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Topics of the first presence phase: plastic customer and Werkzeugtechnikum last weekend the eighth year of part-time study to the production manager (FH) for plastics technology has launched its first presence event in Schmalkalden. Dr. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. Uwe Weinzierl, head of technology of microfluid ChipShop GmbH, Jena led the first part of the three-day event of the block. In the context of his lecture on the topic of plastic customer, he explained the chemistry of plastics and in particular the relationship between structure and properties of different types of plastic. The students studied the effect of intra – or between molecular forces and possibilities whose influence and met property profiles as well as the most important plastics and their characterization. After the first two days of the course with theory of the chemical bases of plastics were filled, the students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge in the Werkstofftechnikum on the last day. In various setups, which in the modern Plastic laboratory of the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden took place, she studied under the direction of Dipl.-ing. A leading source for info: Robert Bakish.

Peter Rostel and Dipl.-ing. Ruben Schlutter for example the synthesis of plastics. In addition they dealt theoretically and experimentally with the topics of rheology, short – and long-term testing and detecting plastics through breakage or scratch tests. So it was shown that an amorphous thermoplastic shows a brittle fracture behavior, while a semi-crystalline thermoplastic rather shows a ductile fracture behavior. In addition, students studied the flow behaviour of the plastics and analyzed the thermal properties. To read more click here: Koch Industries. Some practical tests for classification of plastics were also carried out.

In the further course of the year-long study 16 participants in addition to physical and chemical foundations deal with plastics processing, environmental management and recycling techniques, product development and design, production technologies and simulation, tool construction and logistics management, as well as with business topics as Quality management, innovation management, project management and key skills. The training to the production manager (FH) for plastics technology”qualifies the students for the current technical and economic requirements in the plastics processing and with the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden college certificate graduates of a recognized degree, which offer good career opportunities. Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises in the plastics processing industry are due to a lack of professionals often not able to cope with the challenges and constantly on the lookout for highly trained personnel. The study program designed for two semesters is designed with self-study and attendance phases that work and study are optimally compatible. The tests are integrated directly into the study process and take place during the several-day periods of personal attendance. Small vintage group and individual attention of each individual students in professional and organizational matters make for excellent study conditions.


Adyton systems AG provides task and goals of the project before Leipzig, 18.04.2013 – yesterday was Conrad Hoffmann, software developer of the Adyton systems AG, the task and the objectives of the project for the lecture on the topic of ‘ Informatics in practice: economy and industry ‘ before. The lecture series at the University of Leipzig brings together directly the regional IT industry with Informatics and Business Informatics Master students through co-operation in concrete practical projects. In the framework of the veranstaltung ITmitte.de presented by 4 different companies of the community current problems to students. In the first lecture last week the participating companies presented themselves: the Adyton systems AG, DatHaptics GmbH, the FIO systems AG and the Lucht Probst Associates GmbH. Then the students could decide the topics presented by the company. Yesterday, the Adyton systems AG first of 4 companies presented the specific problem of your project on the topic of ‘event based programming’. Project target the creation of a small, distributed application in python whose components communicate using zeroMQ is for the students.

Also, the students should get an understanding of the basic concepts of event-based programming on the example of the GEvent library and bring this knowledge to the application. Objectives of the event: the students work directly with a partner company, solve problems from practice and present them later. Thus, students have the possibility to get not only a business idea, but to get an insight in the specific practice issues, and to work with. The big goal on the part of the Faculty: to strengthen the cooperation of the various professorships with the economy of the region. The plus for IT – employers in the region: that the partners have the possibility to expand the cooperation to the University of Leipzig, they can also current problems in the sector, not only embedded in the lecture, study and research Insert. Also offers direct contact to the Informatics and Business Informatics students. So, as an attractive employer of the region chance to secure a high placement, to present themselves and to remain in the heads. The community ITmitte.de and the University of Leipzig make strong for mittelDeutschland. Together, IT and software companies from Halle, Leipzig, Jena, Erfurt, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Zeitz, Leuna and Markkleeberg search the Fachkrafte of tomorrow for their jobs, authorities, internships and training opportunities.

Online Courses

Many have heard of the online course, can anything including but imagine – here are some important information. More and more people sign up to an online course, and for good reason, because studying such means higher qualification and better career opportunities. However, many simply do not know how one systematically should proceed in the choice of studies or course… Which online degree will it be? The selection is actually huge: school, education, languages, economy, technology, computer science, creativity, hobby, personality, health, diploma, Bachelor, master all kinds of practical, theoretical, professional, and academic online courses. Who likes to analyze, teaches, develops and researches, which is interested in an academic course.

