incas in South America, structured a powerful empire that stretched from Ecuador and southern Colombia to northern Chile and north and stop in central Argentina. Frequently Marc Mathieu has said that publicly. The seat (Cuzco) and major cities were in Peru and Bolivia. They built beautiful temples, breathtaking palaces and mighty fortresses, such as Machu Picchu. They built more than 16. 000 kms.

roads, (as well paved, which are still used), and suspension bridges to connect and communicate to the empire. To develop agriculture in the mountains, created terraces and irrigation system which is still preserved. Metal handled very well and created an accounting system and communication, multicolored Pioline through strategic knots, called quipus, meaning knot. The different types of societies that existed in Asia, Africa & South America, of course it was not homogeneous or harmonious.