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COS Memory Hardware

Wide range of products for many target groups available Florstadt, October 29, 2009. So-called hard drives, Flash-based, solid state drives (SSD), conquer the mass market. This assessment comes from Jochen Zips, COS memory board, and comes from the early summer of this year. Now, the figures confirm this statement: the SSD market attracts strong. COS memory is one of the leading distributors of storage products and thus SSDs in Europe. In the past few months the demand for SSD products significantly\”, COS explained Board Member Jochen Zips. We owe this acceptance thrust among the mass market suitable for SSDs, which now has Intel on the market. \”SSDs with Indilinx are also an important success factor controller, as for example, Super Talent offers.\” COS memory sees itself as a pioneer in this trend-setting market.

Now, the Distributor has the SSD products from six leading manufacturers in the program: Super talent, Mtron, Corsair, Intel, Kingston and Memoright. We offer SSDs for the various usage scenarios, and appeal to many audiences. This is for our partners in trade. an essential success criterion\” Mtron and Memoright are pioneers in corporate and industrial applications. Set memory, to single-level cell (SLC). These chips are resilient while more expensive, for it but faster, longer-lasting and higher. SSD SLC-based run extremely stable and reliable and show no performance problems even in the most demanding applications.\” For extreme operating conditions Mtron and Memoright offer among other SSDs, are specially designed for use under high temperatures. The right thing for the so-called enthusiast or early adopters\”, who like early equip themselves with the latest technology, Kingston, Intel, Corsair and Super Talent’s SSD products.

These manufacturers offer powerful and sophisticated SSDs at attractive prices. Cheap SSDs for use in notebooks and Netbooks for mobile use in notebooks offer Intel, Kingston, Corsair, Super Talent and also the Mtron SSD matching. Here, the user benefits, inter alia by the low energy consumption of the Flash memory, which is reflected in significantly longer battery life.