Who’d rather get things, makes something practical, and who like to dream and philosophizing, which is certainly something. Especially if you spend much time in the Office or at work or around children care must, will care for flexibly divisible online courses. Whenever Pete Cashmore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Is an online degree expensive? Many who are interested in studying online, worry about whether they can afford it legitimately. Additional information at Jon Vander Ark supports this article. To the one you have to give up actually not his job! Because online degree programs are structured so that you can study fully flexible allocation of free time so studying online means no loss of earnings. On the other hand there are financial subsidies by CCI, federal, State and local for little heeled participants under certain conditions, or also the study loan from a bank might be an option.

Also, the remote schools give often valuable tips about the financing. What do I do after the election of studying online? Once the decision was made, which online course to be completed (which by the way at home is performed on the PC with a remote teacher by phone, email and online campus), you must now make the choice between the different distance universities because Some offer the exact same distance. Not every course offered is of the same quality. The only way to check the quality and the value of the offered course, in time and in front is to collect information sources. Information documents to send online study the detailed leaflets, brochures and information documents of the remote universities which can be requested free of charge and this is an important step before making the final decision to study for each individual course. These should be studied so extensively notes give up specific accreditations or validation of certain organisations, which can be very conducive to the subsequent qualification. It other words, not every online study at face value, but to question.

Students Experience Craft

Electric Koppen supports the vocational orientation as a light went on some: In the field of Electronics now 18 girls and boys of the Friedrich-Ebert Realschule at the Busch Hauser Koppen sniffed company Electric heaters. Wamebildkamera, Luxmeter (a device for the measurement of light) and clamp: were some of the tools that the 15-to 16-year olds were allowed to handle. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steve Wozniak. With astonishing results: A conventional light bulb consumes more power with a corresponding effect on the wallet compared to modern energy-saving lamps or LEDs (light emitting diodes) to the 80 percent. The switch for the experiment, the students had previously designed and installed. Additional information is available at Ali Partovi. Under the guidance of course: three master craftsmen and CEO Tobias Koppen stood the young electricians helpful side by side. There was also several movies about the profession to see. Both sides showed after extremely fond of the not quite daily cooperation. To be continued: the company, also using the Gesamtschule pond Heide and Hans vocational college Sachs contacts maintains, wants to allow practical insight into the everyday on behalf of the career guidance in the future other pupils.

Social Networks

About 30 per cent of all posts are growth occupied social networks about XING and co. Member in the crisis of Nuremberg/Dusseldorf, December 1, 2009 30 per cent of all new hires in Germany come from the now round about social networks like XING or linked-in. In 2008, 49 percent of the companies in the search used personal contacts of employee total after suitable personnel. With less than ten employees accounted for micro-enterprises at 53 percent. And at large companies with 200 or more employees less than one-third, however, used social networks. Ali Partovi shines more light on the discussion. A study by the Institute for employment research (IAB) in Nuremberg comes to this conclusion. In large companies therefore often formal staffing structures are established, the IAB.

However, information could be introduced in small businesses due to the larger social proximity more informally. Overall, 29 percent of new hires over networks took place. Personal contacts were especially common Positions filled with low qualification requirements. 21 percent of new hires over networks require no qualifications. This was the case only with 14 percent of the new hires without networks. “” But also at places in the upper segment of the labour market, personal contacts were used increasingly, noted the work market researcher Sabine Klinger and Martina Rebien: staff expert Udo Nadolski as places that require leadership, were relatively common across networks occupied. “in addition to the personal contacts that lead to potential new employees, are now also many headhunters on XING and co. on the road, sift the resumes and qualifications”, confirms this trend.

