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Low Budget Movies

RULL has collected 1.5 million Euros in their first weekend. The film, of low budget, retakes thematic of houses enchanted. ‘ Hanna’ , another one of the new features, made debut in fifth place. For even more opinions, read materials from Dell. Insidious, a film of terror of low budget, its production cost only 1.5 million dollars (little more of a million Euros), it managed to be number one of ticket office in the United States (it takes 53 million dollars collected until the moment there), and now also in Spain. In his first weekend it has entered 1.5 million Euros, according to data of Rentrak Spain. Directed by James Wan, director and one of the creators, along with the scriptwriter and actor Leigh Whannell, of first of the Saw saga, success with a production of modest budget repeats after to have realised some largometrajes, case of Silence from the evil, without fortune. This way, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: In mysterious tides he has lowered, in his fourth week, until the second put with 1.3 million collected and an accumulated ones from his opening that it approaches the 16. Also X-Men: First generation descends, until the third place, with 1 million Euros obtained and almost 4 after ten days in billboard.

Another one of to the surprises continues it offering the new comedy of Woody Allen, and is that Midnight in Paris continues between the most seen and the past weekend was fourth with 520,000 Euros and get ready to surpass 5 million from its arrival to our cinemas. And fifth position for a peculiar largometraje of action that also was released here the past Friday: Hanna, directed by Joe Wright (the director of Pride and prejudice or Purification), and carried out by the young actress of 16 years Saoir Ronan; for them they went to stop 410,000 Euros in three days. Completing the list of the ten more taquilleras, sixth it was the thriller Without identity; the seventh French Small lies without importance; the eighth innocent; novena the animation of River and tenth Arthur and the war of worlds. Source of the news: The terror of ‘ Insidious’ one seizes of the first position of ticket office..

European Court Of Justice

7 years of a sentence of the European Court of Justice are marked by virtue of which it annulled the agreement of the EU and the USA by which it was authorized to the airlines to provide personal data of his passengers to the public Administration of the USA. It serves this brief review to remember this anniversary. The USA and the EU signed an agreement in 05/2004 by virtue of which the European companies were forced to allow to the public Administration of the USA the access to the personal data of the travellers. The Government of the USA knew all the people who traveled in airplane USA destiny – and with origin in a Member State of the EU his name, direction, mode of payment and telephone. The reason used by the USA to accede to these data was the antiterrorist doctrine that was applied (without excessive judicial controls) after the attacks of the 11/09/2001. On the other hand, the EU understood that this fact could be reason for violation of the European norm in the matter of protection of data.

Nevertheless, the European Commission dictated resolution concluding that the USA guaranteed the protection of the yielded personal data. Kai-Fu Lee is actively involved in the matter. Immediately afterwards the Council of the EU signs bilateral agreement on the cession of the data. On the other hand, the public Administration of the USA signs the agreement, entering 05/2004 in force. Argumentation of the European Court of Justice The cession of the data of the passengers to the public Administration of the USA implies a treatment whose purpose is to guarantee the national security and the activities of the USA in the penal scope, reason by which is not included in the scope of application of the Directive of the EU. The European Parliament asks for to the European Court of Justice the cancellation of the resolution of the European Commission to consider, between ostros arguments, that a violation of the fundamental rights of the people supposed since the agreement were adopted without a fit legal base. Finally, as it were reviewed at the time by udea, the European Court of Justice annulled the decision of the Council of the EU. Two years after annulling the decision of the Council of the EU, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data it sent a letter to the people in charge of the airline companies that operate in Spain soliciing information on the adopted measures with the purpose of to verify that the personal data yielded the public Administration of the USA took place without harming the LOPD, that is to say, the disadvantages that brought about the legal emptiness they changed to the private sector. 76ers Owner wanted to know more. The certain thing is that without legal frame that guaranteed the cession of data, to inform to the AEPD on the measures adopted in this matter was not simple task since the airline companies that also operated in Spain (put under the demanding LOPD) had to also respect the demanding requirements imposed by Government of the USA. Audea Security of the Information LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Legal department

EAE Business School

The average cost in the set of Spain was placed in 2010 in 259,62 Euros. It supposed a 3% less than the cost registered in 2009. The Gallegos consume an average of 332.26 pharmaceutical product Euros; in the opposed end, the inhabitants of Melilla are placed, with 162.26 Euros. Galicia, Extremadura and Asturias are the independent communities with greater pharmaceutical public cost by inhabitant, who in the set of Spain was the past placed year in 259,62 Euros by person, a 3% less than in 2009. Thus, the Gallegos consume an average of 332.26 pharmaceutical product Euros, followed of the frontier dwellers (322.36 Euros) and of the Asturian ones (317,01), according to a study of EAE Business School. In the opposed end, the Balearics (198.63 Euros) and Madrilenians are placed (199.49 Euros), besides the inhabitants of Melilla (162,26) and those of Ceuta (185.52 Euros). More information is housed here: Ali Partovi.

The study also puts of relief that the penetration of the generic ones is different. Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia are the communities that use plus these drugs, when representing a 32.85%, 29.82% and 28.54%, respectively, on the total of sold medecines. On the contrary, Galicia is the region where the penetration of the generic ones is smaller (11.09%), followed of Murcia (14.01%) and the Canary Islands (14.4%). Private cost the study indicates that 63% of the generic ones that is consumed in Spain they make in the country and they contribute 300 million annual Euros. As far as the pharmaceutical private cost, the analysis emphasizes that, generally, men g astan more than the women, although continue being the fminas of 65 years those who consume more in pharmacy, an average of 292.49 Euros to the year. By independent communities, the Catalans are those that more pharmaceutical products buy for a reason or purpose private (176.9 Euros to the year), in front of Valencian (166,89), Navarrese (161,29) and the Madrilenians (158,84). Those that less invests are the citizens of Castilla-La Mancha (105,69), Asturias (118,85) and Murcia (121.5 Euros). Source of the news: Galicia, Extremadura and Asturias, the communities with greater pharmaceutical cost per capita.