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America Studio

From the beginning, so called residential buildings, consisting of not very large room and separated toilets. Assemble them from "unnecessary" 27-30 square meters. m, resulting in the construction of buildings and substandard accommodation valuable living space. The cost for this flat was appropriate – at first she was not above the price of a room in a communal apartment. The probability is relatively cheap to buy a separate house quickly regarded young families and a waiting list. Generally, the term "studio" is happening from the British studio – a common place in the absence of separated spaces. The first studios were seen in America in the 20s of XX century.

A unique engineering solution allowed Floor plates strung on a rod, leaving the carrier systems exclusively on the perimeter, in the end the place was released from the interior walls: a guest room, office, living room and kitchen are housed in one room. This apartment cost is much cheaper than the ordinary one-bedroom flat, and liking people creative, more lonely bachelors, for example. Residential space and kitchen in a studio usually combined, and in different housing place, around which the entire interior is built. Clear answers to questions about what housing should be directly attributed to the studios, as always there, just like the claims to the amount and division of space. Will studio not be very great, or it certainly must be a 100 square meters. m in the absence of interior bulkheads? Consider whether the studio flat, in which one of the zones, for example a living room or a child is separated from others? Who will buy this flat? First of all we are talking about people who have a place to live, studio and they need representation in order, or for leisure activities – meetings with friends, partying.