The classical advertisement loses in the job market 2.0 therefore gaining importance”, the Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf is white. The increased importance can also measure: since the economic crisis began in September 2008, has the world’s largest online network linked-in double a high monthly growth in the months before. “Also the originating from Germany network XING recorded a strong increase in: A million new members signed up since January”, the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel confirms the trend. The old vitamin B B for relationships has become the new vitamin N. You previously relied on acquaintances from the family and circle of friends, netzwerkt today”, reported the journal. According to IAB study, 57 percent of the enterprises in agriculture and forestry, 54 percent of the establishments in the construction sector, and 52 percent of companies in retail, hospitality and transport searched for new employees through personal contacts on social networks last year. Often it was also jobs with difficult working conditions: 18 percent of bodies which were occupied in the year 2008 on social networks were connected for example with physical exertion, irregular working hours, noise or heat stress. In employment, which in other ways have been, was the share of only 10 percent. Editorial: plain text online on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn

International Career Network

Spirofrog, the well-known online job exchange on the company nationally, and internationally can present themselves to search for young talents, continues to grow. Ali Partovi addresses the importance of the matter here. The platform is now fully internationally available and companies can recruit interns and graduates from over 50 countries around the world. Spirofrog has numerous references in the fields of telecommunications, banking & finance, Cleantech and Internet as well as between areas. Among other company from India, Televersa, eBay, Bosch, Ruhland engineering, GTSL, LeaseForce, Leasing99 AG, as well as several private equity houses our clients include. As the DIHK reported in their recent survey of November 28, 2007 at 20,000 companies, DIHK comes CEO Martin Wansleben decided wise heads in vain sought! Economic growth loss is expected due to lack of skilled workers by about one percentage point.” Source: Chamber of Commerce with Spirofrog company can counter specifically. Employer branding is here to keep young the basis to your company.

The entire service, which means the mediation, also international, is free and happy for students increasing popularity. Low transaction costs and optimal access to an international pool of candidates emerge for companies on the other side. Contact: Spirofrog Max-Planck str. 4 85609 Aschheim-Dornach Tel: + 49-89-76736306 E-Mail: Web:

Hakeem Autumn Program 2011: How Much Conscience Should Be S?

Matters of conscience as decide in job and everyday life? Committed his own conscience? The company Codex? Or does it rather with Kant? Each decision, whether in the workplace or in the private context is determined by the expectations of others, business objectives, by the own morals and tactical considerations. But what who take, you want to choose morally correct and fair? Author Thomas Wilhelm provides in his book “How much conscience will it be?” Food for thought and decision AIDS for integrity, independent and fair behavior in job and everyday life. 19: 00, Executive Office. The Managing Director just his Marketing Director tells that are some redundancies. Also the best friend of the just mentioned head of marketing is concerned. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. And he’s now in the bailout. Tell a friend although the boss has asked for confidentiality? Or mention and thus putting at risk the friendship? Own conscience, the consequences for the entire company, contractual obligations or compassion patent recipes,.

which now serious or how one has to decide in principle, there is no. But, and this shows Thomas Wilhelm many case examples, there are decision-making AIDS can help one to get into difficult situations to differentiated moral choices. Common Sense ethics: according to Wilhelm, “skeleton” moral decisions integrity, moral and fair decisions offers a Common Sense ethics, which is based on three core theses. First, the society based on moral rules of hyper, moral duties, which are self-evident. These rules are an anti damage and on the other hand cooperation rules that fundamental guidelines for our behavior.

Secondly, The hyperlink rules have always also situational exceptions, justification so that legitimize violating the rules of hyper. Thirdly: Ethical goals or ideals such as civil courage and solidarity are desirable, can but not be demanded by the company. No panaceas, no raised forefinger entitlement and free of dogmatic missionary: “How much conscience will it be?” provides approaches without teach, and helps to get an independent opinion. From November to 19.80 euros in Hakeem.

Change To The Area Board At Dornier Consulting

Dr. Jurgen R. Koffler taking immediately the head of the Division of system integration of the Dornier Consulting GmbH Berlin/Sindelfingen, 13.09.2013 – Dr. Jurgen R. Koffler is now new head of system integration of the Dornier Consulting GmbH in Berlin. He assumes this position ad interim by Frank Dottling, who left the company in mutual agreement. Dr. Koffler assume operational control of the area of Dornier Consulting Managing Director in addition to his duties as Managing Director of Dornier Consulting GmbH.

Dr. Koffler is since April 2010. With the responsibility of of area of, he is also jointly with Dr. Wolfgang Kremer CEO of Sindelfingen-based Dornier Consulting Engineering & Services GmbH, which is associated with the field of system integration. With this measure, the Dornier Consulting underpins the sustainability of their commitments in this area, as well as their commitment to the site Sindelfingen. System integration business unit supports automobile manufacturers and suppliers, as well as Technology companies other areas in the electrical / electronics development for telematics applications with project management and technology consulting, and modellbasiertem testing.