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Modern Fishing Carp

Instructions and tips for fishing carp of the modern style in recent years has changed a lot the hobby fishing. Through the high-quality materials and processing possibilities succeeded the manufacturers of fishing, rollers and accessories to develop products especially resistant and resilient to fishing and to offer at an affordable price. For this reason, also the fishing for CARP has changed. CARP fishing, the material due to the enormous power and the weight of the CARP must withstand large loads. Used fishing rods no longer have much to do with that, used 10 years ago. The modern carp fishing lead lead weights, which can be partially up to 150 grams. Such weights could not be thrown with the fishing of our grandparents.

But the high-quality materials of modern fishing allow us to recreate the CARP with such fishing techniques. Also the monofilament fishing line, which have a capacity of a few kilos was aufwiess 20 years ago revolutionized the geflochte cords. These cords exhibit at very thin cross-section of a multiple capacities of monofilament lines. For example, using monofilament lines with a diameter of 0. 3 mm, which had a capacity of around the 6 pounds several years ago fishing carp. Click Viacom to learn more. Strings used in today’s carp fishing, which have half the diameter, but the double capacity. Thus, the enormous force of especially big carp can be tamed.

Also carp over 20 kilos can be landed so easily even by inexperienced anglers. Also the bait for fishing has changed greatly in recent years. Previously used bait such as worm or corn. In a question-answer forum technology investor was the first to reply. The disadvantage of these lures was that you had to control the grip hook quite frequently, the smaller fish often eat the bait off the hook. You had created the boilies bait with the invention, which keeps the angler on the hook not only quite durable and easily tradable, but also extremely well. The boilies hold up to several days in the water without the anglers the right seat must check. Flavors and colors, it has mixed with the Boilierezepten, the boilies have big curls effect on the carp. As you can easily see, the modern technology has changed the way of fishing. However, one should also critically observe this development. This modern carp fishing but often neglected the knowledge and contact with the fish. Specifically you should have much knowledge about the patterns of behavior and the way of life of the CARP carp fishing. Unfortunately, this is neglected by many modern carp anglers. The carp is a desirable target fish, therefore you should deal with the animal carp and regarded him not only as a catch.