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Sofia, Bulgaria, beggar woman shows real values the capital of the new EU partners Bulgaria holds some surprises, such as fog for his visitors. Fog can be in Sofia due to the framing by mountainous ridges won’t pass, so also not in the three days I was allowed to spend in Sofia for a report. For the first time in Bulgaria, I unlocked my soul as a journalist, to include in other, me new cities, the atmosphere and aura of the city. Sofia, a metropolis of the East? – or of the South? In addition to Orthodox cathedrals, mosques and Kappelen from the 11th century, as well as monumental buildings, building ruins from the Socialist heritage and new consumer Temple, the chaotic road traffic noticed immediately. He runs\”, he does not. To the chagrin of the people, the fog pushes even the whole smog over the city and in the three days I spent here, it remained dark.

Accordingly, this affected my mood and I was sensitized for Visual and mental stimulation. A week ago Christmas 2006 and immediately prior to Bulgaria joining the EU, I left the Christmas decorations and the curiosity on the Bulgarians to walks through the city of animate me yet, despite smog and fog. I watched people on the road, and let my thoughts about their fate, fears and desires, in particular in terms of EU accession and the changes which they expect free rein. In a subway underpass was waiting for me one of the probably most impressive personalities of Sofia. Urban subways are the ganglia of a vibrant city. Busyness, stress, mass loneliness\”meet here greetings and farewell full shopping bags and business case, beggars and tramps, teenager and teenagers, grannies and stroller, all social layers of a city. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Casey Lynch Altamont Capital and gain more knowledge.. Between the social centipedes, indefinable smells and noise seemed, like a Hollywood movie: NICKI! The eleven-year old blonde Angel played violin at a corner.

New York Stock Exchange

LinkedIn doubled the initial price of its shares in a matter of minutes. It is the first major social network of EE UU in trading on Wall Street. 7,84 Million shares of the company came to the market. The euphoria with which was received Thursday the premiere bag of LinkedIn, the first great social network of EE UU in trading on Wall Street and in a matter of minutes doubled the initial price of its shares, also renewed fears that a new technology bubble is brewing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Casey Lynch Altamont. Agents are arremolinaron in New York Park minutes after the start of the engagements on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to take over some of the 7,84 million shares of LinkedIn that went to market. This avalanche by the titles of the social network did that to the equator of the session at the New York Park, where they began to quote as LNKD, is shot by 146%, changing to 110.7 dollars away from 45 dollars per share that set your starting price. The great rise of shares was valued by the company at some 10 billion dollars, which equated it to Twitter, which already generated at its astonishment and fear of a bubble on the social networks. The expectation that Wall Street investors welcomed this initial public offering of shares (IPO) was not surprising. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. Euphoria by the titles of the first American in go public social network made the price of their titles of a fork between 32 and 35 dollars initially foreseen to between 42 and 45 dollars ten days, which meant another 30%.

In The Dialogue With The Protestant Church In

Pirate Party involved in lecture series “Flowers of the future” Darmstadt, 29.11.2010 at the latest since the European elections in 2009 the Pirate Party in the perception of the media showed up and in the last general election, she scored an amazing success with 2%. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. But how comes it, what exactly are their goals and why she has this weird-looking at first glance name? Norbert Rucker answered these and other questions by the pirates from the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, in his lecture “The Pirate Party” tomorrow, Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 19:30 at the Open House in the Rhine road. Thus he joins in the series of the most prominent speakers (including Dr. Frank Schirrmacher), which make the lecture series “Flowers of the future” until next February. The lecture series of the Protestant City Academy in Darmstadt to events and observations on the track are the people in the future might be facing.

There is a wide range of subjects between politics, economics, Religion and technology. Also areas of daily life are illuminated from different perspectives and questions. Tim look, political Director of the Hessian land Association of the Pirate Party: “Like we have accepted the invitation of the Evangelical Academy in Darmstadt, to make our ideas to the discussion.” Dr. Wolfgang Luck, Director of the Academy, looking forward to an exciting lecture and stimulating discussions within the framework of the event.”We take leave of the idea that something must be and can be no different. Structures, truths, values are called into question. The individual with their wishes, skills and ideas are important. Based on some ‘flowers’ we want to try to make us a picture of possible future developments.” The invitation reads: “allow more time for informal talks, the rooms in the Open House will be at 19:00 opened and not closed before 22:00.