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The conflict between religion and science is as old as the same time, and even in our modern society dominated by the pursuit of tolerance and progression, the battle continues unabated, and even complicated with the recent growth in the popularity of another ancient phenomenon: superstition. Scepticism dominates the Western mind, and today criticize religion or science is a widespread activity, which usually occur with a respect and tolerance that does not subside the ferocity of his attempt. But if one is critical, does not mean that one is in favour of the other. Disillusioned by the ferocity of the war between science and faith, an increasing number of people choose a third option: superstition, related faith and some not very well-defined roots in science. The famous sentence of Einstein science without religion is lame and religion without science is ciega now has a new interpretation, that science without religion is superstition and religion without science as well. Although the decreases number of practitioners, every morning millions of people consult their horoscope with greed, not putting their faith neither in God nor in scientific reason that denies the veracity of the signs of the Zodiac, but in superstition.

Tarots and Tarot readers online consultation are increasingly popular, and enjoy a new cohort of young fans. In a world insecure, riddled with armed conflicts and economic problems, superstition satiates the desire for certainty, because as faith can not be deny, and as some scientific ideas is based on rules, although they are open to a wide range of interpretations. Tarot for example, is a mixture of irrational belief in the power of the letters and not very well-defined rules, which govern the interpretation of the reading of the letters. Practiced, sometimes unconsciously, by atheists as believers, both the cult of superstition follows us in every way that we started with the right foot, in our aversion to the black cat that crosses us ahead, and everytime we touch wood. For some us distracts from the reason scientific for others is a heresy, but whatever they say, for a vast minority of fans is an old answer to the problem of modern insecurity.